Wells Family Cemetery

Source of information
Two print source were used for information for Wells Family Cemetery as it appears on these web pages.  The first  was prepared by Myreta Matthews of Liberty Hill.  She received the information during phone call on February 21, 1974.  She spoke with Arthur Wells of Leander, Texas.  He may have been the grandson of the two people buried in the Wells Family Cemetery, but that is not absolutely certain from the source as it is written.  The document Myreta Matthews prepared was published by the Willamson County Historical Commission as:

Williamson County Historical Commission.(WCHC). (1975). Williamson County Cemeteries.Vol. I.

An addendum to the first entry appeared in Williamson County Cemeteries.Vol. IIIB. (1986).  This page referenced Tommie Cox.

The data represent the source document as closely as possible.  While measures have been taken to insure accuracy, mistakes may exist.  Please report errors to Rebecca Osborne.

Permissions to use
Permission to use the above referenced material was given to me by vote of the Williamson County Historical Commission on 5/6/99.   Contact Rebecca Osborne  for further information or to obtain permission to use materials that are copyright protected.

Directions to cemetery
Located on the Wedemeyer Ranch near the South San Gabriel River about 10 miles west of Georgetown.

Vol IIIB, listed above, gives the following directions:" On the property of Dr. W. C. Wedemeyr.  About 6 miles E. of Liberty Hill off Highway 29, take County Road 268 south, drive 1/2 mile, turn right on County Road 267.  This cemetery is inaccessible by automobile.  There is a fenced area, but no headstones.  Inside the fenced area are the graves of Jones Wells and his wife, Frances (Peyton)Wells.  Outside the fenced area are several graves but no markers.  Also outside the fenced area is one marked grave:  Timmie, Son of W. and M. A. Cox
Born Apr 14, 1886  Died Jan 14, 1892."

Additional Comment

"Two unmarked graves enclosed by a fence."  I assume from this note that the informant, Mr. Arthur Wells, had been told the identity of the two unmarked graves and reported those to Myreta Matthews in their phone call.

Mrs. Thelma Lackey, granddaughter of the Wells, says Frances was the sister of Mary E. (Peyton) Upchruch, who is buried in the UpChurch Cemetery on the same property.