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Georgetown I.O.O.F. Cemetery - Alphabetical Listing -- N - R



Name Grave Location
Nall, Mabel D. Division S-74
Nall, Roger M. Division S-73
Nalley, Abram Milstead Division U-69
Nalley, Ellie Lee Division U-68
Nalley, George Douglas Division U-70
Nave, Gordon F. Division V-301
Naylor, G. W. Division P-02
Naylor, George W. Division P-03
Naylor, Sallie Division P-01
Ncihols, James F. Division P-04
Needham, Henrietta Division J-41
Needham, John F. Division J-44
Newton, Holland M. Division G-105
Newton, Katie Corine Division G-103
Newton, Linnie Fannie Division G-096
Newton, Nathaniel Asbury Division G-104
Newton, Nathaniel Milburn} Division G-101
Nichols, Mary A. Division P-05
Nichols, Nina Isabelle Division F-044
Nichols, S.G. Division F-046
Nichols, W.O. Division F-045
Nichols, W.W. Division F-047
Nichols, Will Dekalb Division F-042
Nidever, C. E. Division W-286
Noble, Cornelia M. Division J-07
Noble, Dr. F. A. Division J-05
Noble, Moses G. Division J-06
Norvell, George W. Division U-32
Norvell, Juanita Division U-30
Norvell, Margaret E. Division U-31
Norvell, Morris Division U-29
Norvell, S. G. Division Y-01
Nowlin, A. J. Division H-48
Nowlin, Asa T. Division H-46
Nowlin, B. Dr. Division V-192
Nowlin, Delilah B. Division H-45
Nowlin, Infant son Division H-53
Nowlin, Kate Mrs. Division V-193
Nowlin, Kathryn K. Division V-194
Nowlin, Mollie M. Division H-52
Nowlin, Roy S. Division V-196
Nowlin, William Bethel Division V-195
Nowlin, Winnie M. Division H-51
Nunn, Mattie Eubank Division V-40
Nunn, William H. Division V-41
Nunnery, George A. G. Division Z1-04
O'Brien, Frances Stone Division V-162
Oakley, Lucy R. Division G-027
Odom, C. E. Division Z1-26
Odom, Lenora L. Division Z1-27
Ogg, William H. Division X-53
Olive, Almira Division T-74
Olive, Isabelle Division T-75
Oman, Hulda Maria Division G-054
Oman, Johannes Malcom Division G-055
Oman, John H. Division G-056
Oman, Richard Arlen Division V-10
Onstot, H. H. Division V-68
Onstot, Matie
Ora Division V-320
Orn, Vern Division Z-95
Ottinger, Mary Elizabeth Division J-13
Our Babe Division C-49
Overall, Lauren Suzanne Division Z1-41
Page, Helen Division C-82
Page, Joseph Division C-83
Page, Nannie Foster Division B-71
Page, Olivia Division C-84
Park, Adrian L. Division T-102
Park, Arrawannah Division T-103
Parke, Willie Division C-05
Parker, Joe Division 1951 A-183
Parker, Joseph Jerome Division U-82
Parks, Abram Division I-20
Parks, Albert C. Division O-16
Parks, Carl A. Division W-28
Parks, F.M. Division I-14
Parks, Fleda E. Division Y-42
Parks, J. T. Division Y-21
Parks, Lela Division I-19
Parks, Mae Harrison Division Y-43
Parks, Roy Division Y-44
Parson, Sager B. Division 1951 A-171
Partain, Lon M. Division Y-69
Partlow, Henry Division Y-13
Partlow, Johnnie E. Division Y-12
Paterson, Miss A.A. Division F-084
Patrick, Baby Boy Division H-75
Patrick, Corinna Division M-73
Patrick, James Jefferson Division H-73
Patrick, John M., Jr. Division N-43
Patrick, John M., Sr. Division M-70
Patrick, Lee M. Division M-72
Patrick, Lula Frances Division N-42
Patrick, Margaret Division F-113
Patrick, Mary Frances Burton Division H-74
Patrick, Mary Tomy Division H-76
Patrick, Maudie C. Division L-33
Patrick, Sherry Lyn Division M-94
Patrick, Tate Division M-71
Patrick, Victor W. Division F-112
Patrick, Woodson W. Division L-32
Patterson, Charles G. Division W-233
Patterson, Josephine Division W-234
Payne, Earnest Division I-18
Payne, P. E. Division V-369
Pearl, Lillie Division E-47
Peaslee, Aldred Division G-091
Peaslee, Alma Division G-090
Peaslee, Cordelia Division G-086
Peaslee, Elmer Kenneth Division W-05
Peaslee, Henry N. Division G-087
Peaslee, Jennie T. Division W-03
Peaslee, Otis Division G-088
Peaslee, Roland Division G-089
Peaslee, Thomas P. Division W-02
Peaslee, Trott Division W-04
Pegues, Martha Division F-032
Pegues, Pearl Lockett Division V-114
Penn, Lizzie Hubbard Division F-030
Penn, Robert R. Division C-23
Penn, Sarah E. Division C-24
Penn, William Y. Division C-26
Pennington, Juston Division V-331
Pennington, Nettie E. Lacey Division V-330
Pennington, O. B. Division V-332
Pennington, Olive B. Division V-329
Perkins, Enos L. Division 1951 A-19
Perkins, Lemuel P. Division A-51
Perkins, Mary Louisa Division A-52
Perkins, Sarah Eliza Division A-31
Perrin, F. J. Division V-365
Perrin, Mary Division V-364
Perrin, Sterling F. Division Z-37
Perriraz, Fay Dennis Division Y-68
Perriraz, Joseph Alfred Division Y-67
Perry, Bytha I. Miss Division V-371
Perry, Herman P. Division 1951 A-150
Perry, Laura Tabitha Division V-373
Perry, Lucy Anne Division B-19
Perry, William Marshall Division V-372
Peters, Bessie Division Z2-20
Peters, John A. Division Z2-19
Peterson, C. Oscar Division X-54
Peterson, Gus L. Division X-56
Peterson, Rose C. Division X-55
Pettus, Alice G. Division B-26
Pettus, Alie W. Division B-29
Pettus, Dr. W. G. Division B-28
Pettus, E. H. Division X-35
Pettus, John R. Division B-30
Pettus, Jr., W. G. Division B-27
Pettus, Mary E. Division B-67
Pevehouse, Mary Division B-96
Pfaeffle, Frances Houghton Division B-78
Pickens, Maudie E. Division W-120
Pickens, tim C. Division W-119
Pickle, Andy Division V-316
Pickle, Bertha Division V-315
Pittman, Henry T. Division Z1-16
Pittman, Martha Bush Division Z1-17
Pletcher, Suda Velma McNeil Division J-52
Podraza, Evelyn Division X-61
Pollard, A. F. Division M-83
Pollard, Nora Division M-82
Ponder, Myron Sutton Division V-188
Pool, J. L. Division T-25
Poole, Agnes G. Division V-142
Poole, John R. Division V-146
Poole, Lou Etta Division V-144
Poole, W. A. Division V-143
Poole, W. P. Division V-145
Pope, David Wayne Division Z1-38
Pope, G. C. Division D-13
Pope, Gary Wayne Division N-28
Pope, Kenneth W. Division W-356
Pope, Loletta Della Division W-354
Pope, Wiley America Division W-353
Porter, Claude Scott Division W-280
Porter, David Knox Rev. Division W-279
Porter, Martha H. Division W-281
Porter, Mrs. E. H. Division D-17
Porter, Rev. M. H. Division D-16
Posey, Julia C. Division A-07
Powell, Mattie O. Division U-102
Powers, William Thomas Division Z2-21
Prewit, James C. Division W-195
Prewit, Louisa Division W-196
Prewitt, James B. Division W-197
Price, Annie E. Division E-16
Price, F.L. Division E-14
Price, George H. Division H-25
Price, Henry L. Division E-33
Price, infant duaghter Division E-26
Price, Joyce Amy Division V-295
Price, Margie G. Division H-24
Price, Martha Mann Division E-29
Price, Mary D. Division E-34
Price, Mary D. Division E-15
Price, Melvin Johnson Division V-296
Price, Richard Henry Division E-28
Price, W. Louis Jr. Division V-297
Price, Wm. Louis Division V-294
Proto, Rose Phy Division Z2-04
Prude, Agnes B. Division 1951 A-181
Purde, Andrew P. Division 1951 A-182
Purl, Annie Lee Division U-01
Purl, C. H. Division U-121
Purl, Edgar G. Division W-175
Purl, Eleanora Division U-03
Purl, George Clark Division U-06
Purl, Gideon Division M-01
Purl, Henry Carter Division U-04
Purl, Jewel May Division U-09
Purl, Martha Eleanora Division U-05
Purl, Mary Zula Division M-03
Purl, Mollie Division M-02
Purl, Nellie Division U-10
Purl, Ray Division U-08
Purl, Sidney J. Division M-04
Purl, Tonie Division W-176
Quebedeaux, Mabel Taylor Division I-42
Quebedeaux, Madge Cooper Division I-49
Quebedeaux, Walter Arnim Division I-43
Queen, Cordelia A. Cobb nee Division I-73
Queen, David Walton Division L-12
Queen, David Walton Division L-16
Queen, Dr. Dudley W. Division L-14
Queen, E. Alice Division F-078
Queen, Elias B. Division F-079
Queen, Fielden Lee Division L-15
Queen, Mrs. Mary Division L-13
R, E. J. Division F-122
Raby, Kay and Fay Division X-62
Rader, Flora Pennington Division V-222
Rader, Granville Division J-27
Rader, Louise Ischy Division Z-89
Rader, Robert Carroll Division V-221
Rader, Susan N. Division J-26
Rader, Wilbur Owen Division Z-90
Rader, Wilbur Owen Jr. Division Z-91
Ramey, Audrey L. Division Z1-08
Ramey, Ernest S. Division Z1-07
Ramsel, Arthur A. Division Z1-47
Ransom, Francis J. Division V-374
Rath, Frankie Division W-24
Redard, Bertha F. Division Z-45
Redard, Eugene N. Division Z-46
Redard, Louis Elye Division U-75
Redard, Rosa Frances Division U-74
Redford, Elizabeth Division V-34
Redford, Elsie Division V-31
Redford, Ida May Division V-35
Redford, Martha Jane Division V-33
Redford, William Division V-32
Reed, Addie Bell Division 1951 A-156
Reed, Elmo Delroy Division 1951 A-155
Reed, William Clifton Jr. Division W-140
Reed, Willie Weir Division W-139
Reeder, Christopher Alan Division 1951 A-27
Reedy, Pamilla B. Division T-63
Reeves, Albert G. Division A-39
Reeves, Flora D. Division A-40
Reeves, H.S. Division A-37
Reeves, Nannie C. Division A-38
Rhea, Edgar Milton Division W-332
Rhea, Ida Mae Division W-333
Rhea, Oscar M. Division 1951 A-188
Rhodes, Abb Sr. Division W-339
Rhodes, Gladys J. Division W-338
Rhodes, Hattie D. Division Z-05
Rhodes, Theodore W. Division Z-04
Richardson, Clem L. Division D-33
Richardson, Eileen Division D-34
Richardson, Junius Alexander Division D-36
Richardson, Laurie Nobles Division W-295
Richardson, Rosa Smith Division D-35
Richardson, Sr., H.E. Division B-74
Richey, Harvey W. Division V-343
Rickles, Jean Eastin Division V-328
Riemann, Louise Koehler Division Z-87
Rigby, Quida Burgess Division Z1-37
Riggins, Geo. W. Division O-10
Rinn, Hazel D. Division V-54
Rinn, Joe R. Division V-53
Rinn, Joseph Division V-55
Rist, Lilliam B. Mrs. Division W-106
Rister, Milton Division Z2-40
Roach, Byron C. Division B-65
Robbins, Fannie D. Division W-112
Robbins, Leo T. Division W-113
Roberts, Cynthia A. Division A-12
Roberts, James R. Division A-13
Roberts, Persia A. Division G-020
Roberts, Rouncy Division W-62
Roberts, Willie A. Division A-14
Robertson, Amy Division 1951 A-52
Robertson, C. Woody Division P-14
Robertson, Dr. G.L. Division F-063
Robertson, infant son Division P-13
Robertson, J.J. Division B-76
Robertson, James Division F-040
Robertson, Jim Division 1951 A-51
Robertson, Joe W. Division Y-16
Robertson, Martha Chadwick Division P-15
Robertson, Sudie Division Y-15
Robinson, Eustis P. Division F-028
Robinson, J.B. Division G-093
Robinson, Joseph Division 1951 A-187
Robinson, Sarah G. Division G-094
Robinson, Susie Division J-09
Roche, Frank T. Division U-118
Roche, Josephine W. Division U-119
Rogers, Blanche S. Division J-47
Rogers, Charlie A. Division W-349
Rogers, Edna M. Division W-350
Rogers, Effie M. Division 1951 A-169
Rogers, Herschel A. Division J-48
Rogers, Jessee Cabe Division J-45
Rogers, Laura Division V-66
Rogers, Lee
Rogers, Lott B. Division 1951 A-168
Rogers, Wayne Division J-46
Rogers, William C. Division Z2-01
Root, Alice May Horton Division G-064
Root, Dan E. Division S-16
Root, James L. Division S-18
Root, Orra Division S-15
Root, South Easley Division S-17
Rosenberger, Robert E. Division 1951 A-137
Rosewood, Miss Mattie Division B-10
Ross, James Edward Division V-30
Rothhammer, Earl P. Division Z2-48
Roundtree, Thomas Division A-47
Rowe, S. Division K-10
Rowell, Irene Gahagan Division W-164
Rowlett, C. N. Division T-01
Rowlett, John V. Division T-05
Rowlett, Minna Lee Division T-03
Rowlett, Ora Miles Division T-06
Rowlett, Quitman Division T-04
Rowlett, Susan E. Division T-02
Rowntree, John H. Division V-220
Rowntree, Samantha Division V-218
Rowntree, Walter Division V-217
Rucker, Infant daughter Division G-115
Rucker, Infant son Division G-114
Rucker, Mrs. J.L. Division F-121
Rucker, Mrs. Mahala Division A-56
Rucker, Sallie Division A-55
Rucker, Thomas B. Division A-54
Rude, A. R. Division Y-07
Rude, E. R. Division Y-05
Rude, Mary Division Y-06
Russell, Herman Division W-153
Russell, Ira L. Division W-149
Russell, Martha Division V-60
Russell, Onita May Division W-155
Russell, Susie D. Division W-154
Russell, William H. Division V-61
Rutherford, Annie E. Division O-21
Ryan, Isaac Lawrence Division Q-08
Ryden, Emma Division W-216
Rystrand, Albin A. Division Z1-39
Rystrand, Minnie C. Division Z1-40