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Georgetown I.O.O.F. Cemetery - Alphabetical Listing -- I - M



Name Grave Location
Imhoff, Elizabeth Roberts Division V-116
Imhoff, Louis P. Division V-115
Infant Babe Division N-36
Inglehart, Barbara Division S-75
Inman, Donald Division W-118
Inman, Edward Division W-117
Inman, Lauraleen V. Division V-27
Irene Division U-59
Irvine Sillure, Eva Division F-052
Irvine, A.T. Division C-71
Irvine, Eliza Maria Division F-057
Irvine, Eliza Maria Division F-055
Irvine, Etta May Division F-051
Irvine, George Division F-050
Irvine, Infant Daughter Division C-68
Irvine, Infant Son Division C-67
Irvine, Jennie A. Division C-70
Irvine, Mary J. Division C-66
Irvine, Thomas Division F-056
Irvine, Wilfrid Travis Division C-69
Isaacs, Addie W. Division V-139
Isaacs, Robert S. Division V-138
Isbell, J.T. Division K-13
Ischy Division V-239
Ischy, Alma Division D-42
Ischy, Anna Division T-08
Ischy, Claudia Division 1951 A-186
Ischy, Elizabeth Division D-45
Ischy, Frederick Division D-46
Ischy, Gilbert Lynn Division 1951 A-83
Ischy, Ida Pauline Altus Division U-57
Ischy, John Division T-09
Ischy, John Allen Division M-97
Ischy, John E. Division W-336
Ischy, Lela Mae Edwards Division W-192
Ischy, Lillie Elizabeth Division U-60
Ischy, Louis F. Division W-334
Ischy, Lucile Division W-194
Ischy, Mittie P. Division U-58
Ischy, Mrs. Annie Division D-41
Ischy, Ola Division T-10
Ischy, Oscar Philip Division W-193
Ischy, P. J. Division U-56
Ischy, Quilla Mae Division W-337
Ischy, Samuel Division D-44
Ischy, Sarah E. Division W-335
Ischy, Tennessee Division J-49
Iscy Sr., Amile Division D-43
Ishy, Paul Division T-11
Isle, Ed Division Z-100
Isle, Louise Division Z-99
Ivey, Mrs. A. L. Division H-35
Jackson, B. F. Division B-34
Jackson, Florence E. Division B-35
Jackson, Florence W. Division B-33
Jackson, Martha E. Division E-58
Jackson, Miss Emma Division D-05
Jackson, Olga Lee Division Z-56
Jackson, Sol N. Division Y-70
Jaeger, Ferdinand Division D-30
Jaeger, Henwillie Division D-31
James Division M-21
James, Connie Mae Division L-09
James, Jasper G. Division L-06
James, Johanna Justine Division L-07
James, Katherine Josephine Division L-08
Jarrard, Florence Division B-90
Jay Division S-69
Jeffrey, George E., Sr. Division N-24
Jeffrey, Sally Division N-23
Jenkins, Myrtle A. Division 1951 A-69
Jenkins, Walter Steel Division 1951 A-68
John Division T-24
John, Katherine Lea Division E-72
John, Rose Stuart Division E-72
Johns, Bert Division V-347
Johns, Claudia G. Division V-346
Johns, Geo. Division V-349
Johns, George W. Division V-345
Johns, Nelson Division V-348
Johns, Ruth Division V-344
Johnson, A. P. Division X-51
Johnson, Ada B. Mrs. Division V-243
Johnson, Charles A. Division W-182
Johnson, Cora L. Division X-52
Johnson, Ernest Mrs. Division V-300
Johnson, Ernest S. Division V-299
Johnson, Florence Hoyle Division V-298
Johnson, Fonda Bernard Division X-69
Johnson, George W. Division V-242
Johnson, Josephine Division W-183
Johnson, Leroy Division W-184
Johnson, William A. Division V-368
Jones, Dr. William Thomas Division F-001
Jones, Emma Vaught Division S-45
Jones, Green A. Division D-55
Jones, Mrs. Susan A. Division D-56
Jones, Nelson C. Division D-52
Jones, Ollie Snyder Division F-002
Jones, Willie Division D-51
Joslin, M.M. Division L-71
Jumper, Elvin L. Division M-09
Jumper, Fannie L. Division M-11
Jumper, Ishmel S. Division M-10
Kathcart, Gladys Felder Division O-11
Kathcart, Rex "Kitty" Division O-12
Kelley, Henry Frank Division 1951 A-163
Kelley, Sarah E. Division 1951 A-164
Kemp, Alta Jane Division V-77
Kendrick, Georgia H. Division W-72
Kendrick, Hezekiah Division W-69
Kendrick, Willie Division W-71
Kendridk, Emma H. Division W-70
Kennedy, M. A. Division G-030
Kennedy, Nancy Division G-031
Kennett, Deborah Division M-88
Kent, Rebecca Division F-049
Kihpen, Alma J. Division 1951 A-04
Kihpen, Louis Division 1951 A-03
Kimbro, Clyde Division 1951 A-61
Kimbro, Elizabeth Division Y-28
Kimbro, Omie Mae Division 1951 A-54
Kimbro, Youell E. Division 1951 A-53
Kincaid, James W. Division E-52
Kincaid, Mrs. R.F. Division E-50
Kincaid, Mrs. V.J. Division E-51
Kincannon, Byron Division 1951 A-32
Kincannon, Myrtle Division 1951 A-33
King, Carrie Penn Division C-25
King, Charles S. Division 1951 A-144
King, Eli Wilson Division W-304
King, Lillie Pearl Division W-303
King, Lovina Spears Division Z-10
King, Mary Alice Division F-120
King, Minnie M. Division 1951 A-145
Kings, Daughters Dvision M-49
Kingsbury, Jerry A. Division L-17
Kingsbury, Terry T. Division L-18
Kirk, Jackie Lee Division M-96
Kirk, Jud Freeman Division Y-03
Kirk, Martha A. Division Y-04
Knight, Ethel Division D-50
Knox, Eva O. Division 1951 A-130
Knox, M. Howard Division 1951 A-129
Kolbye, Fannie E. Division Y-26
Kolbye, Holger V. Dr. Division Y-25
Koolbeck, Roy C. Dr. Division Z1-33
Koontz, Ernest S. Division S-13
Koontz, Fannie L. Division S-12
Koontz, Katherine L. Division S-14
Koontz, Philip D. Division S-11
Krumm, Herman J. Division W-66
Kuehn, Dollie A. Division D-06
Labenski, Eula Irene Division 1951 A-85
Labenski, John Carroll Division 1951 A-84
Labit, Henri Owan Division J-28
Labit, Minnie Ola Division J-29
Labit, Ruth Hazel Division 1951 A-179
Labit, William Frank Division 1951 A-178
Lackey Division U-66
Lackey, Albert A. Division V-191
Lackey, Arthur F. Sr. Division Z-03
Lackey, Eligh J. Division U-65
Lackey, Georga An Division U-64
Lackey, Haven Virginia Division U-73
Lackey, Nelson S. Division Z1-11
Lackey, Oscar Division V-190
Lackey, Pearl C. Division Z1-12
Lackey, Sadie Elizabeth Division U-67
Lacy, William C. Division V-333
Lancaston, A. M. Brooks Lovett Mrs. Division Q-02
Landrum, Archie W. Division W-151
Landrum, Nora Russell Division W-150
Lane, Iverson W. Division D-11
Lane, Rev. James S. Division D-27
Lane, Richard H. Division D-12
Lanford, E.B. Division F-074
Lanford, Emma Leona Division F-076
Lanford, J.R. Division F-077
Langford, Christina Division U-24
Langford, Maud C. Division U-26
Langford, Oran Division U-25
Lansford, Edwin Myers Division Z-88
Laughlin, Chas. H. Division 1951 A-118
Laughlin, Myrtle C. Division 1951 A-117
Leach, A. D. Division V-128
Leach, A. N. Division V-125
Leach, Agnes Division V-124
Leach, Korea Benold Division W-123
Leach, Velma and Mary Mildred Division V-129
Leake, Will S. Division T-92
Leavell, Benjamin L Division G-023
Leavell, Emma B. Division G-024
Leavell, Gray Division G-003
Leavell, John H. Division G-001
Leavell, Lula Division G-002
Leavell, Peter Holland Division G-005
Lee, Henry B. Division Y-14
Lee, Inez L. Division V-43
Lee, infant daughter Division I-48
Lee, Thomas Edwards Division I-45
Lee, Tommie Division I-47
Leggett, Fletcher W. Division V-58
Leggett, Mattie E. Division V-57
Leggett, Thomas E. Division Z2-45
Leggett, Thomas W. Division V-56
Leggett, Verla M. Division V-59
Leggett, Winnie Fay Division Z2-46
Lehmberg, Edna G. Division W-111
Lehmberg, F. C. A. Division W-110
Leigh, Davis Division V-261
Leonard, Laura M. Division T-96
Lesesne, Lucy Division S-87
Lester, Charles G. Division Z-30
Lester, Mary L. Division Z-27
Lester, Walter W. Division Z-28
Levinson, Alice Bain Division G-078
Levinson, Alice R. Division G-077
Lewis, Charles Division E-17
Lewis, James Henry Division V-231
Lewis, Lela Belle Division V-233
Lewis, Mary Ethel Division V-232
Lewis, Nova Idella Division V-23
Lewis, R. D. Division V-234
Lewis, Ross E. Sr. Division Z2-18
Lewis, Thelma P. Division Z2-17
Lewis, William R. Division V-22
Liardon, Roberta Elaine Division W-21
Liardon, Rose Carolyn Division W-22
Liardon, Samuel Theodore Division W-23
Lieeeknecht, Victor Adolph Division X-10
Lindell, A. E. Division V-88
Lindell, Albert W. Division V-201
Lindell, Ella Division V-235
Lindell, Henry R. Division V-238
Lindell, Milton Division V-204
Lindell, Nan Holland Division V-203
Lindell, Nellie Carson Division V-237
Lindell, Victor F. Division V-236
Lindell, Wilson Dwight Division V-202
Lindloff, Wallace Darrell Division V-289
Little, Ginnie E. Division Z-17
Little, Wesley M. Division Z-18
Lockett, Annie Johnson Division V-111
Lockett, Melville Beveridge Division V-110
Lockhart, Jesse B. Division Z1-02
Lockhart, Mary L. Division Z1-03
Loflin, Claude E. Division 1951 A-55
Loflin, Gertrude I. Division 1951 A-56
Logan, Effie M. Division W-07
Logan, Francis W. Division S-37
Logan, G.T. Division E-42
Logan, George Albert Sr. Division U-47
Logan, J. D. Division S-34
Logan, Jeff Jr. Division W-06
Logan, Louise Matthews Division U-48
Logan, Mattie Josephine Division S-35
Logan, Mildred J. Division S-33
Logan, Ray E. Division S-36
Logan, Robert L. Division S-32
Logan, Susan Richardson Division E-63
Long, Ethel Mae Division 1951 A-158
Longino, Evelyn Division I-04
Longino, Nina L. Division I-05
Longino, S. B. Division I-06
Lord, Leroy B. Division A-43
Love, Allie Division E-44
Love, David Division E-45
Love, Frances L. Division V-134
Love, Franklin Deadrick Division V-132
Love, Mary Division E-46
Love, Mellie Lockett Division V-133
Love, Orville H. Division Z-51
Love, Thrace H. Division Z-50
Loventhal, Charles W. Division I-07
Loventhal, Dora L. Division I-08
Lovett, Jessie B. Division V-100
Lovvorn, Alva H. Division Z2-38
Lovvorn, Verna B. Division Z2-39
Luck, Henrietta Alma Division M-30
Lundblad, Eric W. Division W-58
Lundblad, Esther A. Division W-57
Lundblad, Irene I. Division W-55
Lundblad, John H. Sr. Division W-59
Lundblad, Ruth C. Division W-60
Lundblad, Tom E. Division W-56
Lunsford, Baby Division A-46
Lunsford, C. B. Division W-223
Lunsford, Frank A. Division A-48
Lunsford, Jennie A. Division A-45
Lunsford, Mary A. Division A-49
Lunsford, Maud Division W-222
Lunsford, Thomas G. Division A-44
Lunsford, William T. Division A-50
Lyman, Alan R. Division 1951 A-189
Lyon, Caroline Amelia Division Q-04
Lyons, "Little Son" Division L-61
Lyons, Beatrice Christina Division Z2-03
Lyons, Fannie Belle Division L-60
Lyons, James Clark Division L-59
Lyons, James Ernest Division Z2-02
Lyons, John Powell Division V-263
Lyons, Lois Aten Division V-262
Maceyra, Manuel, Jr. Division M-93
Mackey, Babies Division A-57
Mackey/Rucker, Brother Division A-58
Macune, Lena Secrest Division D-22
Macune, Rev. Dennis Division D-21
Madison, Edward Division L-50
Magby, J. D. Division I-01
Magee, Tomye Coffee Division V-303
Magee, William Francis Division V-302
Magill, Evie Division C-12
Magill, M. Bart Division G-042
Magill, Maggie B. Division G-043
Magill, Maggie Louisa Division G-040
Magill, Merle Division G-044
Magill, Samuel David Division G-041
Magill, Wayne Division C-11
Makemson, Anna Division B-18
Makemson, Bruce Division B-09
Makemson, Emma Division Y-46
Makemson, Kate Holland Division B-20
Makemson, W. K. Division B-17
Mallicoat, Infants Division A-11
Mangum, Maj. James W. Division H-56
Mankin, Luke Division T-29
Mankin, Mary E. Division U-122
Mankin, Sallie D. Division T-28
Mankins, Alva Thomas Division W-298
Mankins, Eunice Glass Division W-299
Mankins, Evan Division L-62
Mankins, Jane Division L-63
Mann, Annie T. Division B-87
Mann, William L. Division B-88
Mann?, Baby Lilly Division B-86
Manning, Alice Risner Division 1951 A-62
Manning, Hazel Ahlberg Division W-40
Manning, Samuel Ray Division 1951 A-63
Marrs, Effie Kincaid Division G-083
Marrs, M. C. Division G-081
Marrs, Park Division G-079
Marrs, T. W. Division G-080
Marrs, Thomas Franklin Division G-082
Marshall, Oscar Division V-51
Marshall, Oscar Jr. Division V-52
Martin Division V-170
Martin, Charles A. Division B-40
Martin, Clara Division B-50
Martin, George H. Division B-39
Martin, Mary Susan Division W-296
Martin, S. S. Dr. Division V-169
Martin, Sarah Parlie Mrs. Division V-168
Martin, Walter S., Dr. Division W-297
Mason, Ernst F. Division 1951 A-90
Masterson, Claudia Johns Division W-248
Masterson, Clifton Gutherage Division W-249
Masterson, Horatio Division W-246
Masterson, Martha V. Mrs. Division W-245
Masterson, Prentis Division W-247
Masterson, W. P. Dr. Division W-244
Mathews, Fred S. Division M-46
Mathews, Juanita Division M-48
Mathews, Maud C. Division M-47
Matthews, Anna Chreitzberg Division L-28
Matthews, Atkinson Earl Division U-50
Matthews, Jake Division L-26
Matthews, Nancy Savanah Division U-49
Matthews, Nica Division Y-22
Matthews, Ouida Belle Johnson Division L-27
Matthis, Leon Blake Division I-31
May, Albert Lenord Division V-183
May, Edith Mercer Division K-09
May, Hazel Marie Division K-08
May, infant son Division K-07
May, J. M. Division V-265
May, Joe N. Division V-307
May, Lenord Division V-181
May, Lewis E. Division V-309
May, Mary Boyd Division V-182
May, Rosa Division J-50
May, Ruby Mildred Division K-06
May, Theodosia E. Division V-308
Mayo, Lonnie J. Division W-80
Mayo, Lue Ella Division W-81
Mayo, Martha M. Division G-050
Mayr, Stephen Ray Division Z-31
McAferty, Thelma P. Division D-48
McAferty, Thomas C. Division D-47
McBride, Etta V. West Division T-50
McCalla, Anne Division C-53
McCalla, Lucien Peters Dr. Division V-103
McCann, Jewell Irene Division V-99
McCann, John Foster Division V-96
McCann, Ollie Brinkley Division V-97
McCann, Samuel N. Division V-353
McCann, Thomas Roscoe Division V-98
McCann, Wesley Division W-65
McCarley, Laverne Division O-23
McCarley, Lee L. Division O-22
McCarty, J. T. Dr. Division S-29
McCarty, Lula Webb Division S-28
McCarty, Silas H. Dr. Division S-31
McCarty, U. M. Dean Division S-30
McCleary, Kate C. Division I-66
McCleary, M.V. Division I-65
McCollough, Ella Martin Division V-167
McCollough, Irvin Randolph D.D.S. Division V-166
McCollough, Irvin Randolph D.D.S. Division V-165
McCollum, A. M. Mrs. Division S-112
McConnell, G. Walter Division I-17
McConnell, Rilda P. Division I-16
McCormack, Walter B. Division M-56
McDaniel, George N. Division T-54
McDaniel, Martha Division T-53
McDonald, Ewel Division U-11
McDonald, Helen Division U-12
McDonald, Kate Division V-287
McDonald, Mary L. Division V-244
McDonald, W. G. Division V-286
McDougle, Mary J. Division C-22
McDugald, Mrs. Margaret Williams Division H-67
McFadin, Mrs. G.K. Division G-060
McGlamery, John C. Division D-23
McGlamery, Martha Division D-24
McGlamery, Sallie Elizabeth Division D-25
McGlamery, William H. Division D-26
McKeithan, Herbert Efford Division W-328
McKeithan, Lester D. Division V-312
McKeithan, Lillie Irene Division W-331
McKeithan, Lula Belle Division W-329
McKeithan, Malcolm William Division V-313
McKeithan, Mannie D. Division W-330
McKeithan, Virgie Division V-314
McKenzie, Pearl B. Division B-03
McLaughlin, B. M. Division V-292
McLaughlin, Birney M. Jr. Division V-291
McLaughlin, Minnie Division V-293
Mclean, Ann Rose Division H-64
McLean, Aubrey Earl Division V-340
McLean, Jr., John Howell Division H-65
McLean, Mary Division H-66
McLean, Minnie Middick Division V-341
McLean, Olivia McDugald Division H-63
McLean, Rev. John Howell Division H-62
McMurray, Charles T. Division V-154
McMurray, Pearl Beaver Division V-155
McMurtrie, J. F. Division M-85
McMurtrie, Lilburn Division M-87
McMurtrie, Mary J. Division M-84
McNeil, W.P. Division J-54
McNeil, Wiley J. Division J-53
McNeill, James L. Division J-34
McNeill, Loyce Division J-33
McNeill, Ollie Clark Division J-35
McRea, Alton Division Z2-41
McSwain, Sarah Elizabeth Division J-51
Mears, Hubert L. Division Z-68
Melburn, Cora Division 1951 A-104
Melburn, Will Division 1951 A-103
Melton, Hazel M. Division 1951 A-166
Melton, Johnny E. Division 1951 A-165
Menley, Mary Katherine Division W-215
Mercer, Charles A. Division W-203
Mercer, Hannah Division W-202
Mercer, Paul A. Division O-09
Merida, Jim May Division V-264
Meser, Leona Cook Division W-10
Messer, Raymond R. Division W-09
Meyers, Paula Labit Division 1951 A-02
Michael, Mrs.Maude E. Division C-14
Michael, R. Division C-13
Miffleton, J.P. Division C-27
Miffleton, Sarah E. Division C-29
Miffleton, Sr., C. G. Division C-30
Miffleton, Sue Division C-28
Mileham, Effie Division T-35
Mileham, Mattie E. Division T-36
Mileham, Mrs. Penelope Division H-32
Mileham, Walter E. Division T-34
Miles, Anna Belle Division W-325
Miles, Edgar M. Dr. Division W-327
Miles, Edgar Pittman Division W-324
Miles, Eva Belle Division W-326
Miles, Mattie Miles Division U-81
Miles, Theo. P. Division 1951 A-88
Millegan, A. W. Division M-12
Millegan, C. R. Division M-14
Millegan, Louisa Division M-13
Miller, J. A. Mrs. Division W-67
Miller, Thomas Wesley Division A-62
Miller, W. T. Division W-68
Minton, M. E., Mrs. Division N-29
Mitchell, A.B. Division L-64
Mitchell, Elizabeth Frances Division L-65
Mitchell, George H. Division 1951 A-157
Mitchell, T. A. Division X-47
Mitchell, Tom D. Division L-66
Montgomery, Afton Elizabeth Division M-63
Montgomery, Bethel Division 1951 A-29
Montgomery, Eliza Knight Division H-07
Montgomery, Falcon A. Division H-43
Montgomery, Frank Division 1951 A-28
Montgomery, Glen Roy Division W-231
Montgomery, H. S. Division H-41
Montgomery, J. H. Jr. Division W-229
Montgomery, James Albert Division H-06
Montgomery, Jimmie W. Division Z-48
Montgomery, John H. Division V-363
Montgomery, Joseph A. Division V-361
Montgomery, Lizzie Division V-362
Montgomery, Minnie Division W-230
Montgomery, Mollie J. Division H-42
Montgomery, Myrtle E. Division Z-47
Montgomery, S.W. Division G-076
Montgomery, T.G. Division F-048
Montgomery, Theo A. Division V-360
Montgomery, Wililam Wallace Division M-62
Montogmery, Mary Lee Division H-09
Montogmery, William Augustus Division H-08
Mood, D.D., Francis Asbury Division E-62
Mood, Francis Asbury Division E-67
Mood, George Foster M.D. Division 1951 A-01
Mood, Kittie Division F-013
Mood, Martha Division G-113
Mood, Susan Logan Division E-64
Mood, Wm. Reader Division E-65
Moon, Eliza A. Harriette Division J-39
Moore Division W-25
Moore, Cornie Miffleton Division C-31
Moore, Elizabeth E. Division 1951 A-36
Moore, John W. Division U-87
Moore, Leah Snyder Division F-007
Moore, Margaret C. Division K-03
Moore, Robert Edward Division C-32
Moore, Samuel D. Division 1951 A-35
Moreal, Frances Cobb Division I-75
Morelle, Estelle L. Division B-05
Morelle, Ethel L. Division B-04
Morelle, Ralph Division B-06
Morelle, Susan C. Division B-02
Morelle, Virgil Division B-01
Morgan, Anna J. Division V-283
Morgan, Daniel Division Y-24
Morgan, Loula A. Division Y-23
Morgan, Lucy Belle Division W-141
Morgan, Mary Rebecca Division V-281
Morgan, Mattie Beth Division V-282
Morgan, Paul Ph. D. Division W-142
Morgan, S. H. Reb Division V-284
Morgan, William C. Division V-280
Morris, Anderson F. Division 1951 A-122
Morris, Clay H. Division 1951 A-12
Morris, Iva Ruth Division 1951 A-14
Morris, Jessie L. Sr. Division 1951 A-13
Morris, Lola Division 1951 A-124
Morris, Mary Lessie Division 1951 A-121
Morris, S. L. Division 1951 A-123
Morrow, J.C.S. Division E-68
Morrow, Nannie Elizabeth Division E-69
Morse, Edith Division U-53
Morse, Fred W. Division U-55
Morse, Isa Atkinson Division U-51
Morse, Mildred Division U-54
Morse, Richard Oliver Division U-52
Moses, Lorena Porter Division V-107
Moses, Walter Homer Dr. Division V-106
Mowrey, Waymon Hurley Division G-015
Mullen, Elizabeth Jane Division O-05
Mullen, Mintie Lee Division O-04
Munson, Abner Division W-166
Munson, Alma W. Division W-49
Munson, Augusta E. Division W-14
Munson, Blanche Division W-167
Munson, C. H. Division W-50
Munson, Carol Ann Division W-191
Munson, Ellen R. Division W-46
Munson, Geneva Lindell Division W-52
Munson, Gus E. Division W-15
Munson, J. Wilmer Division V-90
Munson, John R. Division W-45
Munson, Joseph E. Division W-53
Munson, Mary Brady Division Z-07
Munson, Paul E. Division V-290
Munson, Paul E. Jr. Division V-288
Munson, Swen Emil Division Z-06
Murray, Mary Kathryn Division W-206
Myles, Myrtle A. Division 1951 A-89
Myrtle Division V-319