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Anderson Family Cemetery

Source of information
One source was used for the Anderson Family Cemetery as it appears on these web pages. Myreta Matthews prepared the data on this cemetery in February 1974.  It appeared in the  document published by the Willamson County Historical Commission as:

Williamson County Historical Commission.(WCHC). (1975). Williamson County Cemeteries.Vol. I.

Karen Lambeth entered the data into software for this project.  Karen also provided additional information when she entered the data, such data is noted.

The data represent the source documents as closely as possible.  While measures have been taken to insure accuracy, mistakes may exist.  Please report errors to Rebecca Osborne.

Permissions to use
Permission to use the above referenced material was given to me by vote of the Williamson County Historical Commission on 5/6/99.   Contact Rebecca Osborne  for further information or to obtain permission to use materials that are copyright protected.

Directions to cemetery
"Anderson Family Cemetery -- This small cemetery was on the home place of Uriah H. Anderson at the community of Rock House.  U. H. Anderson himself (1810-1893) was buried there, but grandchildren had the body moved in 1966 or 1967 to the Liberty Hill Cemetery, since Rock House area was to be covered by water from a lake to be formed on the North Gabriel River.  The cemetery is on a creek bank."