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Index to Naturalization Records -- Information Page

Special thanks to Julie and Jennifer who joined me in an effort to get these records online.  They are students at McNeil High School.  Please recognize their efforts by sending a note to the students and their teacher, Ms. Davis -- notes can be sent care of me, Rebecca Osborne.  While the files have been proofread, there is always a chance of error.  Please report any errors to me.

Contents of original records

This index appears to be a WPA project but is not clearly marked as such.  The orginal index is housed in the Williamson County Court House.  For photocopies of the index or other naturalization records contact the County Clerk's Office at (512) 943-1515.

The orginal records contain seven columns of information. The explainations are my own.
1) Name - Name of the Applicant filing documents related to establishing citizenship in the USA.
2) Record References - Records number, case file number, page numbers
3) Name of Court - Court records were filed in.  Sometimes the steps to become a citizen were started in another county or state.  This column indicates the name of the court used for each document filed.
4) Country of Birth or Allegiance - Up to 5 countries or cities are listed for some individuals.  I can not be certain of the meaning of the order.
5) Birth Date or Age - When birth dates are used, Month, day and year are usually given.
6) Date of Proceedings - Month, Day and Year for each court proceeding are individually listed.
7) Nature of Proceedings and Remarks - The possible court actions are numerous.  This is a list of the most common actions: Declarations of Intentions; Petitions for Naturalization; Oath of Allegiance; Granting of Citizenship; Petition Withdrawn; Petition Cancelled.

How the records are presented at three-legged willie

1) ID # -- This is a unique number used for each person listed on these web pages at

2) Name of Applicant.(column #1 above)  Names appear as they did in the original record.  Variations of the names are listed and I can only assume these varations were found in the records.  One person sometimes appears multiple times in the records -- under alternative spellings.

Record References (column #2 above ) were omitted from this site's database

3) Country of Birth or Allegiance  (column #4 above)  This column includes each country, continent and city that appeared in the original record.  The order has not been altered except in about 7 cases where a city's name appeared before the country.  In order for me to sort the records alphabetically by country,  the order was reversed.  These changes are noted in the record.

4) Birth Date or Age - (column #5 above) Only the age or year of birth appears in the column.  If birth year is given, the orginial record probably also has a month and day of birth.  This information was left out to limit data entry time.

Date of Proceedings, (column #6 above is broken into columes 5 and 6 on this web site)

5) Date of First File is used for this column.  Proceedings are listed only for the first record under that person's name.  The orginal record usually shows the month, day and year for each court action.

6) # of Other Files indicates how many additional records exist for this person.

7) Other Locations of Filings (column #3 above Name of Court)-- Court name is only listed when a county or state other than Williamson County, Texas is mentioned.  If you are lucky enough to find an ancestor with such a note, you will want to look for your ancestor in that location also.  "Texas" has been added to all entries that did not indicate a state.