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Resources and available Look Ups

*  To Request  a Look Up  *
If a resource that follows has a name listed under it, that person has generously volunteered to do look ups.  To request a look up,send a note directly to the volunteer -- be as specific as possible in your request.  Besure to thank them!  Additional volunteers are always welcome.

Books about Williamson County, Texas
Listed alphabetically by Title -- The comments that follow are mineunless otherwise noted.

Census, Marriage and Cemetery Look Ups

Library and Court House Look Up
Look ups at libraries and the Court House obviously involve travel and additional labor on the part of the volunteer.   Please respectthisand do not expect these people to do extensive work that is better askedofa person who does "genealogy for hire."

  * These works are available for purchase from the WilliamsonCountyGenealogical Society.