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St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery of Taylor

A - G

Name Grave Location
(_?)mek, Karel Mats Section A R3-03
A. C. Section A R13-14
A. Z. Section B R3-07
A.F.A. Section A R8-12
Aamstoos, Margaret Duffy Section E (E-W)-R23-15
Aamstoos, Theodore Arnold Section E (E-W)-R23-14
Achtruth, Hierruht Carl Section B R13-01
AD Section D (N-S)-R8-35
Aleman, Zenaida Section E (W-E)-R42-04
Alvarao, Salome Section A R1-03
Amaro, A. Section A R15-11
Amaro, Cefe Nino Section A R8-03
Amesquita, Lorenza M. Section A R17-04
Anderson, Maggie Lannen Section D (S-N)-R5-09
Antoinette Section C (S-N)-R4-06
Aylward, Fannie McLaughlin Section E (W-E)-R6-08
Aylward, Philip John Section E (W-E)-R6-07
Bacak, Antonia Section A R22-04
Bacak, Ellen Section A R22-05
Bacak, Stephen H. Section A R22-03
Bachmayer, Alma Section B R2-10
Bachmayer, Charles Raymond Section C (S-N)-R14-15
Bachmayer, Charlie Section C (S-N)-R14-14
Bachmayer, Emil Section B R1-06
Bachmayer, Lena Section B R1-08
Bachmayer, Lepold Section C (S-N)-R16-16
Bachmayer, Maria Section C (S-N)-R6-14
Bachmayer, Mathias Section B R2-11
Bachmayer, Raeann Section E (W-E)-R2-03
Bachmayer,k Martin Section B R1-05
Backmayer, Seraphine Section C (S-N)-R16-17
Bailey, C. Frank Section E (W-E)-R28-11
Bailey, Charles A. Section D (S-N)-R5-04
Baldez, Patricio Section A R13-07
Balusek, Anita T. Section E (E-W)-R15-10
Balusek, Dorothy Charlene Section E (E-W)-R15-12
Balusek, Emil J. Section E (E-W)-R37-04
Balusek, Frances A. Section A R22-07
Balusek, Jerry L. Section E (E-W)-R15-11
Balusek, Joe Emil Section E (E-W)-R23-05
Balusek, John B. Section A R22-06
Balusek, Margaret J. Section E (E-W)-R37-05
Balusek, Marie Section D (N-S)-R10-22
Balusek, Melvin F. Section C (N-S)-R7-15
Baran, Anna Section C (S-N)-R10-10
Baran, Anton Charles Section E (E-W)-R41-01
Baran, Barbara Section C (N-S)-R11-14
Baran, Daniel Section C (S-N)-R10-12
Baran, Joseph Section C (S-N)-R10-11
Baran, Julie Section C (N-S)-R11-13
Barcak, Rosa Lee Section D (N-S)-R4-08
Barr, Annie Lannen Section C (S-N)-R2-15
Barr, Clyde Olen Section D (N-S)-R6-08
Barr, Laura Lannen Section D (N-S)-R6-07
Barr, William C. Section E (E-W)-R3-02
Barratachea, Jose Section E (E-W)-R39-12
Barratachea, Juaquina Section E (E-W)-R39-11
Barratachea, Pedro Section A R13-09
Barratachea, Tiburcio Section E (E-W)-R39-10
Barrera, Abraham Section A R13-03
Barta, Rosa Section E (W-E)-R34-14
Bartosh, Marie T. Section E (W-E)-R18-08
Bartosh, Roman J. Section E (W-E)-R18-09
Bastian, Josef Section D (N-S)-R8-34
Basulto, Alma Trinidad Section A R19-01
Batello, Macatio Section E (W-E)-R40-01
Becker, Albert J. Section D (N-S)-R2-11
Becker, Cecelia C. Section D (N-S)-R2-12
Bell, Harry C. Section E (W-E)-R14-08
Bell, Harry C. Section D (S-N)-R1-29
Beran, Emil Section E (E-W)-R41-08
Beran, Ronny Lee Section E (E-W)-R41-09
Berdosky, Frank J. Section C (N-S)-R1-18
Berkosky, Rosina M. Section C (N-S)-R1-19
Berryhill, Charles M. Section D (N-S)-R10-20
Berryhill, H. H. Section D (N-S)-R10-21
Berryhill, Juanita A. Section D (N-S)-R10-19
Beyer Section D (S-N)-R7-08
Beyer, Albert Section E (E-W)-R35-04
Beyer, Cecil Section E (E-W)-R35-03
Beyer, Claudia Section E (E-W)-R5-09
Beyer, Edwin Section E (E-W)-R5-08
Blackman, Albina K. Section E (E-W)-R27-06
Blackman, Ely H. Section E (E-W)-R27-05
Blahuta, Leo Thomas Section E (W-E)-R16-10
Blahuta, Tina Marie Section E (E-W)-R1-04
Blazek, Fr. Section C (N-S)-R13-22
Boedeker, Maria Section E (E-W)-R27-14
Boedeker, Otto Section E (E-W)-R27-13
Boles, Ann B. Section D (S-N)-R1-20
Bolf, Anna Section B R3-20
Bolf, Annie Section B R4-10
Bolf, Frank Section B R3-14
Bolf, John Section B R3-15
Bolf, Mary A. Section E (W-E)-R30-06
Bolf, Rudolph Section B R4-09
Borjas, Higinio P. Section E (W-E)-R14-07
Bourk, Agnes Section C (S-N)-R10-18
Braden, Eugene A. Section E (W-E)-R22-10
Braden, Paul A. Section E (E-W)-R25-08
Brady, Alice Jarosek Section D (N-S)-R14-03
Brazzel, Sharon Ann Bailey Section E (W-E)-R28-12
Brieger, Alice D. Section C (N-S)-R1-27
Brieger, Augusta Bruen Section C (S-N)-R2-28
Brieger, Ethel Walker Section C (N-S)-R3-04
Brieger, Gussie Edmund Section C (N-S)-R3-03
Brieger, Gustave B. Section C (S-N)-R2-27
Brieger, Louis E. Section C (N-S)-R1-28
Brieger, Myrtle Section C (S-N)-R2-26
Briones, John Jr. Section A R16-08
Bruckner, Woodrow W. Section E (W-E)-R10-11
Brunner, Anna C. Section D (S-N)-R7-10
Brunner, Joe R. Section D (S-N)-R7-09
Brunner, Joseph Lannen Fatherree Section D (N-S)-R12-04
Brunner, Sibilla Clara Section D (S-N)-R7-07
Bryant, De Forrest Seciton E (W-E)-R4-07
Bryant, Margaret Seciton E (W-E)-R4-08
Bubella, Alma Section C (N-S)-R5-19
Bubella, Paul Section C (N-S)-R5-18
Buckalew, Mahlon E. Section E (E-W)-R27-11
Buzan, Elias Joseph Section E (E-W)-R17-13
Buzan, Isabel P. Section D (N-S)-R10-06
Buzan, Jessie C. Section D (S-N)-R11-11
Buzan, Mike E. Section D (S-N)-R11-10
Buzan, Moses E. Section D (S-N)-R11-12
Buzan, Ruth C. Section D (S-N)-R11-13
Buzan, Tony E. Section D (N-S)-R10-05
C. Section A R14-05
Cabral, Rosendo Section A R8-04
Cardenas, Loreto C. Section A R3-02
Carlson, Shelia Carlson Section C (N-S)-R7-06
Carpenter, Rudy B. Seciton E (W-E)-R4-01
Castaneda, Louisa Section A R1-02
Castro, Apolinas Section E (W-E)-R42-06
Castro, Consepcion Section A R19-03
Castro, Natalia L. Section E (W-E)-R42-07
Cech, Terezie Section B R9-12
Cernosek, Helen M. Section E (E-W)-R11-09
Cernosek, Robert R. Section E (W-E)-R26-15
Cernosek, Steve
Cernycuk, Anna Section C (N-S)-R1-10
Cernycuk, Simon Section C (N-S)-R1-09
Cervenka, Carolyn E. Section E (W-E)-R26-01
Cervenka, Frank J. Section C (S-N)-R14-01
Cervenka, Frank R. Section C (S-N)-R14-02
Cervenka, John E. Section E (E-W)-R25-07
Cervenka, Marie Section C (S-N)-R10-13
Chalupa, Elsie M. Section E (W-E)-R30-03
Chalupa, Evelyn Section E (E-W)-R5-03
Chalupa, Ludvik Section E (E-W)-R5-02
Chapa, Ascencion Section A R10-08
Chapa, Georgia Section A R12-03
Chapa, Margarito Section A R10-07
Chapa, Pete Sr. Section A R13-01
Chapa, Viceriano Sr. Section A R12-02
Chasak, Edward F. Section E (W-E)-R26-06
Chasak, Theresa J. Section E (W-E)-R26-07
Chrastecky, Anna Section A R4-04
Chrastecky, Anton Section A R4-02
Chrastecky, Johanna Section E (E-W)-R27-08
Chrastecky, John Section A R4-01
Ciemrowsky, Andra Section A R11-04
Cleason, Anna Section D (N-S)-R4-11
Cocek, Agnes Section D (N-S)-R8-19
Cocek, Ben L. Section E (E-W)-R13-04
Collazo, Ramona M. Section E (W-E)-R40-10
Conlee, Jewitt David Section E (E-W)-R23-12
Connors, Christina G. Section E (W-E)-R12-08
Cook, Ted Section E (E-W)-R31-07
Corbett, William T. Section C (S-N)-R8-02
Corbett, William T. Jr. Section C (S-N)-R8-01
Corrigan, Anna Section A R14-07
Cortinas, Francisca Section A R13-05
Cortinas, Pete Sr. Section A R13-06
Cotner, Jerry E. Section E (E-W)-R7-04
Cotner, Lillian Section E (E-W)-R7-03
Cousis, Gus G. Jr. Seciton E (W-E)-R4-05
Cousis, Gus, Sr. Section B R15-21
Cousis, Marcella Section B R15-19
Cousis, Marcella Section B R15-20
Cousis, Velma Rae Seciton E (W-E)-R4-06
Cowhey, William C. Section B R2-15
Cruz, Ventura Section A R10-05
Cunda, Valentin Section B R2-04
Cundieff, Ann A. Section E (E-W)-R41-04
Cundova, Frantiska Section B R2-03
Curz, Prajede S. Section A R19-02
Daliet, Casper O. Section C (S-N)-R4-16
Daliet, Nora Section C (S-N)-R4-17
Danek, Edward F. Section D (N-S)-R6-12
Danek, Rudolph F. Section D (N-S)-R6-11
Danze, Blasé Anthony Section E (W-E)-R16-01
Darwin, Ray David Section E (E-W)-R25-10
David, Benjamin Section B R15-08
David, Johanna Section B R15-07
Davila, Julio Jose Section E (W-E)-R6-01
de la Rosa, Amallio, Sr. Section A R18-03
de la Rosa, Juan Section A R15-03
de la Rosa, Teodora Section A R18-02
de la Torre, Lois Allen Section C (S-N)-R6-15
de Perez, Remigia Ruiz Section A R10-03
de Rodriquez, Luisa T. Section A R16-05
Debus, Agust Section D (N-S)-R8-28
Debus, Anna Section D (N-S)-R8-29
Debus, Augusta Section E (W-E)-R8-04
Debus, Eudernia Section B R14-01
Debus, Franz H. Section D (N-S)-R8-32
Debus, Joseph Section E (W-E)-R8-05
Debus, Louis Section E (E-W)-R7-02
Debus, Maria Section D (N-S)-R8-31
Debus, Mary Section E (E-W)-R7-01
Decker, Eddie Section C (N-S)-R11-02
Decker, John J. Section C (N-S)-R11-01
Dellinger, G. D. Section C (S-N)-R2-06
Dellinger, James Murphy Section C (S-N)-R2-05
DemAuge Fern, Dem Herzen Ewig Nah. Section D (N-S)-R8-33
Detwiler, Harold E. Section E (W-E)-R12-10
Detwiler, Mary A. Section E (W-E)-R12-09
Dewbre, Mark Scott Section E (W-E)-R8-01
Dillawan, John P. Section D (S-N)-R7-03
Dillawan, Mary M. Section D (S-N)-R7-05
Dillawn, George F. Section D (S-N)-R7-04
Dillawn, Mary Elizabeth Section D (N-S)-R2-27
Dillawn, Patrick Section D (N-S)-R6-25
Dillawn, Patrick W. Section D (N-S)-R6-27
Dillawn, William Gregory Section D (N-S)-R2-26
Dillwan, Catherine Gregory Section D (N-S)-R6-24
Dobbs, Horace E. Section E (E-W)-R9-08
Dobbs, Mary K. Section E (E-W)-R9-07
Dobias, John Section E (W-E)-R26-04
Dobias, Mary Section E (W-E)-R26-05
Doubrava, Annie A. Section E (E-W)-R23-25
Doubrava, B. J. Section E (E-W)-R23-24
Doubrava, Paul Section D (N-S)-R16-04
Drees, Joe F. Section E (E-W)-R13-13
Drees, Maggie Section E (E-W)-R13-12
Drees, Theodore Section A R25-01
Druesdow, Henry Section E (E-W)-R11-06
Druesdow, Jodie Section E (E-W)-R11-05
Druesdow, Lillian T. L. Section E (E-W)-R11-04
DuBec, "Jodie Jay" Section E (W-E)-R24-01
Duffy Section C (N-S)-R3-06
Duffy, Anastasia Section C (S-N)-R2-24
Duffy, Margaret Section C (S-N)-R2-25
Duffy, Thomas Section C (S-N)-R2-23
Duffy, Thomas J. Sr. Section C (N-S)-R3-05
Duncan, Annie Makolik Section A R23-01
Dunn, Margaret Section D (S-N)-R11-03
Dunn, Thomas D. Section D (S-N)-R11-04
Dutchkall, Birdie Section C (S-N)-R12-17
Dwyer, Alice Section A R13-16
Dwyer, Ellen Section A R13-15
Dyer, Agnes Cocek Section D (N-S)-R8-18
Eberle Section C (N-S)-R5-03
Eberle, Alfred Section C (S-N)-R6-16
Eberle, Eleanor r. Section C (S-N)-R4-13
Eberle, Englebert Section C (S-N)-R4-14
Eberle, Marcell E. Section C (S-N)-R4-12
Eberle, Marie Section C (S-N)-R4-15
Ebner, Edward Section D (S-N)-R1-03
Ebner, Marie Section D (S-N)-R1-04
Eiben, Alfred H. Section E (E-W)-R9-12
Eiben, Anne M. Section E (E-W)-R9-10
Eiben, Gilbert A. Section E (E-W)-R9-11
Elliot, Elmer Section E (E-W)-R39-03
Enriquez, Jose Section A R15-06
Esquibel, Feliverta Section A R11-01
F. S. Section D (S-N)-R3-01
Falcon, Audelia Section E (E-W)-R37-14
Falcon, Severiana C. Section E (E-W)-R37-13
Fatherree, Clyde Section D (N-S)-R12-03
Faykus, Theresa A. Section E (E-W)-R15-15
FD Section D (N-S)-R8-37
Fendley, Janice M. Section E (W-E)-R18-07
Filomeno, Gamez Section A R18-04
Filomeno, Margarita R. Section A R18-05
Fisher, Ada F. Section C (S-N)-R2-02
Fisher, Fred I. Section C (S-N)-R2-01
Flores, Amando P. Section A R15-10
Flores, Emilio Section E (W-E)-R40-02
Flores, Helen Section E (W-E)-R40-04
Flores, Ruben Section E (E-W)-R19-01
Frantis, Pociva Section B R4-12
Frerichs, Albert Section E (W-E)-R34-08
Frerichs, Amos Section E (W-E)-R22-11
Frerichs, Barbara Section C (S-N)-R10-05
Frerichs, Chas. Section C (S-N)-R10-02
Frerichs, Geo. Section C (N-S)-R11-20
Frerichs, Geo. E. Section C (S-N)-R10-06
Frerichs, Helen Section C (S-N)-R10-03
Frerichs, Louis Section C (S-N)-R6-12
Frerichs, Lucille Section C (S-N)-R10-07
Frerichs, Mary Section E (W-E)-R34-09
Frerichs, Mary Section C (N-S)-R11-19
Frerichs, Otto Section C (S-N)-R10-04
Frerichs, Theresia Section C (S-N)-R6-13
Frisch, Agnes M. Section C (N-S)-R7-03
Frisch, Franz W. Section C (S-N)-R6-08
Frisch, George A. Section C (N-S)-R7-02
Frisch, Maria Section C (S-N)-R6-09
Fulerton Section C (N-S)-R7-04
Fullerton, Marie Section D (N-S)-R6-01
Fullerton, R. H. Section D (N-S)-R6-02
Gage, George D. Section E (W-E)-R22-03
Gage, Josephine A. Section E (W-E)-R22-02
Gajda, Robert Section C (N-S)-R13-04
Galicia, Vicente Section A R2-01
Gallahan, Tim Section C (N-S)-R1-21
Garcia, Carlotta C. Section A R24-03
Garcia, Francisca B. Section A R19-12
Garcia, Guadalupe Section A R14-01
Garcia, Icnacia R. Section A R19-06
Garcia, Joe Section A R19-09
Garcia, Pauline Section A R3-05
Garner, Charles Patrick Section E (E-W)-R37-07
Garner, Delphine R. Section E (W-E)-R38-11
Garner, Mary Elsie Section E (E-W)-R37-08
Garner, Oscar c. Section E (W-E)-R38-10
Garza, Anacleta M. Section A R19-11
Gayda, Charley Section D (S-N)-R5-05
Gayda, Marie Section C (N-S)-R13-05
Gayton, Esther G. Section E (W-E)-R36-03
Gayton, Jose Section A R19-08
Glidden, Wm. C. Section C (S-N)-R6-17
Goddett, Samuel Section C (N-S)-R1-17
Goebel, Annie Section B R12-02
Goebel, P. C. Section B R12-01
Goerlitz, Barbara Section E (E-W)-R15-06
Goerlitz, Elizabeth Section C (N-S)-R1-07
Goerlitz, Henry Section E (E-W)-R15-07
Goerlitz, Rose Section C (N-S)-R1-06
Goerlitz, W. Section C (N-S)-R1-08
Gola, Amalie Section C (S-N)-R14-08
Gola, Annie Section C (S-N)-R16-10
Gola, Charlie Section C (S-N)-R16-11
Gola, Frank Section C (S-N)-R16-09
Gola, Joe Section E (W-E)-R28-02
Gola, Karel Section C (S-N)-R14-07
Gola, Louis Section C (S-N)-R14-09
Gola, Marcella Section C (S-N)-R16-12
Gomez, C. Section A R10-01
Gonzales, Buenabentur Section B R4-05
Gonzales, Juanita Section E (W-E)-R38-02
Gonzales, Sesto Section E (W-E)-R38-01
Gonzalez, David Section A R15-02
Graw, Carl F. Section B R13-17
Gregory, Agnes Section D (N-S)-R16-09
Gregory, Annie A. Section D (N-S)-R14-24
Gregory, Ellen Section D (N-S)-R16-08
Gregory, George W. Section D (N-S)-R14-26
Gregory, Helen C. Section D (N-S)-R14-25
Gregory, John Section D (N-S)-R16-11
Gregory, Margaret Section D (N-S)-R16-10
Griegar, Anna Section B R10-02
Griegar, Frank Sr. Section B R10-05
Griegar, Louis J. Sr. Section B R10-03
Griegar, Pauline Section B R10-04
Grigar, Amalie Section C (S-N)-R12-08
Grigar, Ludvik Section C (S-N)-R12-09
Groneck, Joe F. Section D (N-S)-R10-03
Groneck, Josie F. Section D (N-S)-R10-04
Grossman, John Section B R3-04