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Georgetown I.O.O.F. Cemetery - Alphabetical Listing S - Z

A - C D - H I - M N - R S - Z


Name Grave Location
S. D. F. Division M-61
Sadler, Lucretia C. Division B-54
Salvatore, Christopher Division W-100
Salyer, A. B. Division B-23
Salyer, Bernice Division B-21
Salyer, Buford Boyd Division H-14
Salyer, Frank Sug Division H-16
Salyer, George M. Division B-22
Salyer, Helen Division B-25
Salyer, Infant daughter Division H-13
Salyer, Infant son Division H-15
Salyer, J. B. Division H-11
Salyer, Margaret Division Z-33
Salyer, Mary E. Division H-59
Salyer, Mary Ellen Division H-12
Salyer, Maudie Division H-61
Salyer, Otto H. Division W-207
Salyer, R. S. Sr. Division W-210
Salyer, Sarah Division B-24
Salyer, T. B. Division Z-34
Salyer, T. Lee Division H-60
Sampey, W. A. Rev. Division U-22
Sampey, Willie Barrow Division U-23
Samuelson, Francis A. Division Z-59
Sandefer, Hulas P. Division 1951 A-78
Sandefer, Lula Jane Division 1951 A-79
Sanders, Calvin S. Division V-137
Sanders, Mary Shipp Division F-035
Sanders, Mary Wade Shipp Division F-034
Sanders, Nannie Gillespi Division F-036
Sanders, Samuel David Division F-031
Sanders, Samuel Gillespi Division F-033
Sansom, Beulah Rogers Division W-161
Sansom, Cooper Division C-54
Sansom, Ellen Inez Division J-23
Sansom, Jesse W. Division Y-51
Sansom, Lucille Anne Division W-43
Sansom, M.D. Division C-55
Sansom, Mary A. Division C-56
Sansom, Mary A. Division C-58
Sansom, Mary L. Division Y-52
Sansom, Max Young Sr. Division W-42
Sansom, Ray Lucien Sr. Division W-160
Sansom, Richard Division C-57
Sansom, Rose Ellen Division W-159
Sansom, S.W. Division C-59
Sansom, Savantha S. Division J-24
Sansom, Willie Alice Division J-25
Sanson, Evelyn Division V-42
Sauer, Ethel Taylor Division S-47
Saul, John Obe Division Z2-05
Saunders, Mayme Hendley Division J-17
Saur, W. F. Division S-46
Sayler, Sarah F. Division W-209
Scaggs, Cynthia D. Division 1951 A-175
Schmalenbeck, Emma Martha Division V-381
Schmalenbeck, William Ernest Division V-380
Schneider, Beverly Joyce Division 1951 A-140
Schneider, Ernest W. Division Z-75
Schneider, George E. Division 1951 A-138
Schneider, Laura H. Division Z-74
Schneider, Linda M. Division 1951 A-139
Schneider, Mary Catherine Division W-128
Schultz, William Morton Division C-87
Scoggins, Harold G. Division T-40
Scott, Amanda E. Division T-90
Scott, Essie Wilburn Division E-27
Scott, Frances R. Division V-102
Scott, Fred R. Division T-91
Scott, William H. Division V-101
Seaman, Sarah Division Y-38
Searcy, F. P. Division J-31
Secrest, Felix B. Division B-91
Secrest, Hettie Division B-95
Secrest, III, Robert Yates Division B-92
Secrest, Infant Division B-97
Secrest, Miss Mary Division B-93
Secrest, R. Y. Division B-94
Senatt, Mary A. Division E-49
Senkel, Henry Division 1951 A-66
Senkel, Jane Division 1951 A-67
Setliff, Julia Division U-72
Setliff, Willie A. Division U-71
Sharp, Alfred Lansing Division G-028
Sharp, Edith Baugh Mrs. Division V-253
Sharp, Milton Ragsdale Dr. Division V-254
Sharpe, Annie E. Division E-41
Sharpe, Harry Seth Division G-026
Sharpe, John M. Division E-40
Sharpe, Mattie de Noailles Division G-025
Shaver, William Virgil Division M-53
Shaw, Charles C. Division V-274
Shaw, Charles C. Jr. Division V-273
Shaw, E. Frank Division V-272
Shaw, Effie Connell Division Z-25
Shaw, Era Bryan Division V-275
Shaw, Eva Russell Division V-276
Shaw, James Robert Division Z-26
Shaw, John William Division V-277
Shaw, Lizzie B. Division T-60
Shaw, Mary Campbell Division V-271
Shaw, Oras Anderson Division V-267
Shaw, Rachel J. Division V-278
Shaw, Reginald Division V-269
Shaw, Thelma Barrow Division V-268
Shaw, Thomas Wade Division V-270
Shaw, W. C. Division V-279
Shell, Anzeline Turner Division C-42
Shell, Bettie M. Division S-02
Shell, Charles Franklin Division G-108
Shell, Charles L. Division G-107
Shell, Charles Wesley Division V-366
Shell, Christiana W. Division W-367
Shell, Ed Division P-16
Shell, Elvie M. Division P-09
Shell, Ethel E. Division W-240
Shell, John Division C-43
Shell, John Talbot Division C-47
Shell, Jonas M. Jr. Division W-239
Shell, Lucy P. Division P-17
Shell, Nora B. Division G-106
Shell, Sarah Ann Division C-41
Shell, Sr., J. M. Division C-40
Shell, Turner A. Division W-366
Shell, Walter A. Division G-109
Sherman, Albert Walker Division X-43
Sherman, Billy Jane Division X-41
Sherman, Dainty Division L-38
Sherman, Fay Division L-37
Sherman, Frieda Anna Division L-36
Sherman, Jennie Shaw Division X-42
Sherman, John C. Division L-35
Sherman, John C. Jr. Division W-87
Sherman, Louie B. Division Z1-43
Sherman, Semantha Division L-34
Sherman, Susie Division W-86
Shutt, Crockett Grayson Division L-19
Shutt, Molly Gray Division L-20
Sillure, Alexander Wylie Division F-053
Simmons, Abner R. Division Z1-05
Simmons, Dovie W. Division Z1-06
Simmons, J. W. Dr. Ph.D Division W-44
Simmons, Thomas W. Division V-285
Sinex, May Floyd Division L-29
Singleton, Annie Woods Division L-70
Singleton, Lewis Mason Division N-07
Singleton, Rosa Division N-06
Singleton, Wanda Mae Division N-08
Sisk, Marieta Hufstutler Cooke Division T-82
Sisson, Sarah Montgomery Division G-075
Skinner, Floreine M. Division O-24
Skinner, Judy G. Division O-25
Slaton, E.H. Division G-070
Slaton, George P. Division G-071
Slaton, Lula P. Division G-069
Smauelson, Nellie Dorthea Division Z-58
Smith, Arthur Thomas Division A-61
Smith, Ben F. Division W-291
Smith, Duncan C. Division A-59
Smith, Emma A. Division 1951 A-81
Smith, Ethel E. Division R-02
Smith, Frank T. Division C-15
Smith, George A. Division R-01
Smith, Giddings A. Division 1951 A-80
Smith, J. L. Division F-106
Smith, Jackson Harvey Division U-41
Smith, Jessie Cooper Division C-02
Smith, Kate L. Division A-60
Smith, Leslie Florene Division V-189
Smith, Marie Division C-16
Smith, Marsh Fawn Division C-03
Smith, Nancy Carolyn Division C-01
Smith, R. W. Division B-49
Smith, Sr., Fred Cooper Division C-04
Smith, Willie C. Division W-290
Smith, Willie T. Division J-32
Smither, Harriet W. Division U-120
Sneed, Alice Bond Division F-091
Sneed, Infants Division F-087
Sneed, James Phillip Division F-085
Sneed, Joseph Tyre Division F-089
Sneed, Lillian Beal Division F-088
Sneed, Lillian Bond Division F-086
Snider, Barbara Division B-14
Snow, John H. Division W-201
Snow, Mildred H. Division W-200
Snow, Nora M. Division Z1-45
Snowden, Ben D. Division Z-53
Snowden, John G. Division Z-55
Snowden, Ruby L. Division Z-54
Snyder, Catherine Jane Coffee Division U-89
Snyder, D.H. Division F-004
Snyder, Dudley H. Division F-010
Snyder, J. Elmer Division U-90
Snyder, John Division F-008
Snyder, John W. Division U-88
Snyder, Marcus Division F-003
Snyder, Mary Ann Division F-005
Snyder, Slabess L. Division F-009
Solomon, Beverly Erle Division 1951 A-94
Sonte, Robert James Division V-164
Southen, Anna A. Division Z-77
Southern, Clarence O. Division N-15
Southern, E. J. Division N-17
Southern, L. M. Division N-20
Southern, W. S. Division N-16
Southern, William F. Division Z-78
Southworth, Martha Division V-185
Southworth, Troy F. Division V-184
Spears, Etta D. Division Z-09
Spears, George W. Division Z-08
Spears, James H. Division Z-11
Spencer, Charles Bailey Division U-115
Spencer, George L. Division W-211
Spooner, Glenn R. Division V-19
Spooner, Henry Division V-21
Spooner, James C. Division V-18
Spooner, Kate R. Division V-20
Stacey, A. Dr. Division Y-64
Stack, Eva Dubberly Division Z1-42
Stanfield, Baby Division M-91
Starkey, Rebecca Division V-259
Starnes, W. T. Division T-31
Stearns, E. D. Division X-66
Stearns, Madison C. Mr. Division X-64
Stearns, Madison Rev. Division X-63
Stearns, Sarah Almena Division X-65
Steele, Jack Division G-063
Steele, Luci-Belle Division T-88
Steele, M.E. Division G-061
Steele, Nellie Division G-066
Steele, Penelope Ake Division G-062
Steele, W.H. Division G-065
Stephens, Homer C. Division 1951 A-110
Sterling, Eldridge D. Division F-090
Stewart, Joe H. Division J-15
Stewart, Lena Jewel Division W-320
Stewart, Maggie M. Division J-14
Stewart, Sidney Division E-01
Stewart, T. O. Division Y-54
Stewart, Tina Division Y-53
Stiles, Celia E. Division A-41
Stiles, Eula A. Division 1951 A-102
Stiles, William E. Division 1951 A-101
Stiley, Minnie Division W-41
Stirling, Jessie M. Division Y-55
Stirling, Wm. Edward Division Y-56
Stone, Addie Vernon Division V-225
Stone, Annie Laurie Division X-30
Stone, Catherine E. Division X-33
Stone, Emma Division X-34
Stone, J. N. Division A-26
Stone, Luther Lee Division V-226
Stone, Mary L. Division A-27
Stone, Norman Jr. Division X-36
Stone, Robert James Jr. Division V-161
Stone, T. B. Division X-32
Stone, Thomas E. Division I-33
Stone, Thomas Elliott Division X-31
Stone, Tula Lee Division V-163
Stovall, A.A. Division F-027
Strange, B. A. Division T-104
Strange, S. E. Mrs. Division T-105
Strickland, E. A. Division C-37
Strickland, Malinda Division A-63
Strickland, Mrs. Belle Division C-36
Stromberg, A. B. Division V-93
Stromberg, H. E. Division V-91
Strombert, Ada Grace Division V-94
Strombert, Maria C. Division V-92
Stubblefield, Ammie Division M-32
Stubblefield, Cynthia Division M-31
Stubblefield, Ed Division M-33
Stubblefield, Jason Jr. Division Z-01
Stubblefield, Julia Division M-35
Stubblefield, Sallie Division M-34
Sutton, Amsie Sanders Division V-186
Sutton, George B. Sr. Division V-187
Swanson, Aisy M. Division H-10
Swenson Division U-39
Swenson, Andrew Division W-13
Swenson, Claus H. Division U-38
Swenson, Claus Robert Division L-22
Swenson, Ida Division W-12
Swenson, Ottelia Division U-37
Talbot, Francess Marion Terree Division C-90
Talbot, John F. Division D-19
Talbot, Joseph W. Division C-89
Talbot, R.E. Division C-44
Talbot, Thomas Division C-46
Talbott, Elizabeth Jane Division E-43
Taliaferro Mann, Robert Division B-85
Talley, Mina Ruth Division K-15
Tatom, A. C. Division D-38
Tatom, Chas. A. Division I-13
Tatom, Martha J. Division D-39
Tatum, Haven Leigh Division Z-29
Taulbee, Frances Caroline Amyx Division V-317
Taulbee, James Franklin Division V-318
Taylor, Alice Lenore Division G-022
Taylor, Birdie Division T-101
Taylor, Emily Ozment Division B-56
Taylor, Emzy Division I-44
Taylor, Emzy Division I-38
Taylor, Fannie Taliaferro Division I-40
Taylor, James Division L-10
Taylor, John Robert Sr. Division T-100
Taylor, Jr., Edward Euphrates Division B-59
Taylor, Kate Emily Division B-58
Taylor, Lee Mays Division I-41
Taylor, Maggie Isabelle Division B-60
Taylor, Margaret Corinna Henderson Division I-39
Taylor, Mary Division L-11
Taylor, Sr., Edward Euphrates Division B-55
Taylor?, infant son Division B-57
Tending, John Henry Division Z-82
Thies, Sadie S. Division W-205
Thies, William Ernest Division W-204
Thoma, T. B. Division D-57
Thomas, Abbe Hill Division L-52
Thomas, Fannie J. Division I-72
Thomas, Geraldine Gassaway Division W-103
Thomas, J. J. Division I-71
Thomas, Jared Hill Division L-49
Thomas, Jay Division W-156
Thomas, Laura Division W-157
Thomas, Lurlyne Anita Division L-51
Thomas, Sara Division W-158
thompson, Alvina Louise Division W-243
Thompson, Annie K. Division W-314
Thompson, Emma L. Division M-16
Thompson, Frank Division N-32
Thompson, James DeWitt Division W-242
Thompson, Sallie Division N-33
Thompson, Wiley G. Division M-15
Thompson, William H. Division W-313
Threadgill, Arnold Forrest Division W-283
Threadgill, Margaret Louise Division W-282
Threlkeld, Mary M. Division S-49
Threutharodt, Fred C. Division S-54
Tidwell, J. C. Division Z2-37
Tincher, Elizabeth Division J-02
Tincher, F. Division J-03
Tindale, Frankie Division C-52
Tindale, Harvey F. Division C-50
Tindale, Libbie T. Division C-51
Tindel, Ola Pearl Division W-11
Tinnin, Elizabeth E. Division U-77
Tinnin, John Division U-76
Tinsher, Sadie Division J-01
Tirey, Karen Munson Division W-54
Tirey, Karen Munson Division W-51
Torbert, Minnie Division H-28
Towns, Albert J. Division V-210
Towns, Ella Division 1951 A-97
Towns, Eppie P. Division G-057
Towns, Frank Pease Division G-059
Towns, Gene Division 1951 A-98
Towns, James F. Division G-058
Towns, Lillian Hutto Division V-211
Towns, Robert W. Division V-214
Towns, Susan Dean Division V-215
Towntree, Orlander Division V-219
Trammell, Dorothy Forgy Division C-94
Tremboff, Michael M. Division M-52
Treuthardt, A. C. Division S-59
Treuthardt, Anna Geiser Division S-55
Treuthardt, Louise Bouffard Division S-60
Treuthardt, Will Division X-01
Trexler, Edward L. Division D-58
Trott, Mary Ward Division H-33
Trowbridge, Ann. L. Division C-45
Tubb, Aubrey Division F-099
Tubb, Horatio James Division F-098
Tubb, Lesser W. Division F-095
Tubb, Nannie Division F-097
Tubb, Stella Division F-096
Tucker, James M. Division 1951 A-91
Tucker, Samuel A. Division Z-57
Tucker, Veulam Division 1951 A-92
Turner, Fannie Forgy Division C-92
Ullrich, Oscar Alvin Division 1951 A-159
Ullrich, Otha Horger Division 1951 A-160
Unmarked grave Division M-59
Unmarked grave Division M-57
Unmarked Grave Division K-04
Uttz, Bonnie Shutt Division L-21
Vaden, Kate Lockett Division V-113
Vaden, Wesley Carroll Division V-112
Van Horn, May Purl Division U-02
Vaughan, Annie Francis Division U-35
Vaughan, Erline Division U-36
Vaught, Edna M. Division P-06
Vaught, James L. Division P-07
Vaught, John M. Division S-43
Vining, Mary E. Division B-84
Vining, R. W. Division B-83
Vinther, Fred Division W-33
Vinther, Maurice E. Division W-31
Vinther, Sudie Ada Division W-32
Vivian, Mrs. S. J. Division F-105
Votaw, Joseph Division K-20
Wade, Abigail Ray Division Z-23
Wade, Idella J. Division J-08
Wade, J. G. Division Z-24
Wade, Marion D. Division Z1-49
Wade, Rosa L. Division Z1-48
Waggoner, Ervin Division W-90
Waggoner, Mamie Division W-92
Waggoner, T. E. Division W-91
Walker, Dr. John Edgar Division G-013
Walker, Etelka E. May Division V-180
Walker, Katherine G. Division P-18
Walker, Mrs. Clemie L. Division C-17
Walker, Mrs. Lizzie Division B-82
Wallace, Foy E. Sr. Division U-98
Wallace, Jewel J. Division U-100
Wallace, Mattie Division U-99
Ward, Elizabeth Lorena Division T-65
Warren, James Oscar Division Z-15
Warren, Katie L. Monroe Division Z-14
Watkins, Delta W. Division U-79
Watkins, Henrietta W. Division W-238
Watkins, Lonnie N. Division W-237
Watson, Ella Frank Division P-32
Watson, Francis Jefferson Division P-33
Watts, Emma C. Division J-43
Watts, Robert E. Division J-42
Weaber, Abram, Rev. Division O-03
Weaver, Allen J. Division 1951 A-23
Weaver, Herbert Lee Division O-01
Weaver, Laura M. Division A-25
Weaver, Mabel H. Division 1951 A-24
Weaver, Rosa L. Division A-24
Weaver, Susan B. Division O-02
Webb, Hardy Division F-037
Webb, Ray Division H-44
Wedemeyer, William C. M.D. Division Z2-12
Weeks, Harold G. Division 1951 A-57
Weeks, Hazel Division 1951 A-58
Weir, Calvin Division K-12
Weir, Charles L. Division W-323
Weir, Elizabeth C. Division A-20
Weir, Horace M. Division A-19
Weir, Leroy G. Division A-18
Weir, Merle M. Perry Division A-17
Weir, Mollie F. Division W-322
Weir, Valinda Evaline Division K-11
Weir, William N. Division W-321
Wells, C. M. Division V-338
Wells, W. w. Division V-339
West, Annie M. Division M-07
West, Earl Division T-52
West, Hollis Benson Division T-51
West, Howard F. Division L-67
West, Josie Division T-46
West, Mason S. Division M-06
West, Nancy J. Division T-49
West, Pearl Division Z-49
West, Russell Division T-48
West, S. C. Division T-47
Whaley, Lee Gordon Division Y-47
Whaley, Nolie Gertrude Division Y-48
Wheeler, Howard Pleas Division W-269
Whelchel, Rev. W. H. Division M-08
White, Frank M. Division W-235
White, Loraine Imhoff Division V-117
White, Sallie Division W-236
Whitehead, May Bell Division V-351
Whitehead, Minnie I. Division 1951 A-18
Whitehead, Tom L. Division V-352
Whitehead, Wayne o. Division 1951 A-17
Whiteley, Baby Division M-98
Whiteley, Hardy W. Division W-37
Whiteley, Jeanie Division 1951 A-154
Whitfield, Nancy E. Division N-22
Whitfield, Pinkney N. Division N-21
Whitley, Audie E. Division Z1-29
Whitley, Dora Elmira Division Z1-21
Whitley, James Lee Division W-265
Whitley, Lula Mae Division 1951 A-31
Whitley, Robert D. Division 1951 A-30
Whitley, Robert E. Division Z1-23
Whitley, Robert Walton Division Z1-22
Whitley, William J. Division W-266
Whittenberg, Kate Dever Division E-38
Whittenberg, William B. Division E-37
Whitworth, Annie P. Division G-073
Whitworth, David T. Division G-074
Whitworth, Mrs. N.R. Division G-072
Wierman, M.A.E. Division C-20
Wierman, Robby S. Division Y-11
Wierman, Sarah Ruth Division Y-10
Wierman, Thomas A. Division C-19
Wierman, W.D. Division C-18
Wierman, Willie Division C-21
Wiggins, B. H. Division V-198
Wiggins, Caroline Division Y-32
Wiggins, Charles A. Division N-39
Wiggins, Floy E. Division G-052
Wiggins, Floyd E. Division V-199
Wiggins, Frankie E. Jr. Division V-197
Wiggins, Jean A. Division N-40
Wiggins, Mary Beth Division N-41
Wiggins, T. O. Jr. Division Y-35
Wiggins, Travis O. Division Y-31
Wiggins, W. C. Division N-37
Wiggins, Wallace W. Division Y-34
Wiggins, Walter W. Division Y-33
Wilbarger, Louisa Division G-012
Wilcox, Charles A. Division G-122
Wilcox, Daniel Kennie Division W-181
Wilcox, Daniel Peyton Division S-24
Wilcox, Daniel Peyton Division S-25
Wilcox, Darthula Division S-26
Wilcox, Daveine Division S-23
Wilcox, David William Division S-20
Wilcox, Hettie Kelley Division S-19
Wilcox, John A. Division G-124
Wilcox, Mamie Pawnee Division S-27
Wilcox, Samuel Easley Division S-22
Wilcox, Stella E. Division G-125
Wilcox, Stella S?. Division G-123
Wileman, Galenius M. Division I-96
Wileman, Laura T. Division I-97
Wileman, W. L. Division I-98
Wileman, Willie Division L-01
Wiley, Jerry Don Division Z2-08
Williams, Dean Towns Division V-216
Williams, Frances P. Division B-36
Williams, Hannah E. Division D-18
Williams, Juanita Division Y-61
Williams, Kate Johnson Division X-68
Williams, Lawson C. Division B-32
Williams, Lora Jane Division X-17
Williams, Mamie L. Division W-232
Williams, Myron L. Division B-37
Williams, Nancy Jane Division B-31
Williams, Wayne D. Division X-18
Williams, Willie I. Division X-16
Williams, Wilma Louise Division X-15
Williamson, Lottie Mae Division Z-44
Wilson, Bessie Division E-66
Wilson, Byron H. Division 1951 A-43
Wilson, Clydie Fay Division W-362
Wilson, Euel Gleen Division W-361
Wilson, Irvine Robert Division U-78
Wilson, Lou Damaris Division V-223
Wilson, Lula Sills Division V-224
Wilson, Virginia Jones Division U-61
Wilson, Wade William Division U-62
Wimberly, C. O. Division O-27
Wininger, John N. Division C-33
Wininger, Samuel L. Division C-34
Winston, Tom Vaden Division A-32
Wolbrueck, Edwin F. Division W-274
Wolbrueck, Mary Division W-273
Wolbrueck, Otto Division W-272
Wolcox, Inez Dever Division W-180
Wolf, Sallie Ellen Division F-021
Wolfe, Ervin W. Division 1951 A-113
Wolfe, Faye M. Division 1951 A-114
Wood Division W-268
Wood, Sallie A. Division W-276
Wood, William B. Division W-275
Woodfin, alfred Claude Division Z1-34
Woodfin, Betty Kathleen Division Z1-35
Woodley, Maro Division C-65
Woods, Azabah Decrow Division E-09
Woods, Beatrice Division P-38
Woods, Bernice Division P-39
Woods, Bertha N. Division P-35
Woods, Bessie Loraine Division E-07
Woods, Cossa King Division E-06
Woods, David Division E-13
Woods, Edward Byrd Division E-08
Woods, Jennie Marie Division E-13
Woods, Juanita L. Division P-37
Woods, Mary Rose Division E-04
Woods, Robert Glenn Division P-36
Woods, Walter Lee Division L-69
Woods, Whitney Division P-34
Woods, William Loraine Division E-05
Woods, William Morrison Division E-10
Woodson, John Division F-111
Woodson, Sr., Patrick Division F-110
Woolsey, Lydia John Division 1951 A-06
Woolsey, Wiley Russell Division 1951 A-05
Wooten, James C. Division G-053
Wooton, James Edward Division U-80
Wray, Florence Josephine Yearwood Division S-95
Wray, Walter Curtis Division S-96
Wright, Duncan Wells Division W-190
Wright, George W. Division W-137
Wright, Gordon Robartus Division W-188
Wright, Mabel Peaslee Division W-01
Wright, Rosetta F. Division W-138
Wright, Sarah C. Division W-136
Wright, Susan Burton Division W-187
Wright, Wilburn Division 1951 A-151
Wutrich, Edgar Division 1951 A-170
Wyatt, James Angus Division 1951 A-37
Wyatt, Sybil Everett Division 1951 A-38
Yarrell, Estelle Terwilliger Division Z2-15
Yearwood, Ella Josephine Division S-92
Yearwood, Eunice Lavenia Division S-94
Yearwood, John Francis, Jr. Division S-90
Yearwood, John Francis, Jr. Division S-91
Yearwood, Katharine Meriwether Division S-97
Yearwood, Richard Scruggs Division S-99
Yearwood, Robert Snead Division S-98
Yearwood, Ruth Division S-93
Yoder, Margie Division 1951 A-180
Young, Ben J. M. Division J-22
Young, Effie P. Mrs. Division S-111
Young, R. F. Division S-110
Young, Walter Patterson Division V-209
Zittle, Frances Marie Division W-262