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St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery of Taylor

H - L

Grave Location
Section C (S-N)-R2-32
Hafernik, Elizabeth Mary
Section C (S-N)-R2-31
Hafernik, Ernest
Section C (N-S)-R3-01
Hafernik, Harry W.
Section C (S-N)-R8-10
Hafernik, Helen T.
Section C (N-S)-R9-11
Hafernik, John E.
Section C (N-S)-R9-12
Hafernik, John J.
Section C (S-N)-R8-11
Hafernik, Mamie E.
Section C (S-N)-R8-12
Hafernik, Ruth
Section C (N-S)-R3-02
Hallan, Daniel J.
Section C (S-N)-R2-10
Hallan, Kate A.
Section C (S-N)-R2-07
Hallan, Kathleen
Section C (S-N)-R2-09
Hallan, Martin G.
Section C (S-N)-R2-08
Hamrick, Frances G.
Section E (W-E)-R26-08
Hannan, Ceclia
Section C (S-N)-R4-03
Hannan, Deborah Lynn
Section E (W-E)-R36-13
Hannan, Janet Lee
Section E (W-E)-R36-12
Hannan, John
Section E (W-E)-R42-01
Hannan, Karen Denise
Section E (W-E)-R36-14
Hannan, Lucy
Section E (W-E)-R42-02
Hannan, Metisa Jane
Section E (W-E)-R36-15
Hannan, Pat
Section C (S-N)-R4-02
Hannan, Suzanne Kay
Section E (W-E)-R36-16
Hanson, Angela C.
Section E (W-E)-R6-11
Hanson, Herbert J.
Section E (W-E)-R6-10
Harris, Annie t.
Section B R2-12
Hartman, Alma Fredericka
Section C (N-S)-R7-08
Hartman, Aloys P. Sr.
Section C (N-S)-R7-07
Hartman, Ann
Section E (W-E)-R28-13
Harvey, Mary
Section C (N-S)-R1-03
Havelka, Frantisek
Section D (N-S)-R8-12
Havelka, Leontine S.
Section D (S-N)-R3-07
Havelka, Rosemary C.
Section D (N-S)-R2-19
Havelka, Rozlia
Section D (N-S)-R8-13
Havelka, Stanley J.
Section D (S-N)-R3-06
Heine, Clement Charles Jr.
Section C (N-S)-R7-01
Hejl, Eddie B.
Section B R13-15
Hejl, Jeanette
Section B R13-14
Hejl, Olga M.
Section B R13-16
Hernandez, Alfredo
Section A R16-09
Hernandez, Belen
Section E (E-W)-R41-02
Hernandez, Fidel V.
Section A R15-08
Hernandez, Jessie
Section A R13-10
Hernandez, Julian
Section A R17-05
Hernandez, Luisa Sra
Section A R19-07
Hernandez, Rafael, Sr.
Section A R13-08
Herrera, Lazaro
Section A R24-02
Hickey, Michael
Section B R6-03
Hicks, Alexander P.
Section D (N-S)-R4-18
Hicks, Paula D.
Section D (N-S)-R4-17
Hilbers, Albert
Section B R5-11
Hilbers, Ben
Section B R5-10
Hilbers, Joseph
Section B R5-12
Hix, Bertha Hunke
Section D (N-S)-R8-23
Holder, Andrew J.
Section B R2-16
Holder, Ellie C.
Section B R2-17
Holitek, G. F. M.D.
Section D (S-N)-R13-12
Holman, Mary Gregory
Section D (N-S)-R14-28
Holman, Newton Calvin
Section D (N-S)-R14-27
Holotik, Johanna
Section D (S-N)-R13-11
Holotik, John
Section D (S-N)-R13-10
Holub, Anna
Section C (N-S)-R11-05
Holub, Anna
Section C (N-S)-R11-07
Holub, Ben F. Sr.
Section D (N-S)-R16-07
Holub, E. A.
Section C (S-N)-R12-21
Holub, Frances A.
Section D (N-S)-R2-05
Holub, Frances L.
Section C (N-S)-R11-09
Holub, Frank Jr.
Section C (N-S)-R13-07
Holub, Frank Sr.
Section C (S-N)-R12-19
Holub, Johana
Section C (N-S)-R11-06
Holub, John
Section D (N-S)-R2-07
Holub, Leo N.
Section C (S-N)-R12-18
Holub, Marie
Section C (S-N)-R12-20
Holub, Matej
Section C (N-S)-R11-08
Holub, Myrtle
Section D (N-S)-R16-06
Holubec, Joe
Section C (N-S)-R5-08
Holubec, Paul
Section D (N-S)-R14-01
Holubec, Rozie
Section D (N-S)-R14-02
Honeycutt, Zach
Section E (W-E)-R30-11
Hora, Frank
Section C (N-S)-R1-02
Hranicky, August
Section E (W-E)-R14-06
Hranicky, Charlie
Section E (W-E)-R14-04
Hranicky, Geroge A.
Section D (N-S)-R4-09
Hranicky, Mary A.
Section E (W-E)-R14-05
Hrna, Anton F.
Section C (N-S)-R9-08
Hrna, Martha
Section C (N-S)-R9-07
Hrna, Stepan
Section C (S-N)-R8-17
Hrncir, Elizabeth
Section C (S-N)-R12-05
Hrncir, John
Section C (N-S)-R13-21
Hrncir, Justus
Section C (S-N)-R12-07
Hrncir, Marie
Section C (S-N)-R12-06
Hrncir, Pauline
Section C (N-S)-R13-20
Hrnova, Vernika
Section C (S-N)-R8-16
Huff, Frances C.
Section E (E-W)-R25-14
Huff, Louis J.
Section E (E-W)-R25-15
Hunke, Alfred A.
Section D (N-S)-R8-22
Hunke, Ed Sr.
Section A R23-12
Hunke, Marie
Section A R23-11
Hurta, James Ray
Section E (W-E)-R32-05
J. K.
Section B R1-07
J. P.
Section B R1-04
Jakubik, Adolph V.
Section D (N-S)-R12-11
Jakubik, Theresa
Section D (N-S)-R12-10
Janak, Hattie
Section E (E-W)-R13-07
Janosec, Anna
Section C (N-S)-R13-18
Janosec, Frank J.
Section D (N-S)-R12-01
Janosec, Joseph
Section C (N-S)-R13-19
Janosec, Otto Vince
Section C (S-N)-R12-11
Janosek, Frances
Section E (W-E)-R40-08
Janosek, Joe L.
Section E (W-E)-R40-07
Janota, Annie
Section C (N-S)-R1-12
Janota, Bessie M.
Section D (N-S)-R10-24
Jansky, Annie S.
Section E (E-W)-R25-05
Jansky, George, Sr.
Section E (E-W)-R25-04
Jansky, John P.
Section E (E-W)-R21-01
Jansky, Lillie
Section E (E-W)-R21-02
Jarosek, Annie M.
Section D (N-S)-R14-05
Jarosek, Charles
Section D (S-N)-R11-14
Jarosek, Daniel R.
Section E (W-E)-R16-07
Jarosek, Edward
Section B R2-02
Jarosek, Frances Kubala
Section D (N-S)-R10-16
Jarosek, Frank R.
Section D (N-S)-R14-04
Jarosek, Joe V.
Section E (E-W)-R13-03
Jarosek, Julia C.
Section D (S-N)-R11-15
Jarosek, Karl A.
Section D (N-S)-R10-01
Jarosek, Lydia M.
Section E (W-E)-R16-06
Jarsosek, Anna Barbara
Section D (N-S)-R10-02
Section D (N-S)-R8-38
Jeckel, Edward J.
Section E (W-E)-R30-07
John, Anne M.
Section C (N-S)-R13-01
John, Englebert G.
Section C (N-S)-R13-02
John, Ferdinand
Section C (S-N)-R12-24
John, Frank P.
Section E (W-E)-R40-12
John, Joe L.
Section E (W-E)-R40-14
John, Mary F.
Section E (W-E)-R40-13
John, Otto C.
Section E (W-E)-R40-11
John, Wilhelmine
Section C (S-N)-R12-23
Jonosec, Matka Barbora
Section C (S-N)-R12-10
Jordan, Alice I.
Section D (S-N)-R5-07
Jordan, Robert Lee
Section D (S-N)-R5-08
Joseph, Annie
Section D (S-N)-R5-11
Joseph, C. Mosie
Section C (S-N)-R14-13
Joseph, Fred A.
Section C (S-N)-R12-01
Joseph, Mike
Section D (S-N)-R5-10
Joseph, Stella
Section C (S-N)-R12-02
Joseph, Willie M.
Section C (S-N)-R14-12
Jozwiak, Cecilia R.
Section D (N-S)-R16-02
Jozwiak, John James
Section D (N-S)-R16-03
Jozwiak, Mary
Section D (S-N)-R15-09
Jozwiak, Pete D.
Section D (N-S)-R16-01
Jozwiak, Wallace
Section D (S-N)-R15-10
Juranek, Agnes A.
Section E (E-W)-R21-04
Juranek, Anton
Section C (N-S)-R1-04
Juranek, Joe F.
Section E (E-W)-R21-03
Juranek, Marie
Section C (N-S)-R1-05
Jurica, Francis
Section E (W-E)-R38-12
Juricek, Edward
Section C (N-S)-R1-14
Juricek, Frank
Section C (N-S)-R1-13
Juricek, Kristina
Section C (N-S)-R1-11
Kaderka, Bernard F.
Section D (S-N)-R3-12
Kalinowski, Anton
Section D (S-N)-R1-14
Kaparik, Albert F.
Section E (E-W)-R13-09
Section C (S-N)-R16-05
Kaspar, Anna
Section D (N-S)-R2-03
Kaspar, Annie
Section E (W-E)-R24-23
Kaspar, Anton F.
Section E (W-E)-R24-24
Kaspar, Bessie Martinec
Section A R23-08
Kaspar, Dorothy
Seciton E (W-E)-R4-10
Kaspar, Elick J.
Section E (W-E)-R16-12
Kaspar, Emil J. Sr.
Section D (N-S)-R2-04
Kaspar, Emil W.
Seciton E (W-E)-R4-09
Kaspar, Frances
Section B R15-05
Kaspar, Frances M.
Section D (S-N)-R3-13
Kaspar, Frances P.
Section C (S-N)-R14-06
Kaspar, Frank
Section B R15-06
Kaspar, Frantiska
Section A R24-13
Kaspar, Jiri
Section C (S-N)-R14-03
Kaspar, John A.
Section B R9-10
Kaspar, John B.
Section C (S-N)-R14-05
Kaspar, John F.
Section A R23-09
Kaspar, John Jr.
Section B R10-01
Kaspar, Josef
Section B R9-08
Kaspar, Josef F.
Section A R24-12
Kaspar, Keith Joseph
Section C (S-N)-R6-01
Kaspar, Marie
Section B R9-09
Kaspar, Marie
Section B R9-11
Kaspar, Mildred
Section E (W-E)-R16-11
Kaspar, Teresie
Section C (S-N)-R14-04
Kasparek, Agnes T.
Section E (E-W)-R23-04
Kasparek, Albert III
Section E (W-E)-R2-06
Kasparek, Emil F.
Section E (E-W)-R23-03
Kasparek, Hermina
Section C (S-N)-R4-01
Kasparek, Louise V.
Section E (E-W)-R29-13
Kasparik, Albert
Section E (E-W)-R13-11
Kasparik, Georgia
Section E (E-W)-R13-10
Kasparik, Lillian M.
Section E (E-W)-R13-08
Kasper, Alvn Frank
Section E (E-W)-R25-19
Kasper, Annie Balusek
Section E (E-W)-R25-20
Kasper, John
Section E (E-W)-R25-21
Kasper, Wilbert Lee
Section E (E-W)-R25-22
Kehl, John Otto
Section E (E-W)-R27-07
Kehoe, Frank
Section C (N-S)-R15-04
Kellermeier, Peter
Section B R3-16
Kelley, Deborah L.
Section E (E-W)-R1-08
Kelley, Jennifer M.
Section E (E-W)-R1-09
Kelley, Robert B.
Section D (N-S)-R8-01
Kelly, J. J.
Section D (S-N)-R5-03
Kiefkohl, Helene
Section C (N-S)-R5-05
Kirchner, Louise
Section E (W-E)-R10-13
Kirchner, Marie
Section D (S-N)-R1-17
Kirchner, Marie Kuhl
Section E (W-E)-R10-01
Kirchner, Standley W.
Section E (W-E)-R10-02
Kirchner, Wendelin
Section E (W-E)-R10-14
Klaus, Wm. F.
Section D (S-N)-R1-21
Klecka, John A.
Section C (N-S)-R13-08
Klima, Rudolph
Section D (N-S)-R6-09
Klima, Vinni
Section D (N-S)-R6-10
Kneblik, Joe
Section B R5-14
Kneblik, Peter
Section B R5-13
Knox, Agnes M.
Section D (N-S)-R2-28
Knox, H. O.
Section D (S-N)-R1-05
Knox, Jane
Section D (S-N)-R1-23
Knox, Louis C.
Section D (N-S)-R2-29
Knox, R. G.
Section D (S-N)-R1-24
Knox, Virginia
Section D (S-N)-R1-22
Knox, Willella
Section D (S-N)-R1-25
Kocurek, Bettie
Section B R13-03
Kocurek, Louis
Section B R13-02
Kocurek, Louis, Frank, Mary
Section B R13-04
Koecky, Annie M.
Section D (S-N)-R7-12
Kohutek, Adolph
Section B R15-04
Kohutek, Daniel J.
Section A R23-10
Kohutek, Frank
Section B R15-02
Kohutek, Mary
Section B R15-01
Kojtek, Frank J.
Section B R9-07
Kolinek, Anna
Section D (N-S)-R2-13
Kolinek, Joseph
Section D (N-S)-R2-14
Kolinek, Walter C.
Section E (E-W)-R27-03
Kollatt, Magdalena
Section B R15-11
Kollatt, Simon
Section B R15-10
Komandosky, Stanley
Section D (S-N)-R15-11
Komandosky, Stella
Section D (S-N)-R15-12
Komandovsky, Ondrej
Section B R4-04
Konecny, Clara
Section E (E-W)-R41-05
Konecny, Jane A.
Section A R21-02
Konecny, Jerry
Section A R22-09
Konecny, Mary A.
Section E (E-W)-R41-06
Konecny, Rozara
Section A R21-01
Konecny, Rudolf
Section A R22-08
Konecny, Tonie
Section E (E-W)-R41-07
Kopecky, Albert J.
Section C (S-N)-R10-01
Kopecky, Angelene F.
Section C (N-S)-R11-22
Kopecky, Emil E.
Section D (S-N)-R7-13
Kopecky, Emil E.
Section C (N-S)-R11-21
Koslovsky, Joe M.
Section D (N-S)-R4-03
Kotrola, Kathleen
Section D (S-N)-R7-11
Kovar, Angeline A.
Section E (E-W)-R33-11
Kovar, August J.
Section E (E-W)-R33-10
Kovar, Edwin A.
Section E (W-E)-R16-03
Kovar, Johanna
Section D (S-N)-R15-08
Kovar, Martin
Section D (S-N)-R15-07
Kovar, Mary
Section D (N-S)-R14-07
Kovar, Olga
Section E (E-W)-R15-04
Kovar, Paul
Section D (N-S)-R14-06
Kovar, Rosa
Section B R3-18
Kovar, Sophia A.
Section E (W-E)-R16-02
Kovar, Willie
Section E (E-W)-R15-05
Kozlovski, Joe
Section B R3-08
Kozlovsky, Agnes Z.
Section D (N-S)-R4-04
Kremer, Maria D.
Section D (N-S)-R12-07
Krepcak, Anna
Section C (N-S)-R13-23
Krepcak, John
Section C (S-N)-R16-04
Krepcak, Joseph
Section C (N-S)-R13-24
Krepcak, Rosina
Section C (S-N)-R16-03
Krhovjak, Annie
Section D (S-N)-R11-09
Krhovjak, George J.
Section D (S-N)-R11-07
Krhovjak, Isidor
Section D (S-N)-R11-08
Krhovjak, Johnnie
Section D (S-N)-R7-06
Kroschewsky, Anna C.
Section C (S-N)-R16-08
Kroschewsky, Anna F.
Section C (S-N)-R6-03
Kroschewsky, Anton A.
Section E (W-E)-R6-05
Kroschewsky, Barbara
Section C (S-N)-R2-22
Kroschewsky, Evelyn
Section E (W-E)-R6-06
Kroschewsky, G. J.
Section C (S-N)-R6-02
Kroschewsky, Julius A.
Section C (S-N)-R16-07
Kroschewsky, Konrad
Section C (N-S)-R3-08
Krueger, Annie A.
Section C (N-S)-R5-02
Krueger, Frieda
Section E (W-E)-R28-15
Krueger, Fritz
Section E (W-E)-R28-14
Krueger, Geraldine A.
Section C (S-N)-R4-18
Krueger, James O.
Section C (S-N)-R4-19
Krueger, Oscar C.
Section C (N-S)-R5-01
Kubacak, Frank J.
Section E (E-W)-R35-02
Kubacak, Marie
Section D (S-N)-R15-06
Kubacak, Martha
Section C (N-S)-R1-15
Kubala, Albina
Section E (E-W)-R31-03
Kubala, J. B.
Section E (E-W)-R31-02
Kubala, John
Section D (N-S)-R10-18
Kubala, Petrolina
Section D (N-S)-R10-17
Kubala, Tyreeia
Section E (W-E)-R14-01
Kuban, Frances
Section E (E-W)-R25-02
Kuban, Jozef
Section B R3-13
Kuban, Jozefina
Section B R2-09
Kuban, Merllee M.
Section D (S-N)-R9-14
Kuban, Rozina
Section B R5-04
Kuban, Sylvester R.
Section E (E-W)-R25-01
Kuban, Timothy A.
Section D (S-N)-R9-13
Kubicek, Annie M.
Section E (W-E)-R20-03
Kubicek, Bertha
Section E (E-W)-R17-06
Kubicek, Ed J.
Section E (W-E)-R20-04
Kubicek, Frank
Section E (E-W)-R17-07
Kubicek, Henrietta
Section E (E-W)-R5-07
Kubicek, Henry E.
Section E (E-W)-R5-06
Kubicek, John
Section C (N-S)-R5-16
Kubicek, Theresa
Section C (N-S)-R5-17
Kucera, Albina K.
Section B R14-11
Kucera, John J.
Section B R14-10
Kucera, Mary
Section B R3-19
Kuhn, John G.
Section D (N-S)-R8-15
Kuhn, Mary F.
Section D (N-S)-R8-14
Kupka, Joe J.
Section E (E-W)-R23-02
Kupka, Mary E.
Section E (E-W)-R23-01
Kurecka, Anton
Section A R23-06
Kurecka, Frantiska
Section C (N-S)-R13-11
Kurecka, Jan
Section C (N-S)-R13-12
Kurecka, Joe P.
Section A R24-10
Kurecka, Louis J.
Section C (N-S)-R13-10
Kurecka, Lydia J.
Section C (N-S)-R13-09
Lala, Jan
Section B R4-06
Lala, Matei
Section B R4-07
Section F-01
Lane, Brian E.
Section E (W-E)-R6-04
Lane, Joan M.
Section E (W-E)-R6-03
Lane, William E.
Section E (W-E)-R6-02
Lange, Leona
Section E (W-E)-R26-03
Lange, Reuben
Section E (W-E)-R26-02
Lannen, Charlie
Section C (S-N)-R2-11
Lannen, Edward L.
Section D (N-S)-R14-23
Lannen, Florence T.
Section D (N-S)-R14-22
Lannen, James J. Sr.
Section D (N-S)-R14-20
Lannen, John B.
Section C (S-N)-R2-14
Lannen, Kate
Section C (S-N)-R2-16
Lannen, Louis A.
Section C (S-N)-R2-17
Lannen, Mary R.
Section C (S-N)-R2-13
Lannen, Mary T.
Section D (N-S)-R14-21
Lannen, Mary Z.
Section C (N-S)-R3-13
Lannen, Maude K.
Section D (S-N)-R13-14
Lannen, William A.
Section D (S-N)-R13-13
Lannen, Wm.
Section C (S-N)-R2-12
Layton, A. J.
Section B R3-01
Lefner, Henry
Section D (N-S)-R12-05
Lefner, Jacob
Section D (N-S)-R12-06
Lefner, Jacob
Section D (S-N)-R9-21
Lefner, Josie
Section D (S-N)-R9-22
Leonard Jerome
Section E (E-W)-R31-01
Lightner, Edward J.
Section E (E-W)-R29-02
Lightner, Julia M.
Section E (E-W)-R29-01
Lightner, Lena M.
Section E (E-W)-R29-04
Lightner, Roy A.
Section E (E-W)-R29-03
Limon, Luiz R.
Section A R24-05
Linehan, Mary
Section D (N-S)-R16-12
Linn, Vlasta J.
Seciton E (W-E)-R4-04
Linn, William O., Jr.
Seciton E (W-E)-R4-03
Little Maurice
Section D (N-S)-R4-19
Lopez, Juan Laso
Section A R16-02
Lopez, Natividad J.
Section A R18-07
Lowe, Louis
Section D (S-N)-R1-01