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St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery of Taylor

M - R

Name Grave Location
M. K. Section B R2-08
Machalicek, Ligie Section E (E-W)-R15-03
Makolajek, Frances Section A R24-06
Makolajek, Louis Section A R24-08
Malchar, Alfonse Joe Section E (E-W)-R23-13
Malek, Agnes E. Section E (W-E)-R28-03
Malek, Ernest L. Section E (W-E)-R28-05
Malek, Leo N. Section E (W-E)-R28-04
Malek, Sybil M. Section E (W-E)-R28-06
Malesh, Agnes Section B R3-21
Malish, Anastaisa M. Section E (E-W)-R9-03
Malish, Anastasia Section E (E-W)-R29-06
Malish, Anthony D. Section E (E-W)-R9-02
Malish, Anton F. Section E (E-W)-R29-08
Malish, Anton J. Section D (S-N)-R3-14
Malish, Christine Section D (S-N)-R3-15
Malish, Edward E. Section D (N-S)-R2-02
Malish, Frances P. Section D (N-S)-R2-01
Malish, John Section D (S-N)-R13-17
Malish, John A. Section E (E-W)-R9-04
Malish, Mary Section D (S-N)-R13-18
Malish, Mary Theresa Section E (E-W)-R29-09
Malish, Paul Section E (E-W)-R29-05
Malish, Pete Section E (E-W)-R29-07
Manda, Joe W. Section E (W-E)-R24-17
Manda, Josefina Section E (W-E)-R24-18
Manley, Gina Section E (W-E)-R42-03
Maralik, Agnes Section B R5-09
Maralik, Antonen Section B R5-05
Maralik, Frantiska Section B R5-07
Maralik, Joe Section B R5-08
Maralik, Marijana Section B R5-06
Marcon, John Section E (W-E)-R34-12
Marcon, Louise Section E (W-E)-R34-13
Marek, Agnes Section E (E-W)-R9-13
Marek, Andrew E. Section E (E-W)-R23-17
Marek, Cecilia A. Section E (E-W)-R23-18
Marek, Charles L. Section B R13-12
Marek, Ludmilla Section B R13-13
Marek, Millie Section B R13-11
Marek, Rudy Section E (W-E)-R24-25
Marek, Vince L. Section B R13-10
Marek, Wilma Section E (W-E)-R24-26
Mares, Katherine M. Section E (W-E)-R30-08
Maresh, Albina M. Section C (N-S)-R3-15
Maresh, Emil A. Section C (N-S)-R3-14
Martin, Jeannette Marie Section E (E-W)-R27-04
Martin, Sophie Section D (N-S)-R8-07
Martinez, Aniceto Section A R15-04
Martinez, Daniel Section A R13a-04
Martinez, Dominga F. Section A R18-08
Martinez, Doroteo Section A R6-03
Martinez, Rafael Section A R8-14
Mata, Bernardo Section A R1-01
Matetzschk, August H. Section E (W-E)-R32-04
Matteck Section C (N-S)-R9-03
Matteck, Albert Section C (S-N)-R8-27
Matteck, Bertha K. Section C (S-N)-R8-26
Matteck, John E. Section C (S-N)-R8-25
Matteck, John Walter Section C (S-N)-R8-28
Matteck, Louis H. Section C (N-S)-R9-02
Matteck, Regina B. Section C (N-S)-R9-01
Matula, Adolph Section B R12-09
Matula, Anna Section B R12-10
Matula, Lorraine Section B R12-08
Matysek, Agnes Section B R14-08
Matysek, Baby Section E (E-W)-R1-02
Matysek, Joe Section E (W-E)-R10-12
Matysek, Joe F. Section E (E-W)-R11-08
Matysek, John Sr. Section B R14-07
Matysek, Lydia O. Section E (E-W)-R11-07
Mazac, Hermina Section E (E-W)-R33-01
Mazac, Joseph F. Section E (E-W)-R33-02
McBrearty, Elizabeth Section D (N-S)-R6-29
McBrearty, John F. Section D (S-N)-R9-03
McBrearty, John J. Section D (S-N)-R9-01
McBrearty, Mary Section D (N-S)-R8-24
McBrearty, Maud Section D (S-N)-R9-02
McBrearty, William J. Section D (N-S)-R6-28
McCartney, Edward Section A R13a-03
McCool, Alex Section C (S-N)-R16-19
McCool, Ellen Section C (S-N)-R16-18
McIntire, Agnes Marcella Section D (N-S)-R8-25
McIntire, Clifford B. Section D (N-S)-R8-26
McIntire, Clifford F. Section E (W-E)-R32-10
McIntire, E. Section D (S-N)-R7-02
McIntire, E. M. Section D (S-N)-R7-01
McIntire, Elizabeth M. Section E (W-E)-R32-11
McIntire, Katherine Section D (N-S)-R8-27
McLaughlin, Annie e. Section C (N-S)-R7-13
McLaughlin, Annie Harvey Section C (N-S)-R7-10
McLaughlin, Barney A. D. Section C (N-S)-R7-12
McLaughlin, Charles A. Section C (N-S)-R7-14
McLaughlin, Fannie Section D (N-S)-R8-21
McLaughlin, Frances Marie Section E (W-E)-R6-09
McLaughlin, Frank J. Section C (S-N)-R6-04
McLaughlin, Helen Section D (S-N)-R9-08
McLaughlin, Hugh Section D (S-N)-R9-07
McLaughlin, Tom Section D (N-S)-R8-20
McLaughlin, William J. Section C (N-S)-R7-09
McLaughlin, Wm Section C (N-S)-R7-11
McMillan, Ellen Section C (N-S)-R17-02
McMillan, John Section C (N-S)-R17-01
McTaggart, Mary Section C (S-N)-R16-20
MD Section D (N-S)-R8-36
Medellin, Cenovia F. Section A R19-10
Medina, Hilaria Section A R11-07
Medina, Telesforo Section A R11-06
Mekolik, Annie Section A R23-02
Mekolik, Jimmy C. Section E (W-E)-R28-16
Mekolik, John Section A R23-03
Mekolik, Robert P. Section E (W-E)-R28-17
Melcher, Bertha Section D (N-S)-R8-02
Mendoza, Francisca Section A R8-05
Merka Section C (N-S)-R9-15
Merka, Anna Section C (S-N)-R2-29
Merka, Edmond E. Section C (S-N)-R8-03
Merka, John Section C (S-N)-R2-30
Merka, Stepana Section B R5-02
Merkle, Annie Section D (S-N)-R1-16
Merkle, Louis Section E (E-W)-R5-01
Mertz, Clotilde Section D (N-S)-R6-19
Mertz, James Section D (N-S)-R6-18
Meyer, Clarence J. Section E (E-W)-R17-09
Meyer, Elizabeth M. Section E (E-W)-R17-08
Meyer, Fred H. Section D (N-S)-R8-09
Michna, Gertrude A. Section E (W-E)-R32-09
Michna, John F., Sr. Section E (W-E)-R32-08
Mikeska, Frances Section E (W-E)-R36-10
Mikeska, John C., Sr. Section E (W-E)-R36-09
Mikolaj, Benjamin V. Section E (W-E)-R10-04
Mikolaj, Christine C. Section E (E-W)-R17-01
Mikolaj, George T. Section E (E-W)-R17-02
Mikolaj, George W. Section E (E-W)-R17-03
Mikolaj, Joseph F. Section E (W-E)-R18-17
Mikolaj, Lillie e. Section E (W-E)-R18-16
Mikolaj, Rose Z. Section E (W-E)-R10-03
Mikolajek, Anton Section A R24-07
Miksch, Evelyn Section D (N-S)-R10-12
Miksch, Joe W. Section D (S-N)-R9-11
Miksch, Louisa Section D (S-N)-R9-12
Mikulencak, Frank Section E (E-W)-R39-02
Mikulencak, Raymond Section E (E-W)-R39-01
Mikus, Anton Section E (E-W)-R27-09
Mikus, Sophie Section E (E-W)-R27-10
Miller, Angeline F. Section E (W-E)-R36-07
Miller, Arthur H. Section C (N-S)-R5-10
Miller, Elizabeth M. Section C (N-S)-R5-11
Miller, John A. Dr. Section C (N-S)-R5-12
Miller, John P. Section D (N-S)-R6-06
Miller, Louis M. Section E (W-E)-R36-06
Miller, Margaret M. Section D (N-S)-R6-03
Miller, P. D. Section D (N-S)-R6-05
Miller, Pat D. Section D (N-S)-R6-04
Moeller, Brandon Section E (E-W)-R1-05
Mokray Section C (N-S)-R11-12
Mokray, Annie L. Section C (N-S)-R11-10
Mokray, Joseph r. Section C (N-S)-R11-11
Mokry, Anna Marek Section E (W-E)-R24-13
Mokry, Frank J. Section E (W-E)-R24-14
Mokry, Milton Section E (W-E)-R40-09
Montgomery, Johana Section D (S-N)-R1-07
Montgomery, S. E. Section D (S-N)-R1-06
Morgan, Martha c. Section A R11-08
Morin, Aurora Section E (E-W)-R41-03
Moynahan, Mary Section D (S-N)-R5-02
Moynahan, Patrick Section D (S-N)-R5-01
Mudkowsky, Otto Section C (S-N)-R8-15
Mundkowsky, Anton Section C (S-N)-R8-13
Mundkowsky, Elizabeth Section C (S-N)-R8-14
Murphy, Dan Section C (S-N)-R2-03
Murphy, Hannah Section C (S-N)-R2-04
Mynar, John F. Section E (W-E)-R12-13
Mynar, Maria Section E (W-E)-R12-12
Nachlinger, Bill Section D (S-N)-R9-04
Nachlinger, Christine Section D (S-N)-R9-05
Nachlinger, Margorie Section D (S-N)-R9-06
Naivar, Adolph V. Section D (S-N)-R13-20
Naivar, Annie C. Section E (E-W)-R17-14
Naivar, Edward A. Section C (N-S)-R9-06
Naivar, Frances G. Section C (N-S)-R9-04
Naivar, Hermina Section C (S-N)-R8-21
Naivar, Joe Section C (S-N)-R8-22
Naivar, Leo W. Section E (E-W)-R17-15
Naivar, Lydia C. Section D (S-N)-R13-19
Naivar, Lygie Joe Section E (W-E)-R24-15
Naivar, Robert F. Section C (S-N)-R8-20
Naivar, Willie H. Section C (N-S)-R9-05
Naizer, Anton C. Section E (E-W)-R39-06
Naizer, Sophia Section E (E-W)-R39-07
Navarro, Marcelo Section A R6-06
Navarro, Nicolasa G. Section A R6-07
Nejtek, Joe Section E (W-E)-R12-04
Nejtek, Lillie Section E (W-E)-R12-03
Nerio, Guadalupe G. Section E (E-W)-R5-11
Nerio, Tranquilino D. Section E (E-W)-R5-10
Neubauer Section C (N-S)-R3-09
Neubauer, Julius A. Section C (S-N)-R2-20
Neubauer, Mary T. Section C (S-N)-R2-21
Neubauer, William F. Section C (N-S)-R3-10
Nolan, Maud Section D (S-N)-R11-06
Nolan, Phil Section D (S-N)-R11-05
Novotny, Anton Section B R2-05
O'Connor, Bertha Section D (S-N)-R3-05
O'Connor, Cornelius Section D (N-S)-R2-24
O'Connor, Cornelius Section D (S-N)-R3-03
O'Connor, Cornelius William Section D (N-S)-R6-26
O'Connor, Dennis Section D (S-N)-R3-04
O'Connor, Ella Section D (N-S)-R4-16
O'Connor, Honoria Section D (N-S)-R2-23
O'Connor, Margaret Section D (N-S)-R2-25
O'Connor, William Section D (N-S)-R4-15
O'Donnell, Annie O. Mrs. Section C (N-S)-R5-13
O'Donnell, Hattie Mrs. Section C (N-S)-R5-14
O'Donnell, Patrick Section C (N-S)-R5-15
O'Leary, Abbie Finn Section D (N-S)-R4-12
O'Leary, Abbie Mary, Lizzie Section D (N-S)-R4-13
O'Toole, William Section C (N-S)-R3-07
Oehrlein, Louis Section B R15-14
Oehrlein, Poldi Section B R15-15
Olgun, Guadalupe Section E (W-E)-R32-01
Olivares, Amparo Section A R8-01
Olivares, Consuelo Section A R8-02
Olive, Ione K. Section B R15-03
Olson, Ernest T. Section E (W-E)-R28-07
Olson, Mary H. Section E (W-E)-R28-08
Olsovsky, Julius Section E (W-E)-R28-18
Olsovsky, Larry Wayne Section E (W-E)-R28-20
Olsovsky, Mary Jane Section E (W-E)-R28-21
Olsovsky, Vlasta Section E (W-E)-R28-19
Opela, Anton Section D (S-N)-R1-19
Opela, Antonie Section B R13-18
Orti(_?), J. Section A R16-04
Ortiz, Rufus M., Jr. Section A R24-04
Oviedo, Diego, Jr. Section E (E-W)-R39-08
Owens, Darrell B. Section E (E-W)-R37-06
Pachicano, Juanita L. Section A R2-03
Pachicano, Olivia Section A R2-02
Palousek, Henry O Section E (W-E)-R32-06
Palousek, Mary A. Section E (W-E)-R32-07
Pavlica, Anna Section D (N-S)-R14-13
Pavlica, Frank Section D (N-S)-R14-12
Pavlica, Lillie A. Section E (W-E)-R30-05
Pavlica, William M. Section E (W-E)-R30-04
Pavlik, John Section C (S-N)-R16-01
Pavlik, Margaret M. Section E (E-W)-R25-26
Pavlik, Millie M. Section E (E-W)-R25-16
Pavlik, Stanley J. Section E (E-W)-R25-17
Pavlik, Theresa Section C (S-N)-R16-02
Pavliska, Joseph Section E (E-W)-R11-02
Pavliska, Josephine R. Section E (E-W)-R11-01
Pepper, Ricky A. Section C (S-N)-R8-18
Pesek, Edwin Anton Section D (S-N)-R3-09
Pesek, John Section D (N-S)-R2-15
Pesek, Mary Section D (N-S)-R2-16
Peters, Amos Sr. Section C (S-N)-R8-23
Peters, Bertha M. Section C (S-N)-R8-24
Peters, John Section C (S-N)-R6-07
Peterson, Polly Anna Section E (E-W)-R31-06
Pircher, Andreas Section A R22-01
Pircher, Friedericke Section A R22-02
Pish, Annie Section E (E-W)-R31-11
Pish, Charles Section E (E-W)-R31-12
Pokorney, Christine B. Section E (W-E)-R38-04
Pokorney, Rudolph R. Section E (W-E)-R38-03
Pokorny, Emil, Sr. Section E (E-W)-R13-02
Pokorny, Henrietta Section E (E-W)-R13-01
Polansky, Fred Section E (W-E)-R14-10
Polansky, Vera Section E (W-E)-R14-09
Polasek, Cyrill Section C (S-N)-R10-15
Polasek, Edward J. Section E (W-E)-R36-08
Polasek, Frantiska Section C (S-N)-R10-14
Polasek, James D. Section E (W-E)-R34-01
Polasek, Joseph D. Section E (W-E)-R24-21
Pospisil, Charlie F. Section E (W-E)-R14-11
Pospisil, Minnie A. Section E (W-E)-R14-12
Prcin, Albert Martin Section E (E-W)-R9-01
Prcin, Angeline Section B R14-05
Prcin, Apolena Section D (S-N)-R1-15
Prcin, Frank Section B R13-08
Prcin, Karel Section D (S-N)-R1-13
Prcin, Karel Section C (N-S)-R1-23
Prcin, Lee Section B R13-09
Prcin, Ludvik Section B R1-02
Prcin, Richard S. Section E (W-E)-R12-11
Preusse, David Lee Section E (W-E)-R24-06
Pricher, Clara A. Section C (N-S)-R9-09
Pricher, Herman Section C (N-S)-R9-10
Prikryl, Amalia Section E (W-E)-R26-14
Prikryl, Rufus Section E (W-E)-R26-13
Psencik, Aloisie Section B R2-07
Psencik, Frances Section B R5-03
Pulkrabek, Gertrude Section E (W-E)-R34-03
Pulkrabek, John F. Section E (W-E)-R34-02
Pustejovsky, Henry Allen Section E (E-W)-R23-07
R. H. Section A R13-13
Rabel, Adnrow Section B R3-10
Rabel, Amalie Section C (N-S)-R13-17
Rabel, Annie Section D (S-N)-R9-20
Rabel, Bernard F. Sr. Section B R4-08
Rabel, Charlie J. Section C (N-S)-R13-16
Rabel, Emil Section B R3-09
Radomski, Hazel V. Section E (E-W)-R27-17
Rangel, Gertrudis Section E (E-W)-R39-05
Rangel, Manuel Section E (E-W)-R39-04
Razo, Maria Elizabeth Section E (W-E)-R12-07
Remmel, Clarice Grace Section E (W-E)-R34-07
Remmel, Elva Section E (W-E)-R34-06
Renteria, Carmen Section A R10-02
Reveile, Frances Section E (E-W)-R31-08
Reveile, Lloyd N. Section E (E-W)-R31-09
Reznicek, Bessie F. Section E (E-W)-R29-12
Riefkohl, Elmer A. Section C (N-S)-R5-07
Riefkohl, Helen Section C (S-N)-R4-11
Riefkohl, Herman Section C (N-S)-R5-06
Riefkohl, Marie A. Section C (N-S)-R5-04
Rieger, Anna B. Section D (S-N)-R13-02
Rieger, Bobby Gene Section B R13-05
Rieger, Charlie L. Section E (W-E)-R38-08
Rieger, Joe L. Section D (S-N)-R13-01
Rieger, John Section B R6-05
Rieger, Joseph Section E (W-E)-R22-05
Rieger, Lena L. Section E (W-E)-R38-09
Rieger, Leona Section E (W-E)-R22-04
Rieger, Lorenz Section B R6-04
Riley, Johana Section C (N-S)-R15-05
Riley, Lawrence M. Section D (N-S)-R8-05
Riley, Lawrence V. Section D (N-S)-R8-06
Riley, Mary Section D (N-S)-R8-03
Riley, Mary Ann Section D (N-S)-R8-04
Riley, S. Section C (N-S)-R15-06
Riley, Sue Section C (N-S)-R15-07
Rincon, Francisco, Jr. Section A R14-04
Rincon, Luz Section A R14-03
Rivera, Tiofila Section B R2-06
Robledo, Anastacio Section A R19-15
Roddy, Catherine Section D (S-N)-R1-27
Roddy, Margarie Mrs. Section D (N-S)-R4-05
Roddy, Mary Agnes Section D (S-N)-R1-28
Roddy, Patrick A. Section E (W-E)-R22-01
Roddy, William Section D (S-N)-R1-26
Roddy, Wm. R. Section D (N-S)-R4-07
Rodrigues, Vicente Jr. Section A R6-05
Rodriguez, Vicente Section A R6-04
Rodriques, Jose Section E (W-E)-R42-05
Rodriquez, Anastacio T. Section A R15-12
Rodriquez, Sapopa C. Section A R16-06
Rodriquez, Thomas Section A R16-07
Rody, Wm. Dr. Section D (N-S)-R4-06
Rojas, Arcadio Section A R13a-05
Romero, Pedro Section A R16-01
Rosa, Peri Eciatdeca Section A R6-02
Rouse, Frances M. Section E (W-E)-R16-08
Rouse, Horace D. Section E (W-E)-R16-09
Roznovak, Antonie Section D (S-N)-R1-12
Roznovak, Joe Section D (S-N)-R1-11
Roznovak, Sophia Section D (S-N)-R1-10
Ruzicka, Bernice Section E (W-E)-R10-05
Ruzicka, Bessie Section D (S-N)-R15-14
Ruzicka, Dan Section E (E-W)-R35-08
Ruzicka, Daniel M. Section C (N-S)-R11-04
Ruzicka, Edwin Section C (N-S)-R11-03
Ruzicka, Jerome J. Section E (W-E)-R10-10
Ruzicka, Joe C. Section E (W-E)-R10-06
Ruzicka, Joe L. Section D (N-S)-R8-11
Ruzicka, Joyce Section E (E-W)-R35-07
Ruzicka, Julia Section D (N-S)-R8-10
Ruzicka, Libbie S. Section E (W-E)-R10-07
Ruzicka, Marcel B. Section E (W-E)-R10-08
Ruzicka, Marshall Section D (S-N)-R15-13
Ruzicka, Otillie M. Section E (W-E)-R10-09
Ruzicke, Josef Section C (S-N)-R10-16
Ruzicke, Terezie Section C (S-N)-R10-17
Rychlik, Louis D. Section E (E-W)-R27-12