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Index to Naturalization Records
ID# Name of Applicant Country of Birth or Allegiance
7402 Anderson, (Anderson) Peter (Peder) Denmark
7507 Basland, John Denmark
7508 Basland, Sam Denmark
7613 Bruns, (Bruns) George Denmark
7610 Bruns, (Bruus) George Denmark
7640 Burton, George B. Denmark
7641 Busch, John Denmark
7642 Busch, Otto Denmark
7693 Carlson, Hjalmer (Hjalmar) John (J) Denmark
7694 Carlson, J. P. Denmark
7742 Christensen, Anders Brosti Denmark
7743 Christensen, Martin Denmark
7744 Christensen, Soren (Laursen) Laursen (Soren) Denmark
7745 Christenson, Niel Denmark
8049 Glerup, Erik Denmark
8164 Hansen, (Hensen) (Hanson) Carl Denmark
8163 Hansen, Anders Denmark
8165 Hansen, Morris Denmark
8166 Hansen, Nels Marins Denmark
8167 Hansen, Sevren Denmark
8215 Hensen, (Hansen) (Hanson) Carl Denmark
8256 Holst, Suran J. Denmark
8273 How, Niels Denmark
8344 Jaesen, (Jensen) (Jeson) Carl Denmark
8384 Jensen, (Jaesen) (Jaeson) Carl Denmark
8385 Jensen, Ernest Denmark
8386 Jensen, Niels Denmark
8387 Jensen, Peder Denmark
8411 Johanson, (Johnson) J. C. Denmark
8482 Johnson, (Johanson) J. C. Denmark
8741 Kruse, Anders Denmark
8807 Larson, (Larsen) Nelson (Neils) Denmark
8937 Madsen (Madson) Ole (O) I. Denmark
9172 Nelson, Andrew David Denmark
9181 Nelson, Larsen Denmark
9182 Nelson, N. C. Denmark
9184 Nelson, P. A. Denmark
9227 Nuggard (Nygaard), Peter Knudsen Denmark
9228 Nygaard (Nuggard), Peter Knudsen Denmark
9325 Pederson, Martin (Pedersen) Denmark
9369 Peterson (Petterson), Palle Denmark
9350 Peterson, Christian Denmark
9356 Peterson, Hans Denmark
9375 Pettersen, John Denmark
9384 Petterson, Lars Denmark
9388 Petterson, Palle (Peterson) Denmark
9774 Sorensen, Martin Denmark
9775 Sorensen, Martin Denmark
9783 Sorensen, Soren Denmark
9782 Sorenson (Sorensen), Nels (Neils) Christian Denmark
9777 Sorenson, Andrew Denmark
9778 Sorenson, Frank Denmark
9779 Sorenson, Laurs Denmark
9780 Sorenson, Louis Denmark
9781 Sorenson, Marius Denmark
9813 Starup (Strarup), Nels (Niels) Denmark
9850 Strarup (Starup), Nels (Niels) Denmark
9849 Strarup, Knud Nielson Denmark
9851 Strarup, Niels T. (Tendor) Denmark
9948 Thompson, Stanley Frederik Denmark
9949 Thomsen (Thompson), N. K. Denmark
10134 Westergard, Soren Denmark
10135 Westergoard, F. Denmark
10136 Westersand (Westergerd), Jens Denmark
10153 Willson (Wilson), Charles James Denmark
10158 Wilson (Willson), Charles James Denmark
7747 Christoffersen, (Christofferson) Thomas Denmark - Germany