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St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery of Taylor

S - Z

Name Grave Location
Safarek, Anton Section B R4-01
Safarik, Arnold Section E (W-E)-R14-03
Safarik, Carrie E. Section A R24-14
Safarik, Frances Section B R4-03
Safarik, Gertrude Section E (W-E)-R14-02
Safarik, John F. Section A R24-15
Safarik, Jozef Section A R23-13
Safarik, Teresa Section A R24-01
Salazar, Antonio Section A R14-06
Saminiego, Adrianne A. Section E (E-W)-R1-06
Sanches, Guadalupe Section A R16-03
Sanches, Juan Section E (W-E)-R38-07
Savage, Eva G. Section E (W-E)-R36-02
Schaefer, Anton Section C (N-S)-R13-13
Schaefer, Apallonia Section B R15-18
Schaefer, Augusta Section B R15-17
Schaefer, Clara Section C (N-S)-R1-26
Schaefer, Edward Section C (N-S)-R1-25
Schaefer, Frank Section B R15-16
Schaefer, Henrietta Section B R14-03
Schaefer, Joseph Section C (N-S)-R13-15
Schaefer, Lydia Section C (S-N)-R12-12
Schaefer, Sophia Section C (N-S)-R13-14
Schaefer, Stephen Section C (S-N)-R12-13
Schaefer, Stephen F. Section B R14-02
Schaffer, Annie Section A R11-05
Scharfe, Philip J. Section E (W-E)-R2-05
Schlabs, Frank Section E (E-W)-R5-04
Schlabs, Ruth Section E (E-W)-R5-05
Schneider, Ernest G. Section E (E-W)-R17-10
Schneider, Eugene Section D (S-N)-R9-17
Schneider, John Section D (S-N)-R9-15
Schneider, Tennie Section D (S-N)-R9-16
Schnoutze, Mary S. Section E (W-E)-R18-05
Schnoutze, V. W. Section E (W-E)-R18-06
Schoen, Sophie M. Section B R14-09
Schomel, Tony Section E (E-W)-R21-06
Schrader, Threase Section B R3-17
Schramm, Adolph Section D (N-S)-R6-23
Schramm, Fransisca Section D (N-S)-R6-22
Schweng, Elizabeth Section C (S-N)-R6-11
Schweng, Pete Section C (S-N)-R6-10
Sefcak, Edward V. Section B R9-05
Sefcak, Ehart Section B R9-03
Sefcak, Frantiska Section B R9-02
Sefcak, Kenneth J. Section B R9-04
Sefcak, Mary Section B R9-06
Segura, Ben Section E (W-E)-R28-09
Segura, Castula Section A R15-07
Segura, Elodia Section E (W-E)-R28-10
Shirocky, Amelia H. Section D (N-S)-R10-13
Shirocky, Henry Section D (N-S)-R6-15
Shirocky, Isador Section D (N-S)-R6-16
Shirocky, Joe E. Section D (N-S)-R10-11
Shirocky, Mary Section D (N-S)-R6-17
Shoots, Frederick Section D (S-N)-R3-02
Shrhak, Mary Section F-02
Siegmund, Joseph V. Jr. Section C (N-S)-R1-20
Silva, Cesilia Section A R11-02
Silva, Nasario Section A R13a-01
Simcik, Billy Gene Jr. Section E (W-E)-R2-02
Sirek, Frank Section B R13-07
Sirek, Hermina Section B R13-06
Siso, Jos. Section D (S-N)-R15-15
Skrhak, John E. Section E (E-W)-R31-04
Skrhak, Matgilda Section E (E-W)-R31-05
Sladek, Albert P. Section E (W-E)-R34-10
Sladek, Edward C. Section D (S-N)-R3-08
Sladek, Louis Section B R3-02
Sladek, Mary Section B R3-03
Sladek, Mary B. Section D (N-S)-R2-18
Sladek, Sophie Section E (W-E)-R34-11
Sladek, Wilabalid J. Section D (N-S)-R2-17
Slampa, Joseph Section D (N-S)-R12-08
Slampa, Marie Section D (N-S)-R12-09
Smolik, Cloudia Section E (E-W)-R9-05
Smolik, Frank Section D (S-N)-R15-04
Smolik, Kristina Section D (S-N)-R15-05
Smolik, Lee F. Section E (E-W)-R9-06
Sobotik, Ben B. Section E (W-E)-R18-03
Sobotik, Chris Section E (W-E)-R18-01
Sobotik, Kel Section E (W-E)-R18-04
Sobotik, Lorene Section E (W-E)-R18-02
Sommers, August Section C (S-N)-R12-15
Sommers, Frances Section C (S-N)-R12-14
Sommers, Virginia Section C (S-N)-R12-16
Sorenson, Farrah A. Section E (W-E)-R28-01
Sorenson, Joseph Section C (N-S)-R3-11
Sorenson, Josephine Section C (S-N)-R2-19
Sorenson, Mary C. Section C (N-S)-R3-12
Sorenson, Peter C. Section C (S-N)-R2-18
Sorrels, T. L. Section D (N-S)-R8-08
Stasny Section C (N-S)-R5-09
Stasny, Alex William Section C (S-N)-R4-09
Stasny, Anna Section D (N-S)-R2-09
Stasny, Annie Section C (S-N)-R4-08
Stasny, Bertha Moeglle Section C (S-N)-R8-07
Stasny, Charles Section C (S-N)-R8-09
Stasny, Clement J. Section D (N-S)-R2-10
Stasny, Daniel G. Section D (S-N)-R3-10
Stasny, Emil Charles Section D (S-N)-R13-08
Stasny, Francies Section D (N-S)-R12-14
Stasny, Jerome J. Section D (N-S)-R2-08
Stasny, Joe J. Section D (S-N)-R13-07
Stasny, Johanna M. Section D (N-S)-R4-02
Stasny, John Section D (N-S)-R12-15
Stasny, Joseph J. Section D (N-S)-R4-01
Stasny, Julius Daniel Section C (S-N)-R4-10
Stasny, Mary Section D (S-N)-R13-09
Stasny, Mary V. Section D (S-N)-R5-14
Stasny, Paul Section C (S-N)-R4-07
Stasny, Ruby Frances Section D (S-N)-R3-11
Stasny, Theresa Section C (S-N)-R8-08
Stiba, Francis F. Section B R4-13
Stiborik, Anton J. Section C (N-S)-R13-27
Stiborik, Mary Section C (N-S)-R13-26
Still, Bridget M. Section C (S-N)-R14-11
Still, Calvin M. Section C (S-N)-R14-10
Still, Emma A. Section C (S-N)-R16-15
Still, M. Katherine Section C (S-N)-R16-13
Still, Mary B. Section C (S-N)-R16-14
Stojanik, Emmitt Section E (W-E)-R36-11
Stojanik, Eva Section B R4-02
Stojanik, Francis Section D (S-N)-R1-08
Stojanik, John Section D (S-N)-R1-09
Straub, Theresa Section B R15-09
Strmiska, Dusty J. Section E (E-W)-R1-03
Strnad, Anton Section C (S-N)-R10-09
Strnad, Henry E. Section E (E-W)-R29-10
Strnad, John H. Section D (N-S)-R6-14
Strnad, Louise M. Section E (E-W)-R29-11
Strnad, Mary Section D (N-S)-R6-13
Strnad, Stanly V. Section C (N-S)-R13-06
Strnad, Tereza Section C (S-N)-R10-08
Strnad, Tereza Machacek Section C (N-S)-R11-18
Suchomel, Ann Section E (E-W)-R21-05
Sullivan, Blance Grace Section D (N-S)-R12-16
Sullivan, Jeremiah Section A R13-12
Sullivan, Mary Section A R13-11
Sullivan, Pat Section A R14-08
Supak, John A. Section E (W-E)-R24-09
Supak, Valasta Section E (W-E)-R24-08
Svrcek, Anna C. Section B R8-06
Svrcek, Charlie J. Section D (N-S)-R2-21
Svrcek, Eugene T. Section D (N-S)-R2-22
Svrcek, Matilda Section D (N-S)-R2-20
Swenson, Joe William Section E (W-E)-R26-09
Swenson, Sybil Chasak Section E (W-E)-R26-10
Talasek, Belen R. Section E (E-W)-R37-12
Talasek, Frankie E. Section E (E-W)-R37-11
Tate, Anna M. Section E (E-W)-R15-08
Tate, Edmond S. Section E (E-W)-R15-09
Taylor, Louisa Pillow Section D (S-N)-R1-02
Taylor, Marie J. Section E (E-W)-R35-01
Thiel, Josephine A. Section E (W-E)-R16-04
Thiel, Tommy Section E (W-E)-R16-05
Thompson, Willie Mae Section B R3-11
Thonig, Carolyn Section E (E-W)-R37-01
Thonig, Leopold C. Section E (E-W)-R37-02
Thonig, Thelka M. Section E (E-W)-R37-03
Toman, Ed Section E (W-E)-R24-20
Toman, Frances Section B R15-12
Toman, Joe J. Section E (E-W)-R33-08
Toman, Joseph Section B R15-13
Toman, Lucy D. Section E (E-W)-R33-09
Toman, Mary Section E (W-E)-R24-19
Toman, Ronald Vaughn Section E (E-W)-R23-16
Tomancak, Albina A. Section C (N-S)-R9-17
Tomancak, Lizzie Section D (S-N)-R9-19
Tomancak, Martin Section D (S-N)-R9-18
Tomancak, Mary Section D (S-N)-R5-06
Tomancak, Vince Section C (N-S)-R9-18
Tomancak, Vincent s. Section C (N-S)-R9-16
Tomancek, Joe V. Section E (E-W)-R13-06
Tomancek, Lillie L. Section E (E-W)-R13-05
Tomsu, Agnes Mary Section E (E-W)-R37-10
Tomsu, Frank George Section E (E-W)-R37-09
Torres, Grigorio Section A R13-02
Torres, Juan Section D (N-S)-R16-05
Torres, Leopoldo Section A R11-03
Touchstone, Anna B. Section B R11-02
Touchstone, C. M. Section B R11-01
Touchstone, Leroy Section B R11-03
Trauernicht, E. C. Section D (N-S)-R12-12
Trauernicht, Vlasta Marie Section D (N-S)-R12-13
Trcka, Anna Section E (W-E)-R14-13
Trcka, John Section E (W-E)-R14-14
Trevino, Inez Section A R13a-02
Trojagek, Francis Section B R4-11
Tschoerner, Annie Section E (W-E)-R26-12
Tschoerner, Frank Section E (W-E)-R26-11
Tucker, Lenora E. Section E (W-E)-R20-01
Tucker, William E. Section E (W-E)-R20-02
Tydlacka, C. J. Section D (N-S)-R10-15
Tydlacka, Frances Section D (N-S)-R10-14
Tyler, Carrie L. Section D (S-N)-R15-01
Tyler, Frances Section D (S-N)-R15-03
Tyler, John Section D (S-N)-R15-02
Tyler, Laurence A. Section D (N-S)-R14-18
Tyler, Vera A. Section D (N-S)-R14-19
Umiker, Mersella Section C (N-S)-R1-01
Umiker, Vernoika Section B R5-01
Urbanek, Annie A. Section E (W-E)-R8-02
Urbanek, Annie H. Section E (W-E)-R26-18
Urbanek, Bertha Section C (S-N)-R16-06
Urbanek, Charles J. Section E (W-E)-R26-17
Urbanek, Charlie Section B R6-09
Urbanek, Charlie August Section E (E-W)-R33-04
Urbanek, Daniel T. Section B R7-02
Urbanek, Edward Section E (W-E)-R8-03
Urbanek, Frank F. Section B R7-03
Urbanek, Frank J. Section B R7-01
Urbanek, Frantiska Section B R8-02
Urbanek, Joe Section B R7-05
Urbanek, John Section B R8-01
Urbanek, Lee A. Section D (N-S)-R10-07
Urbanek, Margaret A. Section E (E-W)-R33-05
Urbanek, Mary Section B R7-04
Urbanek, Mary K. Section E (E-W)-R33-06
Urbanek, Mildred Rosie Section E (E-W)-R33-03
Urbanek, Millie
Urbanek, Millie Section D (N-S)-R10-09
Urbanek, Theresa Section B R8-03
Urbanek, Vasllina Section B R6-08
Urbanek, Vince S. Section E (E-W)-R33-07
Urbank, Anton F. Section D (N-S)-R10-08
Urbis, Frank W., Jr. Section E (E-W)-R17-04
Urbis, Mark Lynn Section E (E-W)-R17-05
Urbish, Frank Wm. Section E (W-E)-R18-15
Urbish, Marie Julia Section E (W-E)-R18-14
Vaclavik, Annie Section D (S-N)-R11-01
Vaclavik, Frank Section B R4-14
Vaclavik, Paul Section D (S-N)-R11-02
Vaclavik, Rosalie Section D (N-S)-R10-23
Valasquez, Manuel, Sr. Section A R19-14
Valchar, Joe R. Section D (N-S)-R8-16
Valchar, Mary Section D (N-S)-R8-17
Valdes, Antonio, Sr. Section E (W-E)-R40-05
Valdes, Trinidad Section E (W-E)-R40-06
Valdez, Aurora Section A R8-07
Valdez, Eulalio Section A R8-08
Valdez, Francisco Section A R8-09
Valdez, Joaquin A. Section E (E-W)-R39-09
Valdez, Magdalena Section A R8-10
Valdez, Simona Section A R8-06
Valek, Joe Section D (S-N)-R7-14
Valis, John W. Section D (N-S)-R14-16
Valis, Josephine A. Section D (N-S)-R14-17
Valverde, Virginia Section E (W-E)-R40-03
Vanek, Alfred B. Section E (W-E)-R32-02
Vanek, Josef Section D (N-S)-R14-14
Vanek, Julie Section B R1-01
Vanek, Leroy G. Section E (E-W)-R11-03
Vanek, Lillian Section E (W-E)-R32-03
Vanek, Louis Section E (E-W)-R15-01
Vanek, Robert Section E (E-W)-R15-02
Vanek, Rosie Section D (N-S)-R14-15
Vasquez, Pedro Section A R17-03
Vasquez, Petra T. Section A R17-02
Vazquez, Pedro Section A R17-01
Vega, Pedro P. Section A R19-04
Velasquez, Maria A. Section A R15-09
Velasquez, Maria Isabel Section A R14-02
Velicka, Frances Section E (E-W)-R27-01
Velicka, John J. Section E (E-W)-R27-02
Veselka, Edmond J. Section E (W-E)-R18-11
Veselka, Emil R. Section C (S-N)-R8-19
Veselka, Henry Elo Section D (N-S)-R14-10
Veselka, Marie A. Section E (W-E)-R18-12
Veselka, Mary Rose Section D (N-S)-R14-11
Veselka, Mildred R. Section E (W-E)-R18-10
Veselka, Raymond R. Section E (W-E)-R18-13
Vidales, Ernestina B. Section A R18-01
Viney, George Section E (E-W)-R35-05
Viney, Jean Ann Kubala Section E (E-W)-R35-06
Vitek, Raymond A. Section E (E-W)-R31-10
Vittek, Justina Section B R14-06
Voight, Ernest W. Section E (E-W)-R25-11
Volcik, Elmer J. Section C (N-S)-R11-17
Volcik, John Section C (N-S)-R11-16
Volcik, Mary Section C (N-S)-R11-15
Vrana, Baby Michael Section E (E-W)-R1-01
Vrana, Emilie Section E (E-W)-R15-13
Vrana, Frank J. Section E (E-W)-R15-14
Waldick, Louis Section B R6-10
Walla stone Section B R3-23
Walsh, Mike Section B R3-22
Walther, Josephine Section E (W-E)-R26-16
Wasinka, Joe Section D (N-S)-R14-08
Wasinka, Rosa Section D (N-S)-R14-09
Webb, David John Section E (W-E)-R2-01
Wecheta, Wm. E. Section C (S-N)-R10-19
Wehby, Raphael Section B R11-04
Welch, Annie Mae Section B R2-14
Welch, James R. Section B R2-13
Wendland, Johanna M. Section C (N-S)-R9-13
Wendland, John O. Section C (N-S)-R9-14
White, Annie O. Section D (S-N)-R13-03
White, Charlie Section D (S-N)-R13-04
White, John Section D (S-N)-R13-05
White, Olive M. Section D (S-N)-R13-06
Wilson, Linda Raef Section E (E-W)-R41-10
Winkler, Bertha Section E (W-E)-R36-05
Winkler, Frank, Sr. Section E (W-E)-R36-04
Woehl, Annie Section D (S-N)-R9-10
Woehl, Anton Section B R12-03
Woehl, Frank J. Section B R12-05
Woehl, Gertrude D. Section D (S-N)-R9-09
Woehl, Guss Section B R12-06
Woehl, Mattie Section B R12-04
Woehl, Minnie E. Section E (W-E)-R38-06
Woehl, Selma I. Section B R12-07
Woehl, Stephen B. Section E (W-E)-R38-05
Wolbrueck, Annie Section E (W-E)-R30-10
Wolbrueck, Dora Krueger Section E (W-E)-R30-02
Wolbrueck, Herman Section E (W-E)-R30-09
Wolbrueck, Julius Arthur Section E (W-E)-R30-01
Zak, Cecillie Section B R3-06
Zak, Rantise Section B R3-05
Zalesky, Arthur J. Section E (W-E)-R16-13
Zaludek, Veronica Section C (N-S)-R1-22
Zezulka, Joe Section D (N-S)-R6-20
Zezulka, Joe M. Section B R14-13
Zezulka, Mary Section B R14-12
Zezulka, Mary Section D (N-S)-R6-21
Zezulka, Rudolph L. Section E (W-E)-R12-06
Zezulka, Vlasta M. Section E (W-E)-R12-05
Zgarba, Aneska Section C (S-N)-R14-17
Zgarba, Antoine F. Section C (N-S)-R15-03
Zgarba, Frances B. Section C (N-S)-R15-01
Zgarba, Jan Section C (S-N)-R14-16
Zgarba, Janie J. Section D (S-N)-R13-22
Zgarba, John M. Section D (S-N)-R13-21
Zgarba, John W. Section D (S-N)-R5-12
Zgarba, Jos. Section C (N-S)-R15-02
Zgarba, Rosa Section D (S-N)-R5-13
Zgarba, Theresa Section C (S-N)-R14-18
Zicha, Marie Section A R23-07
Zimmerhanzel, Alma Section D (S-N)-R13-16
Zimmerhanzel, Angel M. Section E (W-E)-R24-22
Zimmerhanzel, Edna Section D (N-S)-R12-02
Zimmerhanzel, Elsie M. Section E (E-W)-R17-11
Zimmerhanzel, Ernest J. Section E (W-E)-R34-04
Zimmerhanzel, Joe J. Jr. Section E (E-W)-R17-12
Zimmerhanzel, Joe J., Sr. Section E (E-W)-R23-06
Zimmerhanzel, Mary L. Section E (W-E)-R34-05
Zimmerhanzel, Van Section D (S-N)-R13-15
Zimmerman Section C (N-S)-R7-05
Zimmerman, Alfred Section E (W-E)-R12-02
Zimmerman, Ella P. Section E (W-E)-R12-01
Zimmermann, Mary Section C (S-N)-R6-06
Zimmermann, Wm. Section C (S-N)-R6-05
zrubek, Anna Stacy Section E (E-W)-R27-16
Zrubek, Frank Joseph Section E (E-W)-R27-15
Zycha, Bertha Section A R23-05
Zycha, Jan Section A R24-11
Zycha, Joe Section E (E-W)-R3-01
Zycha, John Section A R23-04
Zycha, John Section A R24-09