Berry's Creek Cemetery

Source of information
One print source was used for information for Berry's Creek Cemetery as it appears on these web pages.  Listed by Margie Wininger and complied by Este Lee Kausenfluke. Lester Fisher added burials to the list in 1984 and Lois Kanetzby did the same on an unknown date. This document was published by the Willamson County Historical Commission as:

Williamson County Historical Commission.(WCHC). (1979-1986). Williamson County Cemeteries.Vol. IIIA.

Using this source, Gene Helm entered the data for this project.

The data represent the source document as closely as possible.  While measures have been taken to insure accuracy, mistakes may exist.  Please report errors to Rebecca Osborne.

Permissions to use
Permission to use the above referenced material was given to me by vote of the Williamson County Historical Commission on 5/6/99.   Contact Rebecca Osborne  for further information or to obtain permission to use materials that are copyright protected.

Directions to cemetery
"On SH-195 off I-35"

Additional Information about the recording of source

Many pairs of names that appear consecutively are connected with small dots in the margin. There is no note indicating their meaning, however, it seems they pairs were married couples. It is not known who typed the comments in parentheses but they seem to correspond to the names with dots. Since the comments in parentheses are usually Mrs. first name of woman, I [Rebecca] have added the comment "paired with (first name of the woman)" to help call attention to these pairing and clearly identify the men. This seemed necessary because the typed names were a bit out of alpha order, nor is their any reason to believe they were buried in this order. Since my intention is to sort the list alphabetically, the additional comments seemed necessary.