Granger City Cemetery

Source of information
One print source was used for the data for Granger City Cemetery as it appears on these web pages.  Mrs. Henry Labaj and Mrs. Ella Hill canvassed the cemetery to collect the information.  Their work was published by the Willamson County Historical Commission as:

Williamson County Historical Commission.(WCHC). (1981). Williamson County Cemeteries.Vol. II.

Using this source, Susan Bartosh Rule entered the data into software for this project.

Permissions to use
Permission to use the above referenced material was given to me by vote of the Williamson County Historical Commission on 5/6/99.   Contact Rebecca Osborne  for further information or to obtain permission to use materials that are copyright protected.

How data are presented
The data that appears in the tables at this web site represents the source document as closely as possible.  It is not known if information that appears in the Additional Information section was collected from the tombstones when the cemetery was canvassed or added by Mrs. Henry Labaj and Mrs. Ella Hill based on their own knowledge of the persons buried in this cemetery.  While measures have been taken to present the data as it appeared in the published source, it may contain mistakes.  Please report errors to Rebecca Osborne.

Directions to cemetery
The Granger City Cemetery is located 1 mile east of Highway 95 on County Road 971.