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Georgetown I.O.O.F. Cemetery - Alphabetical Listing -- D - H


Name Grave Location
Dabbs, Andrew Cleveland Division X-59
Dabbs, Martha Naomi Division X-60
Dabney, Berniece Leach Division V-126
Dale, Pallie Y. Mrs. Division S-113
Daniel, Charley Leonard Division T-95
Daniel, James Malcom Division T-94
Daniel, James Malcom Division T-97
Daniel, Jessie H. Division T-98
Daniels, Ophia Elizabeth Division 1951 A-45
Daniels, William Noel Division 1951 A-44
Darby, Irene E. Division 1951 A-108
Darby, John O. Division 1951 A-107
Daughtrey, Eugene Munger Division X-37
Daughtrey, Ida Rebecca Division X-38
Davenport, Nora Division Z-80
Davidson, Anda Division H-54
Davidson, Catherine J. Division T-27
Davidson, Elizabeth Division H-29
Davidson, Ella Jane Division G-102
Davidson, Jess A. Mrs. Division W-271
Davidson, Mary Malinda Division G-099
Davidson, Parks Division H-55
Davidson, William Division T-26
Davidson, William Paul Division W-270
Davis, Byrd Bowman Division G-048
Davis, Charles A. Division U-91
Davis, Charles Arthur Howard Division T-84
Davis, D. H. Division V-13
Davis, Frank W. Division U-93
Davis, G. W. Division G-045
Davis, Green R. Division Z-32
Davis, Hassie Division W-319
Davis, Jessie R. Division W-318
Davis, June Sharon Division U-97
Davis, Katie Miles Division V-14
Davis, Lila M. Division U-94
Davis, Louise Division U-95
Davis, Miles H. Division V-15
Davis, Paul S. Division T-85
Davis, Robert O. Division V-17
Davis, Velma W. Division V-16
Davis, Vernettie Division W-355
Davis, W. H., Sr., Mr. Division T-86
Davis, W. R. Division G-047
Dawson, Ollie Rogers Division V-44
Dawson, Sarah F. Division V-45
Dayton, Michaell Allen Division M-60
De Bardeleben, Mary Catherine Division T-23
De Crow, Joyce Stanfield Division E-12
De Crow, Thomas Division E-11
Decker, Pollie Division E-70
DeCrow, Jane C. Division P-30
DeCrow, Thomas Sr. Division P-29
Denning-Haswell, Florence Stirling Division Y-57
DeShields, Louisa Division F-115
Dever, Nathan H. Division G-016
Dever, Phay Division G-017
Dever, Tacitus C. Division G-014
Dever, Vitula Clay Division G-019
Dever, Wm. P. Division G-018
Dickens, Charles F. Division Z1-32
Dill, William Henry Division J-40
Dillingham, Beulah Sanford Division V-306
Dillingham, Josiha Division V-304
Dillingham, Thella J. Division V-305
Dills, Walter R. Division N-04
Dimmett, John J. Division M-79
Dimmett, Margaret D. Division M-78
Dimmitt, Beulah H. Division F-026
Dimmitt, Lilburn J. Division W-228
Dimmitt, Lola G. Division W-227
Dimmitt, Perle Dever Division M-80
Dimmitt, William W. Division W-226
Dodson, Walter Leo Division 1951 A-152
Doefler Division W-267
Dougherty, Anna Camp Division S-72
Dougherty, George Division S-76
Dougherty, James Division S-71
Dougherty, James H. Division S-77
Dougherty, Ruth W. Division S-78
Douglass, Hazel Mae Division Z2-13
Douglass, Thomas Division Z2-14
Douthit, Jimmie Division N-25
Dowda, Maudie M. Division 1951 A-185
Dowda, Roy Division 1951 A-184
Dubois, Little Ray Division H-69
Duke, Edyth Easley Division S-105
Duke, Jack E. Division S-106
Duke, Jackson Edward Division S-102
Duke, Llewellyn Brittain Division S-104
Duke, Maude Brittain Division S-103
Duncan, Henrietta S. Division V-03
Dunks, Maude I. Division W-260
Dunks, William Division W-261
Dunlap, Carl Division 1951 A-162
Dunn, Arrie C. Division W-146
Dunn, Lessie I. Division S-07
Dunn, Noble A. Division S-08
Dunn, Wallace A. Rev. Division S-06
Dunn, Walter E. Division W-145
Eanes, Alex Division U-116
Eanes, Arthur L. Division X-46
Eanes, Ella Easley Division M-74
Eanes, Emma Division U-117
Eanes, Evelyne Carlisle Division M-75
Eanes, Florence E. Division W-84
Eanes, Nancy J. Division J-10
Eanes, Sidney F. Jr. Division W-85
Eanes, Sue Division X-45
Eanes, Thomas J. Division J-11
Eanes, William Howell Division M-76
Eanes, Willy Jarrard Division M-77
Eanes, Zella Division W-82
Eans, Sidney F. Division W-83
Eblin, Dorothy Division E-71
Edens, Agnes Division S-86
Edens, Ann E. Division S-83
Edens, C. M. Division V-256
Edens, Carrie Division V-172
Edens, Charles O. Division S-88
Edens, H. L. Dr. Division V-171
Edens, H. M. Division S-82
Edens, Harris A. Division S-84
Edens, Joseph A. Division S-81
Edens, Josephine Sharp Division V-255
Edens, Lettie Division S-85
Edens, Marrs M. Division S-80
Edens, Mimmie G. Division S-89
Edge, Bertha A. Division Z-21
Edge, Claude B. Division Z-22
Edwards, Isaac Division X-08
Edwards, Lucy Williams Division X-07
Edwards, Victoria Fay Division W-287
Edwards, William Wakley Division X-06
Edwards, Willie Division X-09
Egger, L. Harold Division I-95
Elgren, A. C. Jr. Division M-58
Elliott, Free R. Division A-36
Elliott, Isabelle Nichols Division F-043
Ellyson, Elizabeth Vara McMurray Division I-67
Ellyson, Jacqueline Division I-70
Ellyson, Mary Division I-69
Ellyson, Sr., John N. Division I-68
Elterman, Agnes Clamp Division I-26
Eman, James Houston Van Division I-99
Emerson, John S. Division Z-36
Emerson, Nellie S. Division Z-35
Engelbrecht, Brian Andrew Division Z-66
Englebrecht, Otto Adam Division Z-67
Enochs, Mary N. Division W-35
Enochs, Simon J. Division W-34
Eona, Lela Division C-10
Erwin, Mary Frances Division U-103
Estes, Julian Division W-212
Estes, Julian Jr. Division W-213
Estes, Lynnton Division W-214
Eubank, Caroline Knight Division V-39
Eubank, Cyrus Division V-37
Eubank, Jahn M. Division V-38
Eubank, Rector G. Division V-36
Evans, Albert S. Division V-49
Evans, Dora Division V-48
Evans, Frank Division V-46
Evans, Senie Division E-48
Evans, Susan Division V-47
Fant, Ella Division F-006
Farenthold, Nellie Division W-19
Farenthold, Oscar Division W-20
Farmer, Winifred Stone Division A-28
Farquhar, Mary M. Division Y-58
Faubion, C. R. Division I-63
Faubion, Charles Robert Division I-64
Faubion, Emma Division I-62
Faught, Alex Jay Division W-363
Faught, Ida Ellen Division W-364
Faught, William Douglas Division W-365
Faulkner, Otis Henry Division W-278
Felder, Lemonier Lewis Division O-15
Felder, Mary Barnet Division O-14
Felder, Sadie Virginia Division O-13
Ferguson, Fannie Division C-39
Ferguson, Josephine M. Division 1951 A-177
Ferguson, Leonard P. Division 1951 A-176
Ferguson, May Division H-30
Ferguson, Sallie May Division C-38
Fine, Bertie Division L-04
Fine, Elender Division T-18
Fine, Isaac L. Division 1951 A-64
Fine, Joe Division L-02
Fine, John C. Division T-19
Fine, Mary L. Division 1951 A-65
Fine, Spencer Division T-17
Fine, Spencer L. Division T-20
Fine, Will M. Division L-05
Fine, William Thomas Division L-03
Fisher, Coley C. Division Z1-13
Fisher, Ephraim S. Division B-79
Fisher, Harrie Division W-351
Fisher, Judge A. S. Division B-80
Fisher, Mittie E. Division W-352
Fisher, Mollie Vining Division B-81
Fisk, Tommy gene Division Z-101
Flanagan, Annie H. Division X-28
Flanagan, Hurbert W. Division X-29
Flanagan, W. J. Division X-27
Fleager, M. J. Division E-35
Fleager, Margarette A. Division E-39
Fleager, William Division E-36
Fleming, Dr. Wm. P. Division C-07
Fleming, Mary H. Division C-06
Fletcher, Alma Pearl Division W-116
Fletcher, Birdella C. Division W-114
Fletcher, Mrs. R.A. Division K-18
Fletcher, Raymond D. Division W-115
Flinn, Elizabeth Brewer Division I-35
Flinn, Glenn Division I-34
Floyd, Margaret Cluck Division B-11
Ford, Effie L. Division M-68
Ford, herma Frances Division 1951 A-75
Ford, Laura Pennington Division V-334
Ford, Maudie Lee Division 1951 A-77
Ford, Sarah Pharr Division M-66
Ford, Ted Porter Division V-335
Ford, William Von Division 1951 A-76
Ford, Wm. E. Division M-67
Ford, Wm. P. Division M-65
Forgy, Charles C. Division C-93
Forgy, John V. Division C-91
Forsvall, Bertha S. Division W-48
Forsvall, Clarence N. Division W-47
Forsvall, Ellen Division W-258
Forsvall, Emil Division W-259
Fort, Warren Loyd Division 1951 A-74
Fosberg, Anna C. Division V-09
Fosberg, Larry Gene Division W-130
Fosberg, Victor Division V-08
Foss, Herbert Sr. Division Z1-30
Foss, Marie Division Z1-31
Foster, Arkellus B. Division Y-18
Foster, Arthur Lee Division Y-20
Foster, Beulah F. Division S-10
Foster, Charles C. Dr. Division S-09
Foster, Cora Ruth Young Division Y-19
Foster, Dr. G.W. Division G-110
Foster, Francis M. Division B-73
Foster, Grace P. Division P-23
Foster, Knight Division B-72
Foster, Myrtice Marie Division P-22
Foster, N. Della Division Y-17
Foster, S. J. Division D-02
Foster, S.D. Division D-01
Foster, Simpson C. Division D-03
Foster, William Vaughan Division G-112
Foster, Wm. Lowrey Division P-24
Foust, Vada E. Division W-348
Fowler, Charles B. Division I-58
Fowler, D. W. Division I-59
Fowler, Daniel D. Division I-54
Fowler, Edgar Division I-57
Fowler, Emeline J. Division I-52
Fowler, Emeline J. Division I-55
Fowler, Garland Joe Division 1951 A-71
Fowler, Hattie M. Division I-56
Fowler, Lucile Bayer Division 1951 A-72
Foxx, Arcada E. Division W-168
Frank Division M-22
Frank, Ada C. Division 1951 A-11
Frank, Moro P. Division 1951 A-10
Frasier, Bobbie Mae Division V-64
Frasier, Lou Belle Division V-62
Frasier, Pascal E. Division V-63
Frasier, William Samuel Division V-65
Frederickson, Elnina Division W-133
Frederickson, John F. Division W-134
Frederickson, Nancy Carolyn Division W-131
Frederickson, Signe Marie Division W-135
Frederickson, Wesley Division W-132
Fredericson, Dorothy Logan Division W-08
Freeman, Judson, R. Division H-70
Frierson, Avis Lee Division V-350
Fronaberger, Annie N. Division 1951 A-143
Fronaberger, John C. Division 1951 A-142
Fulton, Thomas R. Division Z1-44
Gahagan, Anna Belle Division W-163
Gahagan, Elmer C. Division W-165
Gahagan, James Benton Division P-25
Gahagan, Lee Pettus Division N-02
Gahagan, Mary Florence Division P-27
Gahagan, Minnie Division P-26
Gahagan, T. B. Division P-28
Gahagan, Thomas C. Division W-162
Gallaway, Clara Jones Division W-343
Gallaway, James Catoe Division W-345
Gallaway, Robert Larkin Division W-344
Gamble, B.F. Division F-017
Gamble, Dr. Jesse F. Division F-020
Gamble, Ruth Eva Pepper Division F-019
Gamble, S.E. Division F-018
Gann, William O. Division F-073
Gantt, Armor H. Division U-21
Gardner, James T. Division 1951 A-08
Gardner, Minnie M. Division 1951 A-09
Garrett, Mike Division J-12
Gassaway, James P. Division W-101
Gassaway, Ruby E. Division W-102
Gates, James N. Division Z1-28
Gattis, Blanche L. Division 1951 A-112
Gattis, Camilla Faye Division M-90
Gattis, Maggie E. Division W-347
Gattis, W. Mack Division W-346
Gattis, Wade M. Division 1951 A-111
Gauntt, Charles E. Division 1951 A-148
Gauntt, Ed E. Division 1951 A-149
Gee, C. H. Division H-03
Gee, Ella Division H-04
Gee, George L. Division H-01
Gee, Grace Division H-05
Gee, Melissa Division H-02
Geiser, Ida Miss Division S-57
Geiser, Robert Division S-56
George W. Graves Division G-034
Gervasi, Mildred Inez Division Z2-44
Gholson, Flora Mrs. Division W-169
Gholson, Samuel L. Division W-170
Gibbs, Ella Jane Cloud Division Z-60
Gibbs, J. G. Division V-376
Gibbs, Nancy Division V-375
Gibbs, W. B. Division Z-61
Gibson, Golda Division Y-76
Gibson, Willard A. Division Y-75
Giddens, James L. Division U-83
Giddens, Ollie M. Division U-84
Giddens, Victor Lee Division U-85
Giddings, James Louis Division Z1-36
Gilleland, Fannie Davidson Division G-100
Gilleland, Sarah E. Division V-337
Gilleland, W. A. Rev. Division V-336
Gillett, Edwin Green Division V-377
Gillett, John Sidney Division V-378
Gillett, Julia Agee Division V-379
Gillette, George Ridley Division G-006
Gilmore, S. A. Division W-174
Girvin, Fitzhugh B. Division K-02
Girvin, John Lessor Division Z2-49
Girvin, Jr., Walter L. Division J-36
Girvin, Katie Division J-38
Girvin, Meta P. Division K-01
Girvin, Sr., W. L. Division J-37
Givan, Mary H. Division T-69
Glasscock, G. W. Division S-100
Glassock, A.J. Division F-100
Glassock, Andrew J Division F-101
Glassock, Virginia L. Division F-102
Glenn, Annie Maud Division N-05
Glover, W.P. Division G-092
Goad, John Division Z-97
Goad, Nona Division Z-98
Godwin, Donna Sue Division M-92
Godwin, Frank M. Division Z-81
Gold, Monnie D. Division Q-07
Goodlett, Alice Division L-54
Goodlett, Dave Division L-55
Goodlett, Frances Division L-57
Goodlett, Fred Charles Division J-30
Goodlett, Patsy David Division L-53
Goodlett, Sebe S. Division L-58
Gordon, Ella Division A-03
Gordon, Hallie E. Division A-04
Gordon, Infant Daughter Division A-06
Gordon, Infant Son Division A-05
Gordon, J. J. Division A-01
Gordon, Kittie Division A-02
Graves, Dr. H.N. Division G-097
Graves, Eugene Fowler Division G-035
Graves, Fannie L. Division X-48
Graves, Joseph H. Division G-037
Graves, Mary Folwer Division G-033
Graves, Minnie Belle Division G-036
Graves, Nora B. Division G-039
Graves, Rev. George W. Division G-038
Graves, Sue S. Division G-098
Gray, Elizabeth Division I-15
Gray, Ethel Hudgin Division V-71
Gray, Herbert Lee Division V-72
Grayson, A. S. Division Y-36
Grayson, Sidney T. Division Y-37
Green, Anna M. Division Z-13
Green, Horace H. Division W-302
Green, John M. Division W-172
Green, Nannie B. Division W-173
Greene, Anna Mae Division 1951 A-47
Greene, Horace W. Division 1951 A-46
Gregory, Mary Division E-62
Griffith, Claudie Division T-62
Griffith, Cluade S. Division T-59
Griffith, Nancy Shaw Division T-58
Griffith, Travis Shaw, M.D. Division T-57
Grimes, Emmett T. Division V-175
Guentzel, Charlie F. Division Z-43
Guentzel, Larry R. Division Z2-11
Guess, David I. Division Z1-01
Guinn, Jessie E. Division H-34
Gundermon, George Dvision M-50
Gunn, Martha A. Division U-86
Gustafson, Carl John Division V-05
Gustafson, Clifford Emery Division X-11
Gustafson, Harold Willfred Division V-07
Gustafson, Ivalee Edwards Division X-12
Gustafson, Linda Faye Division X-13
Gustafson, Louise A. Division V-06
Gustafson, Mae Dell Division X-14
Gustafson, Mary Division V-04
Gustafson, P. R. Sr. Division V-95
Guthrie, Bob Division 1951 A-146
Guthrie, Clarice Division 1951 A-147
Guthrie, Martha L. Division W-78
Guthrie, Thomas F. Division W-79
Haas, Ella Marie Division Z-38
Haas, John Herman Division Z-39
Hall, Bess Hanna Division I-02
Hall, Corinna Cooper Division I-36
Hall, Frank Winston Division I-37
Hall, La Verne Division Y-73
Hall, Marshall Bryant Division T-64
Hall, Mary Elizabeth Division S-115
Hall, Robert L. Division I-03
Hall, Sambo Division Y-74
Halley, William Nathaniel Division S-114
Hamilton, C. C. Division S-52
Hamilton, Helen O. Division S-53
Hamilton, Jessie Division S-79
Haney, J. M. Division Z2-34
Haney, Nettie M. Division Z2-35
Hanna, A. J., Sr. Division N-10
Hanna, Addie Mae Division N-14
Hanna, Amanda A. Division N-09
Hanna, Elizabeth Division I-11
Hanna, Frank W. Division I-09
Hanna, James Robert Division N-13
Hanna, Robert, Sr. Division N-12
Hanna, Sibby Division N-11
Hanna, Thomas S. Division I-10
Hanna, W. H. Jr. Division U-63
Hardin, Angie May Division 1951 A-49
Hardin, Guy Division H-58
Hardin, Guy H. Division H-57
Hardin, James C. Division 1951 A-126
Hardin, L.E. Division F-114
Harding, Mrs. Ada Strickland Division C-35
Hardy, E. H. Division G-021
Harlin, Roy Division 1951 A-48
Harmon, Clara E. Division 1951 A-93
Harmon, Rose Arnold Division T-78
Harper, Dr. S. G. Division A-29
Harper, John R. Division J-04
Harper, Lula Division H-21
Harper, Lula Grant Division H-22
Harper, Mary L. Division A-30
Harrel, M. Division E-31
Harrel, Mrs. L.H. Division E-32
Harris, A. G. Jr. Division Z2-09
Harris, Archie G. Division R-03
Harris, Bannie B. Division 1951 A-100
Harris, Charles Edward Division N-30
Harris, Charles M. Division P-21
Harris, Cora Division F-123
Harris, Cordelia P. Division P-20
Harris, Etnia R. Division Z-85
Harris, Felix Division P-19
Harris, Florence I. Division R-04
Harris, Hurshel G. Division Z-86
Harris, Ida B. Shaw Division N-31
Harris, James D. Division Z2-10
Harris, Mary Tatom Division D-37
Harris, Nancy Jane Division N-38
Harris, Sallie Willie Division M-29
Harris, Sam Division 1951 A-99
Harris, Vernelle Division R-05
Harrison, Abe A. Division H-40
Harrison, George W. Division H-38
Harrison, Howard A. Division V-173
Harrison, Martha L. Division V-174
Harrison, Naomi Division H-39
Hart, Annie R. Division N-03
Hart, Capt. A. Division B-07
Hart, Saphronnia Division B-08
Hartman, Lois Campbell Division W-97
Harty, Charles L. Division X-19
Harty, infant Division I-53
Harty, Little Jimmie Division X-21
Harty, P. C. Division X-20
Harty, W. R. Division X-22
Hastings, Maggie Division Z-79
Hatchell, Bunyon Division V-105
Hatchell, Willie Division V-104
Hausenfluck, Charles R. Jr. Division 1951 A-73
Hausenfluck, Frances Wright Division W-185
hausenfluck, Jesse Dee Division W-186
Hausenfluck, Jesse Dee, Jr. Division W-189
Hausenfluck, Job F. Division W-250
Hausenfluck, Maggie E. Division W-251
Hays, James Sheldon Division W-285
Hays, Sallie Elizabeth Division W-284
Headrick, Edna T. Division 1951 A-07
Headrick, Flora M. Division W-77
Headrick, Wilburn H. Division W-171
Headrick, Young E. Division W-76
Heine, Nathan E. Division Z2-06
Helgren, Carl W. Division Z-84
Helgren, Elizabeth Division Z-83
Henderson Division K-16
Henderson, Annie Division M-38
Henderson, Belle Killough, Mrs. Division M-42
Henderson, Earl E. Division V-245
Henderson, Earl E. Jr. Division V-247
Henderson, Edward Division T-33
Henderson, Ethel Alma Dawson Division V-246
Henderson, Finley J. Division V-266
Henderson, Jamie Division M-39
Henderson, Lavinia Belle Division M-45
Henderson, Lee M. Division M-27
Henderson, N. Q. Division M-28
Henderson, Neta Irene Division T-32
Henderson, Pleasant Alexander Division M-43
Henderson, Ruth Elizabeth Division M-44
Henderson, Samuel Harper Division M-40
Hendley, Mary Bell Division J-18
Hendley, Mary M. Division J-20
Hendley, Thomas T. Division J-21
Hendley, W. W. Division J-19
Hennell, Lyle D. Division N-01
Hensley, Lillian Division Y-45
Hewitt, M. S. Division V-251
Hewitt, Marvin S. Division V-249
Hewitt, Omah Lock Division V-250
Heyer, Hermine Division W-27
Hicks, Julian J. Division W-75
Hicks, Nellie C. Division W-74
Hicks, William J. Division W-73
Higgins, Sophia Shaw Division T-61
Highsmith, J. Albert Division W-198
Highsmith, Johnnie Pearl Division W-199
Hightower, E. Division V-205
Hightower, Paul Allison Division V-208
Hightower, Ruth Division V-207
Hightower, Ruth Dysart Division V-206
Hill, Ben O. Division 1951 A-39
Hill, Ethel E. Division 1951 A-40
Hindelang, Lorraine J. Division 1951 A-128
Hindelang, Paul E. Division 1951 A-127
Hindman, Ella Roberts Division A-15
Hinkle, Lillie D. Division G-032
Hodges, Anna Montgomery Division V-136
Hodges, Brooksie Division V-148
Hodges, Cornelia C. Division I-89
Hodges, Cornie Lee Division F-025
Hodges, daughter Division I-93
Hodges, Eldridge Division V-149
Hodges, Emily A. Division F-023
Hodges, Emily L. Division I-85
Hodges, F. E. Division Y-09
Hodges, H. Alf Division I-92
Hodges, Henry M. Division V-258
Hodges, J.W. Division F-024
Hodges, John A. Division F-022
Hodges, John H. Division I-90
Hodges, Jr., Marvin C. Division I-88
Hodges, Lucile Division V-147
Hodges, Ludie Division Y-08
Hodges, Marvin Carothers Division I-81
Hodges, Mary N. Division I-83
Hodges, Melvola Felps Division I-82
Hodges, Samuel Allen Division V-135
Hodges, Somer Division V-257
Hodges, Wiess Division I-86
Hodges, Wm. Division I-84
Hodges, Zelma Division I-87
Hodges, Zelma Division I-91
Hoffman, Ray A. Division W-179
Hoffman, W. P. Sr. Division W-177
Hoffman, W. P. Sr. Mrs. Division W-178
Hole, Charles S. Division T-37
Hole, Hannah W. Division T-38
Hole, William Young Division T-39
Hollan, John F. Division 1951 A-25
Hollan, Lucy Faye Mrs. Division 1951 A-34
Hollan, Oma B. Division 1951 A-26
Holland, James Thomas Division G-004
Holloway, Laura Division V-367
Holloway, William W. Division Z2-47
Holly, Mattie Maude Mrs. Division W-208
Holt, Willie Sharp Division H-68
Holybee, James H. Division 1951 A-135
Holybee, James W. Division 1951 A-125
Holybee, Louella Division 1951 A-136
Homan, Roxanna P. Division 1951 A-16
Homan, William Col. Division 1951 A-15
Hoover, Lloyd Robert Division Z-52
Hopkins, Annie Allice Division A-42
Horger, John Miller Division U-101
Hoskins, Mattie L. Division G-111
Hoskinson, Arthur L. Division B-89
Houghton, H. P. Division B-77
Houseman, M. Division G-051
Houston, Roberta Division V-252
Houts, Billy Earl Division N-27
Howard, Hazel L. Division Z-12
Howren, Alva Division B-64
Howren, W. D. Division B-66
Hoyle, Edna Division U-28
Hoyle, J. F. Division U-27
Hoyt, Arthur W. Division 1951 A-20
Hoyt, Inez V. Division 1951 A-21
Hubbard, Robinson Division F-029
Huckabee, Bell Division V-141
Huckabee, John S. Division V-140
Hudson, Anna M. Division U-19
Hudson, Edward M. Division U-18
Hudson, Iona Division U-17
Hudson, Jean Catherine Division U-14
Hudson, John D. Division U-16
Hudson, Joseph Allen Division U-13
Hudson, Joseph Allen Jr. Division U-15
Hudson, Rollo Douglas Division U-20
Huffman, Andrew A. Division Z1-20
Hufstultler, Asa Anderson Division T-80
Hufstutler, Mollie Shaw Division T-81
Hufstutler, Riley Shaw Division T-83
Huggins, Dr. J.N.H. Division F-104
Huggins, Harry Division F-107
Huggins, Lena Division F-103
Huggins, Rodney V. Division F-108
Hughes Mann, Lou Division E-30
Hughes, Jennie L. Division G-085
Hughes, John D. Division V-130
Hughes, John Dimmitt Division Z-76
Hughes, Mary Parker Division V-02
Hughes, Rosa L. Division V-131
Hughes, Thomas Proctor Division V-01
Hughes, Thomas Proctor Division G-084
Hugland, Lilburn C. A. Division W-107
Huglund, Gus A. Division W-108
Huglund, Laura A. Division W-109
Huie, Katherine L. Division W-312
Huie, William G. Division W-311
Hulme, Margaret Sadler Division B-62
Humphries, Emma S. Division G-009
Humphries, John R. Division G-010
Hurd, Steiner Booty Division S-109
Hurni, John Division T-07
Hurtt, Ida Maye Division V-118
Hussey, U. B. Division H-26
Hutchinson, Alice S. Division N-34
Hutchinson, Ben F. Division N-35
Hutte, John C. Division Y-27
Hutto, Daisy McCormick Division V-213
Hutto, William Travis Division V-212
Hutton, DD, M.C. Division C-76
Hutton, Infant Son Division C-72
Hutton, Jennie Division C-77
Hutton, Mattie P. Division C-73
Hutton, Mittie Division C-74
Hutton, Sallie M. Division C-75
Hyer, Ernst Division W-26