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Georgetown I.O.O.F. Cemetery - Alphabetical Listing -- A - C



Name Grave Location
Abbott, Elizabeth Division W-89
Abbott, Mike Division W-88
Abney, Frances Elizabeth Division U-07
Acuff, James W. Division V-311
Acuff, Leila E. Division V-310
Adair, Little brother Division A-10
Adair, May Fleming Division A-09
Adams, Betty N. Division W-317
Adams, Harrell Division H-49
Adams, Henry Division W-316
Adams, John "Jack" Division A-65
Adams, Mary H. Division A-64
Adams, Mollie Division 1951 A-86
Adams, Mrs. Dan N. Division H-50
Adams, Wallace Division 1951 A-87
Addison, Willie Division E-57
Aderhold, B. H. Division V-176
Aderhold, Evelyn Frances Division Z-94
Aderhold, Jack L. Division V-179
Aderhold, Joseph R. Division V-178
Aderhold, Minnie L. Division V-177
Agnew, Maud E. Division X-67
Agnew, William Hedges Division V-248
Ahlberg, Dan L. Division W-36
Ahlberg, Marshall W. Division W-38
Ainsworth, Emma Ford Division M-69
Ake, Jane Division G-067
Ake, John J. Division G-068
Alford, Corinne Dever Division M-81
Allcorn, Della Lee Division D-53
Allcorn, J. D. Division D-54
Allen, Amos Russell Division Y-39
Allen, Aubrey Neal Division Y-41
Allen, Eunice Division F-109
Allen, Florra Ethel Division Y-40
Allen, Infant Daughter Division A-33
Allen, Ira Ferrell Division 1951 A-190
Altus, A. P. Division T-68
Altus, John T. Division T-67
Altus, Louise C. Division T-66
Ames, Lulu Daniel Division T-99
Amidon, Inez Darby Division 1951 A-109
Anderson Mann, Mary Division B-75
Anderson, August Herman Division Z-92
Anderson, Claus Division V-86
Anderson, Dr. W. I. Division C-86
Anderson, Ed. R. Division C-81
Anderson, Emma M. Division W-360
Anderson, Gerda E. Division W-358
Anderson, Henry A. Division W-359
Anderson, Hilma C. Division V-87
Anderson, Janice G. Division Z2-36
Anderson, John Division W-357
Anderson, Libby T. Division C-80
Anderson, Martha J. Division Y-02
Anderson, Minnie Lee Division B-43
Anderson, Mollie Christine Division Z-93
Anderson, Mrs T. H. Division B-47
Anderson, Mrs. Julia Kusey Division B-42
Anderson, Nancy P. Division C-85
Anderson, Pearl Division B-44
Anderson, Sol A. Division V-260
Anderson, T. H. Division B-46
Anderson, Tolbert Division B-41
Anderson, W. B. (Billie) Division B-48
Anderson, William T. Division B-45
Appleby, Oscar Division B-51
Archer, Bernice Hamilton Division Z1-10
Archer, James Frank Division Z1-09
Armstrong Division T-30
Arnold, Ira Vern Division T-79
Arnold, James T. Division T-77
Arrington Sr., Sylvester N. Division I-30
Arrington, Lois Salyer Division H-17
Arrington, Ludie, E. Division I-29
Atkin, John Mason Division T-16
Atkin, Louise Elizabeth Division T-14
Atkin, Richard T. Division T-15
Atkin, Sallie Mason Division T-13
Atkin, Samuel Thatcher Division T-12
Atkins, George C. Division E-61
Atkins, Victoria Division G-029
Atkinson, Charles B. Division E-59
Atkinson, Harold Division W-305
Atkinson, Libby P. Mrs. Division W-306
Atlee, Luis Winton Division 1951 A-59
Atlee, Mabel E. Division 1951 A-60
Avery, Callie Olive Division T-71
Avery, Robert Coleman Division T-70
Baby Division S-70
Bailey, Beulah R. Division V-80
Bailey, C. W. Jr. Division V-83
Bailey, C. W. Sr. Division V-81
Bailey, Ed. Division Q-06
Bailey, F. O. Division V-85
Bailey, Lenna Catherine Division V-84
Bailey, Mary T. Division V-82
Bailey, Richard B. Division V-79
Baker, Brom E. Division W-17
Baker, Sabrina Simmons Division W-16
Baker, Woodrow W. Division W-18
Balliew, Axie J. Division V-74
Balliew, Bessie E. Division V-78
Balliew, James P. Division V-76
Balliew, John E. Division V-75
Balliew, Wm. Luther Division V-73
Barbee, Anna Division F-015
Barbian, Lina Division K-19
Barbour, Mary Ann Ullrich Division 1951 A-161
Barcus, James Samuel Division W-217
Barcus, James Samuel Jr. Division W-219
Barcus, Minerva Florence Williams Division W-218
Bargsley, Henry D. Division 1951 A-173
Bargsley, Ollie Dee Division 1951 A-174
Barker, Ira Richard Division W-300
Barker, Michael Ray Division 1951 A-172
Barker, Rosa Lee Division W-301
Barnes, Nola Leach Division V-127
Barnett, Charlie Division W-342
Barnett, Cora Division U-126
Barnett, Erna Mae Division W-340
Barnett, H. B. Division U-123
Barnett, John Division U-124
Barnett, Lucy Ann Division S-65
Barnett, Lydia Division W-341
Barnett, Mrs. C. M. Division H-27
Barnett, Wilford Division U-125
Barr, Edith F. Division B-38
Barret, Ann J. Division H-71
Barret, James M. Division H-72
Barrington, Erie L. Division V-325
Barrington, Mollie L. Division V-327
Barrington, S. C. Division V-324
Barrington, William E. Division V-326
Barron, Donald Division W-143
Barron, Josephine Division W-144
Barron, Mabel Division V-156
Barron, Paul Division V-157
Barton, Amelia Division S-44
Bartz, Louise Division 1951 A-42
Bartz, Richard Division 1951 A-41
Baskins, C. J. Division A-34
Baskins, Fannie E. Division A-35
Bass, Clifford Division B-68
Battaile, I. Fitzhugh Division G-095
Bearden, Dora Marrs Division W-148
Bearden, John Roddy Division W-147
Beatrice, Lucy Division E-60
Beauford, David Ischy Division D-40
Beaver, Bertha S. Division W-29
Beaver, Brandon J. Division M-89
Beaver, Charles O'Ferall Division V-158
Beaver, May Division W-93
Beaver, Reuben S. Division W-30
Beaver, William E. Division W-94
Beck, Caroline Division G-046
Behrens, Walter E. Sr. Division U-105
Behrens, Walter Russel Division U-104
Belford, Charles Sanford Division S-39
Belford, Frank C. Division S-38
Belford, Fred Herbert Division S-42
Belford, Mollie Carothers Division S-41
Belk, A. S. R. Division C-08
Belk, Bettie Division C-09
Bell, Bessie Division J-16
Benold, O. W. Mrs. Division W-124
Benold, O. W. Rev. Division W-125
Berger, Edward D. Division Y-62
Berger, Rosa E. Division Y-63
Bergin, Eva Lena Division W-292
Bergin, John William Division W-293
Berkman, Bertha E. Division W-98
Berkman, Oscar T. Division W-99
Bertie Division C-48
Bess Division S-68
Bethel, Charles A. Division V-26
Bethel, John W. Division V-24
Bigbee, Ella Graves Division X-50
Bigbee, Jesse Newton Division X-49
Biggs, Christina Division 1951 A-95
Biggs, Reuben D. Division 1951 A-96
Birch, Jesse James Division Z-70
Birch, Opal Louise Division Z-104
Birch, Rebecca Ann Division Z-69
Birch, Walter Martin Division Z-103
Birkelback, Henry Division 1951 A-131
Birkelback, Selma Division 1951 A-132
Bishop, Charles McTyeire Division V-108
Bishop, Phoebe Eleanor Division V-109
Bishop, Robert C. Division N-26
Black, Bess Celnek Division G-011
Blanton, Mrs. Mary E. Division F-094
Blomquist, Julia Fritz Division V-12
Blomquist, Mary Ruth Division W-253
Blomquist, Simon Division V-11
Boatner, Helen J. Division S-101
Boatwright, Ella Division Z1-19
Boatwright, Linard Division Z1-18
Bobo, E. H. Division T-72
Bobo, Emma O. Division T-73
Booth, Virginia Division D-20
Booty, Augustus Addison Division S-107
Booty, Baby Lena Division F-012
Booty, Baby Sue Division F-011
Booty, Lena Division F-014
Booty, Lou Etta Hughes Division S-108
Booty, Mary H. Division F-016
Bouffard, Ann S. Division U-108
Bouffard, C. E. Division U-109
Bouffard, Elise Division U-112
Bouffard, Frieda Division U-111
Bouffard, Henry Division U-110
Bowen, Belle Division W-310
Bowen, Charlie Division W-309
Bowen, George F. Division W-221
Bowen, Mattie C. Division W-220
Box, Elmer N. Division Y-49
Box, Maggie Division Y-66
Box, Sarah H. Division Y-50
Box, Walter Division Y-65
Boyd, David Chester Division Q-05
Boyd, Ernest Division V-200
Boyd, John S. Division W-64
Boyd, Joseph Leech Division Q-03
Boyd, Lonnie E. Division W-61
Boyd, Nora Bell Division W-63
Boydston, Beulah Division W-289
Boydston, William D. Division W-288
Boyer, Mary Thompson Division W-315
Brabandt, Deborah Lynn Division Z-102
Bradford, Darrel T. Division Z-02
Brady, Abner C. Division H-78
Brady, Andrea A. Division H-79
Brady, Barry E. Division V-121
Brady, C. J. Division S-61
Brady, Carl Division X-03
Brady, Dollye Division V-120
Brady, Fannie L. Division S-62
Brady, Jane A. Division S-66
Brady, John F. Division X-04
Brady, Laurence Division V-119
Brady, Lillie Division S-64
Brady, Mathilda Division X-02
Brady, S. A. Division X-05
Brady, W. T. Division S-63
Brady, Wiley T. Division H-77
Bramlette, J. T. Division H-31
Branch, Lizzie Division A-53
Bredthauer, Beverly Gail Division Z-20
Brewer, Weenona Ruth Division I-32
Brewster, Don W. Division U-96
Briant, A. Adaline Division F-080
Briles, Robert Jr. Division V-89
Brinkley, B. E. Division V-356
Brinkley, David D. B. Division V-355
Brinkley, Maggie Francis Division V-357
Brinkley, Zora Etta Division V-354
Brittain, J.L. Division A-08
Brooks Jr., John Lee Division E-24
Brooks, Chas. W. Division E-18
Brooks, Dean E. Division O-20
Brooks, Elizabeth Burleson Division E-19
Brooks, Eunice McLean Division E-22
Brooks, Eva S. Division O-19
Brooks, Henry W. Division M-23
Brooks, John Lee Division E-23
Brooks, Mary Della Division O-18
Brooks, Mary Oliva Division E-21
Brooks, Mattie Division M-24
Brooks, Nannie R. Division E-20
Brooks, Thomas Division O-17
Brooks?, Glenn Division E-25
Brookshire, Charles Jr. Division P-10
Brown, Cynthia Wood Murray Division W-277
Brown, Edward P. Division T-76
Brown, Emma C. Division L-23
Brown, Forrest F. Division L-25
Brown, Jacob T. Division K-17
Brown, Nora Myrtle Division S-50
Brown, Norton Emerson Division S-51
Brown, Robert E. Division M-86
Brown, S. K. Capt. Division S-48
Brown, Sam S. Division L-24
Brown, Sidonia Bethel Division V-25
Brown, Tempy A. Division L-56
Browning, Mrs. B. Division E-53
Bruce, J.G. Division F-118
Bruce, J.J. Division F-116
Bruce, Julia W. Division F-066
Bruce, Mary A. Division F-064
Bruce, Mrs. S.A.C. Division F-117
Bryant, B.G.J. Division F-081
Bryant, Ella B. Division F-075
Bryant, Little Clyde Division F-082
Bryant, Minnie Frances Division F-083
Bryce, Infant Daughter Division D-14
Bryce, Sallie L. Division D-15
Bryson, Boyd Division G-119
Bryson, Ella Division G-117
Bryson, J. T. Division G-116
Bryson, S.J. Division G-118
Bullock, Byrrell Westwood Division L-39
Bullock, James Wycliffe Division L-41
Bullock, Joseph E. Division L-42
Bullock, Martha Knight Division L-40
Burcham, Mayme Revelle Division V-150
Burcham, Sophia Baker Division V-153
Burcham, W. J. Dr. Division V-151
Burcham, William F. Division V-152
Burkhardt, Christina Division D-29
Burkhardt, Henry Division D-28
Burkhardt, Willie Division D-32
Burkhart, Carl Henry Division Y-59
Burkhart, Frieda Kupfer Division Y-60
Burnham, Mallie C. Division Z2-33
Burnham, Robert C. Division Z2-22
Burns, Minnie E. Division Z1-15
Burns, Robert E. Division Z1-14
Burson Division Z-19
Burson, Floyd Division W-263
Burson, Herman Ernest Division W-126
Burson, June Elaine Division W-129
Burson, Laura Elizabeth Division W-252
Burson, Laverne Catherine Division W-127
Burson, Myrtle Division W-264
Buse, Murphey Division S-21
Bush, Austin Division Z2-42
Bush, LaRue B. Division Z2-43
Bushy, Lois Division I-79
Bushy, Margaret Division I-80
Byrom, David Leslie Division F-119
Byrom, Estella Division F-070
Byrom, Jesse L. Division F-071
Byrom, Julia Division F-067
Byrom, Richmond Division F-068
Byrom, Richmond D. Division F-065
Byrom, Thelma Division F-072
Byrom, William LeRoy Division F-069
Cairnes, Billie Jean Division Z2-16
Callahan, Catherine Division M-64
Callahan, Lily Deb. Mrs. Division T-22
Cambridge, G. W. Division Q-01
Cameron, Bettie Minnie Division H-19
Cameron, J. C. Division H-18
Cameron, Jr., J. C. Division H-20
Campbell, Emory Dale Division W-95
Campbell, Freddie Division A-16
Campbell, Linnie Young Division W-96
Cannon, A. Bellt Division U-45
Cannon, Charles N. Division U-44
Cannon, Emma C. Division U-43
Cannon, Felix Arthur Division U-46
Carlson, A. Walter Division V-123
Carlson, Anna Mary Division W-254
Carlson, Charlie Division V-359
Carlson, Frank A. Division W-255
Carlson, Howard W. Division W-256
Carlson, John C. Division W-257
Carlson, Kenneth Ray Division V-122
Carlson, Mary F. Mrs. Division V-358
Caroll, Ottie Lee Division U-34
Carothers, Blanche Leavell Division S-05
Carothers, Frank W. Division S-01
Carothers, Mrs. H. N. Division I-60
Carothers, S. D. Division I-61
Carothers, Thomas Miller Division S-04
Carothers, Wm. M. Division S-03
Carriker, Trudy Division V-50
Carroll, Alice Division Z-96
Carroll, Carolina Virginia Division U-33
Carter, Annie Frazier Division V-227
Carter, Cornelia Keith Division V-228
Carter, David Wendel Division V-229
Carter, James Alton Division U-113
Carter, James D. Division U-114
Carter, Keith Division V-230
Carter, Tolbert B. Division M-05
Carvel, Grandmother Division M-20
Carvel, Hemie W. Division M-18
Carvel, Jack S. Division M-19
Carvel, James S. Division M-17
Case, David Lloyd Division K-14
Cash, Z. L. Division D-04
Caspers, Emma Tubb Schultz Division C-88
Castleberry, George M. Division Z-16
Caswell Division T-42
Caswell, Cora Division T-45
Caswell, F. D. Division V-321
Caswell, Flora Division T-41
Caswell, Horace Division T-43
Caswell, T. J. Division T-44
Cecil, Elna Rae Guthrie Division 1951 A-70
Chadwick, A. B. Division P-11
Chadwick, Sarah E. Division P-12
Chambers, Florence Division V-29
Chambers, James T. Division 1951 A-22
Chambers, Robert P. Division V-28
Chapin, Margaret Winifred Division W-122
Chapin, Winfred E. Jr. Division W-121
Charles, Alie C. Division B-61
Charles, J. O. Division B-52
Charles, O. C. Division B-53
Charlie Division S-67
Chastain, Joseph Robert Division Z-64
Chastain, Lillian Harrison Division Z-65
Chessher, Laura Snyder Division G-126
Chreitzberg, B. E. Division A-67
Chreitzberg, B. Perkins Division A-69
Chreitzberg, Belle P. Division A-68
Chreitzberg, C. P. Division B-69
Chreitzberg, Edgar McKee Division G-120
Chreitzberg, Fannie F. Division B-70
Chreitzberg, Grace Bryson Division G-121
Chreitzberg, H. P. Division A-66
Chreitzberg, Lillie Division X-39
Chreitzberg, Nina B. Division A-70
Chreitzbert, R. Henry Division X-40
Christian, Elwyn L. Division Z-73
Christian, Fannie M. Division Z-72
Christian, George G. Division Z-71
Christine Division T-56
Chumney, J. Edward Division 1951 A-105
Chumney, Ruby May Division 1951 A-106
Clamp Jr., Henry Lua Division I-24
Clamp, Asenath C. Division I-23
Clamp, C. A. D. Division I-22
Clamp, E. M. Division I-21
Clamp, Henry Loua Division I-28
Clamp, John D. Division I-27
Clamp, Nannie Division I-25
Clark, Almeda Division W-308
Clark, J. R. Division G-049
Clark, Jesse Atwood Division H-36
Clark, John W. Division V-160
Clark, K. E. Division W-225
Clark, Lee C. Division W-307
Clark, Lucy Brown Division V-159
Clark, Matilda Division B-63
Clark, Sallie M. Division W-224
Clark, W. A. Division V-70
Clark, W. A. Mrs. Division V-69
Clark, Winnie Lee Division H-37
Cleveland, Libbie Division E-02
Cleveland, Oliver Division E-03
Clinkscale, Nancy Division M-55
Cloud, John E. Division Z-63
Cloud, Lenora E. Division Z-62
Cluck, Alie C. Division B-12
Cluck, Alphia Rist Division W-105
Cluck, Emma Johnson Division B-16
Cluck, G. Sidney Division W-104
Cluck, H. Cooper Division B-15
Cluck, Ida T. Division E-56
Cluck, J. J. Division B-13
Cluck, Mary Kathlyn Division E-54
Cluck, Sr., Jno. M. Division E-55
Cobb, E. T. Division I-76
Cobb, Hazel Sterling Division I-78
Cobb, Rufus E. Division I-77
Cobb, Rufus P. Division I-74
Cockrum, Bonnie Mae Division 1951 A-116
Cockrum, Richard C. Sr. Division 1951 A-115
Cody, Claude C. Jr. Division X-25
Cody, Claude Carr Division X-23
Cody, Florra R. Division X-26
Cody, Martha R. Division X-24
Coe, Francis Daniel Division D-49
Coffee, Eunice Allen Division F-039
Coffee, James C. Division F-038
Coffee, John T. Division F-041
Coffee, John Trousdale Division F-059
Coffee, Leon Division F-058
Coffee, Lucinda Juanita Division F-060
Coffee, Myrtle Division F-061
Coffee, Rector C. Division F-062
Coker, L. B. Division V-323
Coker, Mary E. Division V-322
Cole, Annie Division 1951 A-120
Cole, Bert E. Division 1951 A-167
Cole, Colia May Division 1951 A-134
Cole, Jess Mrs. Division X-44
Cole, P. C. Division 1951 A-119
Cole, Walker S. Division 1951 A-82
Cole, Willie R. Division 1951 A-133
Coleman, Clara Adele Division Y-30
Coleman, W. L. Division Y-29
Compton, Laverne Miller Division W-294
Compton, Maggie N. Division L-30
Compton, Will C. Division L-31
Conlee, Bessie A. Division Z1-25
Conlee, Paul B. Division Z1-24
Contat, infant daughter Division O-08
Contat, Kittie Mae Division O-07
Contat, Robert Louis Division O-06
Cook, Daisey Dee Division M-26
Cook, E. B. Division A-22
Cook, E. F. Division A-21
Cook, Francis T. Division T-55
Cook, Infant Daughter Division A-23
Cook, Jane C. Mrs. Division P-31
Cook, Laura Jane Division M-25
Cooke, Emmett Marion Division F-054
Cooper, Carolyn Division L-47
Cooper, Corinna Taylor Division I-50
Cooper, Duncan C. Division Z-40
Cooper, E.L. Division C-64
Cooper, Eppie L. Division L-43
Cooper, Infant Daughter Division C-60
Cooper, J.E. Division C-62
Cooper, Jr., Robert Theodore Division I-46
Cooper, Lillie Treuthardt Division S-58
Cooper, Mary S. Division C-61
Cooper, Rex A. Division L-45
Cooper, Robert W. Division Z-41
Cooper, Sr., Robert Theodore Division I-51
Cooper, Suzanne Division L-48
Cooper, Thomas J. Division L-44
Cooper, Walter W. "Bill" Division L-46
Copper, Sara W. Division C-63
Corder, Fay V. Division L-68
Couch, Minnie Lou Division M-41
Countesse, Charles Division U-106
Countesse, Mary Division U-107
Cowan, Anna Marie Division Y-72
Cowan, William H. Division Y-71
Cowley, Margaret A. Division G-007
Cowley, William H. Division G-008
Cox, Sun Set Division V-342
Cramer, Clark C. Division 1951 A-50
Craven, Carl C. Division X-57
Craven, Fannie L. Division X-58
Craven, Ronald Ward Division M-54
Crawford, Dr. B.C. Division F-092
Crawford, Mary Alice Division F-093
Crockett, Corabel J. Division C-79
Crockett, Harry L. Division C-78
Crockett, Willie E. Division U-92
Crum, Edwin P. Division I-12
Cunningham, Gladys F. Division 1951 A-141
Cunningham, Newton W. Sr. Division V-370
Currie, W. E. Division O-26
Curtis, lily Bowen Division T-21